Sunday, November 11, 2018



The idea is to morph a mobile group into a mobile tribe of friends.
We meet twice a day and enjoy a fire at night.

Gathered in the shade to open the suggestion box.

Borrego Springs has a hundred giant sculptures such as this scorpion and grasshopper.
That's Bree and Zia, our youngest members enjoying them.

Camel with offspring.  Some rich guy bought up land and paid for the art--for the public to enjoy free.

Here's a whopper of a sculpture that seemingly stretches  across the highway.

Allecia confronts the monster's head.

One day we decided to go climb historic Ghost mountain.

And we did

The girls were the first to reach the top.
For more about this fascinating mountain and the 5 people who lived here for 17 years click 
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  The mobile million who have taken to the open road discover two major challenges: To get COMFORTABLE and to get CONNECTED.  The first is perhaps easier than the second.

To address the second challenge Bob Wells and I have sought to provide 2 caravans for those wishing to find companionship on the road.  I am facilitating one of these, which began at Borrego Springs, Ca on Oct 31. We are now 11 days active and having a great time.

My strategy is to use a suggestion box to build the world's first SELF CREATED tribe.  It works this way:  The group will suggest their way to a tribe with norms and traditions of its own by putting their ideas and desires into the box.  At each meeting I open the box and we discuss it's contents and vote suggestions up or down.  Amazingly, in ten short days a tribe with a unique culture is emerging.   

Here is one of our early "games" that has become very popular:  We call it quirks.  Each of us reveals a harmless idiosyncracy we have adopted.  Turns out, we all have lots of them---and sharing them seems to bond us together.

We meet twice a day and have a fire at night.  I think we are on to something here---will share more details as the tribe and culture takes shape.   


VtChris said...

Glad to hear your Caravan is off to a good start! Is the itinerary posted somewhere? I might want to hope aboard for a bit. BTW...what exactly is a "harmless idiosyncrasy"?

Randy said...

Hi Chris: An example of a harmless idiosyncracy, I routinely count seconds for many of my routine activities such as getting dressed or brushing my teeth etc.

Mike Yukon said...

Did you mean you meet twice a week, or is it twice a day?

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michael hamerski said...
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