Sunday, August 31, 2008


A side trip to Grand Canyon–campground full–not a problem for the stealthy trailer. I settle near canyon’s edge and for practical purposes I’m invisible. The only thing likely to betray me is my satellite dish. Ah but there’s an easy solution: cover it with a large black garbage bag and it too “disappears.” (Perfectly at night) And does not interfere with reception. In Flagstaff I camp unnoticed just about anywhere: Home Depot, vacant lots, side streets–wherever the night overtakes me, I am at home. I declare my stealth trailer to be as effective as the Klingon Cloaking device..


Rick said...


I would be interested in more details about your expenses and how you've supported yourself all these years. I've read your other website, which has lots of great information by the way, but which doesn't have much information about monthly expenses.

I'm 57 and am thinking it would be great to sell the house and wander for a few years.

rbrent at mchsi dot com

Randy said...

I've sent you an e-mail detailing my income and expenses. Hope its useful. I marvel at the efficiency and economy of this lifestyle. The big trick is to get out from under hellish housing costs and muster the courage to leap toward freedom. There are clever and friendly people out here. google

Rick Brentlinger said...

Hey Randy-

I haven't received your email yet.


rbrent at mchsi dot com