Sunday, September 20, 2009


PORT TOWNSEND, WASHINGTON---SUPERTOWN---FOR REASONS THAT MAY SURPRISE YOU. But first I'll give you a short tour---that's downtown--with puget sound in the background.
And as seen from the warf
It's major industry is a paper mill that makes something out of crushed cardboard boxes.
Bicycle lanes and trails safe enough for golden age girls!
And Murals!
Home of the Wooden Boat Foundation. Superb craftsmanship in this wooden skull---so light you could lift it with one hand.
Imagine a town so clamor-free that even deer wander around comfortably--feeding on dandelions!
Inviting locals to sell their wares at Saturday street market.
Even selling speech lessons---How to communicate without criticism, judgement or blame. I went looking for the teachers.
AND FOUND THEM---Alex and Jim-Founder and Instructor of Third Ear Project--based in Port Townsend. Incredibly, my friend Paul walked up at that instant with a playful quibble. Before I could reply, the instructor grasped me and whispered magic words in my ear and had me say to Paul: (observations): "I can see, Paul, that you'd like to clear this matter up." And(FEELINGS):
(he handed me a page listing 100 feelings, like Mad, glad, sad, scared, excited etc and said: "pick one") I did so! Then he whispered: " Tell him YOUR GENERAL NEED " (and he handed me a page listing 100 or so Needs--like safety, freedom, justice, play, truth etc) ---"pick one"---and I did. And Finally he whispered: " now make your request" (Paul, would you be willing to------)
It was hilarious---AND SO OBVIOUSLY EFFECTIVE--- that I wished to whisk them to the middle east. For $2 he sold me the pages he'd been using. If I were lingering here I would take the course----- remove judgement from my personal communication. Check it out:
50's art deco soda shop---perfect.
County building codes loose enough for alternative housing---home in a tank, for example.
Creativity everywhere on display. Here's the first I've seen of a hybrid, recumbent, bike. Note the two batteries and electric motor and pedals.
Street music all over town---a one man band with a digeridu at its heart---I liked his sound.
Town kids love their skate board park--were as good as any I've seen. Extensive layout--had to cost a million.

AAHHH you may be saying---lots of towns have all this--and you're right. These are only tangible symptoms of an intangible AMBIANCE that defines a super city---will try to make this clear tomorrow. Today is a travel day for me ---gotta get moving! Hope to wrap up this topic tomorrow naming a few other supercities and also two evil cities and one haunted to this day with murderers blood.

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Tony in Vegas said...

Thanks for always showing us new and lovely places and events. I'm keeping track of them so I can visit them when I get out on the road, hopefully soon!