Monday, April 05, 2010


A QUALITY LIFESTYLE FOR $150 A MONTH RENT I'm headed for the base of those mountains over there---been invited to come see for myself--an entire lifestyle not based on profit. (wonder if I'll find any Republicans there) Deming, NM is on the horizon and the community I'm looking for is 4 miles south in desert such as this.
Bingo---I'm there--paid $6 for a night (non member rate)
The HI part of their name stands for Headquarters International--and this is it. Inside is a full complement of computers and friendly personnel
The LOW part of their name explained as well as their mission statement. Membership cost about $60 a year and they number a few thousand nationwide, assembled as autonomous chapters. Edith Lane founded the club long years ago. A handfull of visionaries, feeling the need for a physical base, purchased this RV park for the club and were soon repaid with interest, so that now the club operates as non profit.
Services include water, electricity, sewage, and garbage---Laundry, dance area etc---all important--but only a foundation for what is more important---the feeling of belonging to a caring community.
Economic status holds no sway here----this rig cost $200,000 plus
This one perhaps $200o-----yet both are esteemed for the personality they bring to the group.
When I realized the breakthrough importance of what is happening here, I began to interview folks. These 4 were particularly helpful--That's paul (famous dancer) on the left then Sue (a resident) then Bob Gambol--a legendary traveler--(one of the few people who has actually vagabonded completely around the world.) (I cropped out a camera shy lady per her request)Volunteers did this and lots of similar, clever, cute projects. You'll have to come yourself to see the "pyramids of geezers".
But I will show you this---a meditation maze---As you walk the convoluted path--try to release your busy mind--to see what else is there that your cloud of thoughts are hiding.
A community room, with lots of good stuff--and much used at 6:30 pm. I daresay it cost less than a tenth of what a private RV park would have to pay.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: I wound up staying two days enjoying the good fellowship of friends and strangers alike. THIS IS SO--NOT A REGULAR RV PARK BECAUSE:
1. There is no profit motive.
2. People feel and act like a caring family.
3. Everyone pitches in to generate a full slate of outings and activities--yet no one is pressured to do any of them. ( I could feel the difference from a dollar-motivated good time engineered by expensive parks)
THEIR UNSPOKEN MESSAGE FOR THE WORLD: Here is living proof that people banding together can solve two of life's biggest problems----COMFORTS and COMMUNITY---at an astonishingly LOW PRICE.
Yes, I know----you need an RV of some kind to participate in this lifestyle. That problem is easier to solve than you suppose---Used ones go for a song---(google cranky ape rvs and see)
All over America, people are bankrupting themselves paying for a roof overhead----and they often go bonkers for lack of friends and community. Oh I am moved to poetry to celebrate this terrific "tribe.":

They say they are loners but they are not;
actions belie their name;
they are singles, but tightly connected
In a marvelous social game.
Here, the power of alligned intentions
built family and home!
Here is rest for vagabonds
when they pause from roam.


Anonymous said...

Lovely Randy!

Dixxe's Doodles said...

My sister who is 61 told me she is using "the Secret" or the law of attraction to make her life better..she said you are any age you belive yourself to be...she said she is now 43 yrs old not 61--...I am 56 having my birthday in the fall to make it up to 57....So I told her Im gonna think myself 62 so I can become a full time RV'r NOW..meanwhile Im waiting on the law of attraction to bring me a nice motorhome!!

Desert Diva said...

It looks like you're enjoying life on the road in your new rig!

Spokes... said...

Off topic with this...what is your tow vehicle? I'm wanting to have a trailer like your previous one and I'm wondering what your truck specs are? Thanks in advance!