Friday, April 16, 2010


I'M SWORN TO SECRECY ABOUT NAME AND LOCATION----but will tell you that near this mountain in Arizona lives a very unusual lady. Word reached me of a gorgeous lady who retreated to the Arizona desert to build her dream----(not house--but)---TOWN! ----AND THEN DID JUST THAT! ---Wasn't easy, but I found her and it. With the aforesaid limitations I'm allowed to show it---and Her--to you. I pause to get my bearings. (thus far, I'm able to take the new trailer anywhere the old would go)
BINGO! The town and the lady! Old things are her passion--she even seemed to like me. This was not a ghost town she restored---she built all this in the old style--with some hired labor of course.---Note the windmill tower to the right.
This building is chock full of antiques. From time to time she will load up and take them where the money is.
This building also--full of antiques.
This bit of whimsey not in her town--I'm informed--but nearby and in the spirit so I leave it.
This house is livable---fully furnished--though she lives in another-----
This one---equally quaint----delightfully yesteryear. She put on an old kettle and made a special tea and biscuits for us.
How lucky am I to be traveling around interviewing people like this?---and Is this the farmers daughter we've all read about--all grown up? To frost the cake, she is philosophical---told me that she built the town impelled by a vision she generated----that she chooses long term, difficult projects to give focus to her life. (did a spectacular--even famous project--in Washington state--but that's another story) How different is her approach to those who advocate drifting through life responding to events that "come to you". (TAOISM) She's charmed by the wit and wisdom of Elbert Hubbard (not L Ron Hubbard) who went down with the Lucitania in 1917. Check him out! I come away impressed with the power of a clearly focused vision--persistently held and acted on. ("if you don't have a dream---how you gonna make a dream come true")


Anonymous said...

Hi Randy when are you going to give a report on the new rv?

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy! Good job on that Blog - I just figured that this red house on the 5th picture is on Washington and not in this paradise town.... could you take that off?????

Randy said...

Anoonymous #1: Thanks for the suggestion---maybe when I'm near done tweaking it--I'll blog on it.

Anonymous #2: You must be right--as you are on the scene--I've conflated my photos and will make the correction---but I like it anyway--so will leave it in with an explanation since It's in the same spirit. I'm vaguely remembering that shot as we walked the town.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing person you have found somewhere out there in the desert! An inspiration.

- Joe in DC