Saturday, August 02, 2008


DAVE ULMER Inventor of Geocaching

Sitting in my rig this morning is Dave Ulmer, the inventor of geocaching. Wickipedia verifies that Dave buried the very first cache near his house in Beavercreek, Oregon on May 3, 2000 and put the coordinates on the web. Within days it was discovered twice and zoom, the game was on. Today more than 600,000 caches are spread around the world and noted on the web. Millions of people are playing Dave's game.

Surprisingly, he refuses to bask in the glory of it, only rarely making a public appearance. He almost dismisses his achievement as trivial because he's focused on far bigger fish. He's the author of Beyond the Information Age, a book about how a revolutionary computer program can help us get to the truth of all issues and restructure society for an unimaginably bright future. He patiently tried to explain it to me. It was like listening to Einstein explain relativity.

On the practical level, he's a super efficient camper and the day I met him had bypassed his "wasteful and inefficient" hot water heater in favor of a better system. His rig crackles with electronics. He's doing his best to bring me up to speed electronically. What a piece of luck to camp near Dave. (and if I may quote myself: "we are not immobilized by friends in fixed places because we know there are friends everywhere")

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