Thursday, May 27, 2010



I go to Silver city to reconnect with a mentor---the guy who got me doing this--(blogging) He suspected I would like this creative outlet and made me his project for a few days. I was reluctant--but he drove me down to the verizon store and tapped his foot while I dithered. Finally, I said yes to the air card that gives internet access almost anywhere. (cost $60 a month but oh is it worth it) $2 a day connects me with the whole world's wit and wisdom. Then he patiently trained me to blog. Brenda (more about her later) trained me to upload pictures and voila--I'm a blogger--"shouting my raucus yahoo across the rooftops of the world". (Whitman)
Sometimes a tiny push can be a very big favor.
AND HERE HE IS---doing something he does well--taking pictures---BUT will not allow his own image or name to go public---- a superb blogger--- you will enjoy checking out: (a keen, observent mind)

One day he took me to a Falconry meet up. Here's the largest of them all--a golden eagle--imagine having it hunt rabbits for you. (couldn't resist the flag as a backdrop)

Then I went on to Sandia Casino in Albuquerque to intersect for a few days with another old friend. This casino is super generous with its free parking, cheap food, and other goodies.

Here's the old friend--who this day chose to wash her amazing dog in a commercial dog wash. She thinks its great fun--the dog does not--Is that a resigned, long suffering look on its face.

Now---things are all better. The lady is a very different breed of cat. To read my take on her click here: To read her take on herself click here:
I wrote two poems about her. Here's the short one:
Bless those who come but will not stay:
They help us give our hearts away,
Then wake up--still free--next day.
Joy outweighs the pain, I say! A one-man rolling menangerie we encountered outside Trader Joe's.

Back on the road to Santa Rosa--where a fierce windstorm persuaded me to hunker here for two days. I amused myself walking this old route 66 town collecting stories and doing research in the library.

Found this interesting---blue pool--a deep natural spring 90 ft deep in the middle and one reason the town was established here.

If I were superstitious. I might think this meant something.--- I pulled over to make a sandwich -- opened my door to see my name. (approximately)

Walked all around the ghost town of Newkirk. Here's a puzzler--this tiny business--in the middle of nowhere was selling figural bottles--what in the world are they?--were they?

I walked the main streets of Tucumcari---found this spot on a quiet side street to camp for the night. I choose my overnight spot carefully--this one beside a defunct business--not in front of anyone's house.

Randy teases: What seemingly was a routine stop before moving on--turned out to offer two big delightful surprises. Which I'll cover in the next blog.


Desert Diva said...

Hey, didn't all of your years with Diana teach you to blog, upload photos, etc...?

Hey, settle a question for me. Mark Cotter said that Sandia would only allow one night (he called and asked). I've never heard of such a thing. I met Doc and Mark at Isleta - nice, but a little out of the way recently.

However, you couldn't beat the $2.99 breakfast - two eggs (or an omelet) bacon, ham or sausage, hash browns, and toast!

Randy said...

Miss Diva: I stayed at Sandia Casino 3 nights--another WIN had been there 2 weeks. I guess the message is : "DONT ASK."

Dixxe's Doodles said...

I found myself tucked in from that same Wind in Winslow...boy that ws some strong wind---

Anonymous said...

Figural bottles, dear sir, are bottles made to look like something (cars, busts, squirrels with flutes, llamas, pine trees, what have you). THink of the old AVON bottles that looked like things, and glass pistols filled with candy.

Randy said...

Thank you anonymous---makes perfect sense---I've seen the shapes you mentioned. Isn't it odd to find a tiny store in the remotes specializing in such esoteric wares--maybe they were a sought after item back then. Newkirk is 23 miles west of Santa Rosa, NM.