Wednesday, January 08, 2020


I THINK THE GREATEST THRILL IS THAT OF PERSONAL EVOLUTION;  imagine  the awkward you of yesteryear contrasted with the complex personality you are now. That's a lot of growing. I ask myself if our tribe facilitates or inhibits personal growth? I asked the group last night to specify one way they have evolved while being with us.  Everyone named at least one positive example. I'm heartened that a spin off benefit of enjoying this lifestyle is character upgrade. I wonder what lifestyle maximizes it? Anyway here's an update on our travels:

We call ourselves Music and Mind camp because we enjoy both.
Here is a (tweaked) summary by Christy of who we are.

We are an enduring nomadic neighborhood;
Enduring because we are active year round and stay connected by Facebook...
Nomadic because we travel, primarily boondocking in moderate temperatures on public land.
Neighborhood because we are a diverse community of friends who come and go as we please. We have different levels of socializing but strive to know and be known.
If you'd like to know us better, you are welcome to camp with us for a few days.  For many of us this group has become our chosen family,

  I believe the above pict was taken near Ehrenberg, Arizona.
Here is a list of campsites we have occupied since leaving Flagstaff, Az: in late summer.
Willard Springs, Az---2 weeks
Cottonwood, Az--5 weeks
Parker, Az--2 weeks
Quartzsite, Az----2 weeks
Ehrenberg, Az--2 weeks
Yuma Az--2 weeks
Holtville hot springs , Ca.--2 weeks (probably)
Next up is Earp, Ca--(probably)

Our rigs parked near Yuma, Az

Our rigs currently parked at Holtville, Ca hot springs.

Our rigs parked outside Parker, Az.

 where we threw a party

and called in entertainment.

Then CB and I went on a cruise

That's Miami, I think

Nassau in the Bahamas. Had a terrific time.

Then back with the family and this great new meeting place---houses 12 or so.  Terrific for winter meetings.

The anniversary of Julie and Allen is always a happy occasion for a great party.
Food games music

Dressed in our finest---me with tie and cape
Becky giving us swing dance lessons

doing the YMCA

Next day walking off the calories


Terri Reed said...

And a very happy New Year to you too :) Thx for sharing!

Peri said...

I loved when you said, remember the awkward you of yesteryear compared with developed you of today, that was the jest of it and oh so true!
The cruise looked great. Keep experiencing many new things. Hope you don’t wait as long to pleasure us with your gifted writing skills.

mark henry said...

envious as always.. one day.

Anonymous said...

A start of a new decade! Keep enjoying the good life :)