Friday, August 27, 2010


HERE'S HOW TO ENJOY YOURSELF----ANYWHERE! I'm driving across Eastern Washington---Ho Hum--I'm ready to be amused--up ahead is a town--Ritzville---I'll go there and find a story--here's how it's done:
Wild flowers and quilt shop?---not that much of a stretch--BUT LIQUOR STORE?? That is a stretch. I notice unlikely parings like this. The most bizarre I've ever seen was a gas station that specialized in toilet seats.
This warms my heart---super rich guy, Andrew Carnegie--steel magnate--the Bill Gates of his day--gave away all his money--building libraries like this in hundreds of towns across America. He understood what no right winger in America understands---WEALTH IS EARNED IN A CONTEXT-AND THE CONTEXT IS OWED SOMETHING--giving back is the right thing to do.
This catches my eye---I go in and begin asking questions----Interesting questions--so interesting that recipients cannot resist expressing themselves. That's how "the good stuff" is elicited.
Meet L.R. Keith---one of 1500 people in the world who still practice telegraphy. The thing around his neck is a dust mask. He knows a lot of good stuff and willingly shared it.
He wears his affection for telegraphy proudly--not on his sleeve but on his belt--see the Western Union initials?
So how do these 1500 old timers communicate? Telegraph wires are long gone. They do it by phone---but with an interesting twist---this special phone number when dialed--cannot carry the spoken word---only the click clack of a telegraph morse code. He showed me--dialed the number--
Then sat down and contacted his buddies--George in Edmonton and Bill in Saskatoon Canada--giving them a question from me with an amazingly rapid clickity clack. The answer came in a flash--Mr. Keith can decipher incoming messages almost at speaking speed.
Note taking has an interesting effect on folks--they begin to take me and themselves more seriously.
Almost everyone wants to share what they know--especially if you take it seriously enough to write it down. I usually tell them about this blog and that has its effect also.
Knowing that hundreds of American cities have Ritz theatres--I wondered if this most elgible city for that name had one----and bingo--it did.
I left before dark, driving about 20 miles and settling in this remote spot on a side road--with every intention of staying the night. Someone in a car settled uncomfortably close to me and I immediately moved to the city of Pasco---
Settling into this vacant lot. In more than 7000 nights of boondocking I've never been threatened by invasion--but I trust my instincts and move occasionally when I get uncomfortable. (but I digress)
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: Pick any town-- give it a chance to amuse or inform with the power of your notice and interesting questions---and you will reap surprising rewards.


peach195 said...

Thanks for the comment about moving on when something makes you nervous. Your lifestyle is one to be envied, but facing the nights would be the one hurdle I would have to overcome!!

rg coleman said...

Great post! I dare you however to find something interesting going on in Lompoc, CA (where I went to high school). BTW, Ritzville is where I wrecked my Airstream last year. So, there's that.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog....don't agree with your constant denigration of people who are right of center. It's a fact that conservatives are more generous in their charitable donations that those on the left. Food for thought before you paint all of us with a stereotypical broad brush.