Tuesday, August 31, 2010


TAKE A LESSON FROM THE ARTFUL CODGER DODGER! I'm settled by the mighty Columbia river at Umatilla, Or.---feeling high---been that way for a month or more--In love with life--on top of my game--a bit more daring than usual.---THINK I'LL STIR THE POT A LITTLE.

You may remember that my metaphysics of choice is:
2. Thus: LIFE IS DRAMA (If you're not being dramatic in some form--you're not living--you're wasting the creator's time--probably pissing him/her/it off.)
4. ACCEPTING THE FLOW OF LIFE---so frequently recommended--(by Lao Tzu and others) strikes me as passive bullshit--and I think the millions of monks and wannabees that practice this approach are drones in the beehive of humanity----there!--been wanting to say that for awhile.
5. CREATIVELY STIRRING THE POT OF LIFE---is a far more exciting strategy. Nietzsche and I agree.

SO TODAY I SHALL STIR THE POT---in a tiny way--just to create some drama--and to test my theory of dealing with cops. I'm going to deliberately violate the law---till a cop comes so I can practice my technique. What I'm aiming at is to 1. avoid any punishment 2. enjoy the experience 3 make a friend 4. have him enjoy the experience.
Here's the plan: After whiling the day away right here---I will move up to the visitor center--200 yds to the right--where they've posted big signs saying NO OVERNIGHT PARKING. I will park overnight and stay right there till I draw a cop. I did so! Stayed all night and until noon the next day. Finally one showed up---terrific! I'm all set! He comes to my door--
I'm all prepared---look closely at this set up--jack in place--carpet in place to kneel on--and a "broken" and dragging leveling jack. (the human equivalent of the sandpiper "broken wing" trick the bird uses to lure predators away fron its eggs)
HERE'S THE FUN PART: The cop approaches with seriousness and just a bit of trepidation. (it's a tricky thing to enter another's space) (Pay attention newbies---I'm going to give you the magic words)
I OPEN DOOR BEFORE HE KNOCKS---SMILE BROADLY AND SAY: " THANK GOD--YOU'RE HERE----I HAVE A PROBLEM AND NEED SOME ADVICE. ( don't say help--that scares people almost everyone loves to give advice however) "what's the trouble" he says. I show him.---He kneels to inspect. I dared to snap this fuzzy pict for verification. (it's an easy problem--I can fix it in 30 seconds--and so can he.) He goes to his car and gets a strap for tying the jack up out of harms way. Takes pride in his solution and I am effusively thankful. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
Now a word to my cop suspicious friends.--This guy is down on his knees to help me. Properly approached---they are almost all good guys--doing their best to solve problems. Without them, society will collapse into anarchy. Have I made my point? Certainly enjoyed the game.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: The bad guy in this drama was invisible. He is the RV campground owner about a hundred yards to the west. He and all like him really think that boondocking should be illegal. They want all campers to be securely corralled in their busineses--at about $20 per night.
I have little doubt that he pushed for the prohibition in the first place. It's no big deal or expense to let vagabonds and adventurers park overnight somewhere. It's an irrational hatefulness that I will fight against. One of the darker sides of capitalism is that business persuades government to enact laws that require the public to buy their services. Cops are required to enforce these laws--not their fault.
Thought I'd show you where I spent the next night---hunkered behind that hedge at this closed up business--at The Dalles, Or.
Note to my readers: Tomorrow I will show you something that will make your heart glad.


Charles said...

Hey Randy - You are the ultimate Kodger and I am taking notes. Yip, got a few prime spots in mind already. Might I say that is a fascinating spot by the river. Thanks for your unique perspective.


Wayne (Wirs) said...

Though we have almost diametrically opposite philosophies, it's funny how we post blogged about our encounters with the police on the same day (as you mentioned on mine). Though I have to admit yours is much more practical, I think mine would win the humor award. :) Keep posting the pointers Randy, they are greatly appreciated.

Sarah said...

To say that i enjoyed this post immensely would be an absolute disservice to you, O King of Kodgers!

I was positively tickled by your list, #4 in particular, and your pot-stirring story made my day. I'm still giggling about it like a mischievous, giddy child.

Well played, sir.

Randy said...

Thanks Charles, Wayne, Sarah---you make my day with your comments. Wayne, I have lots of respect for you--enjoy every one of your blogs and hope we will have another face to face sometimes. I really would like to grok your vision. (a short lesson in photography would also be appreciated.)

Storm said...

You misunderstand Lao Tzu, and if you have read him Chuang Tzu. Neither says that is about merely existing and allowing it to wash over you, but about accepting what is, and being true to your nature. Chuang Tzu's example of the gnarley old oak which has survived when all of those straight oaks were cut for lumber, is a good example of this point. By going along and merely being like all others, the straight oaks were cut short (literally) but the oak being true to its gnarley nature survived because it was not merely useful.

Randy said...

Storm: I always enjoy hearing from you--for lots of reasons. You stir me to delightful fury (I actually enjoy working up a head of steam) you are second only to religious nuts as my favorite target. (see the preacher confrontation?) I'm developing a fantasy involving you--where neither of us can escape the "cage"--are forced by potent referees to acknowledge whatever parts of the opponents arguments are valid--thus isolating the real differences and focusing on them. In short I would enjoy nailing your quarrelsome vision of life to the wall. I wonder if you have the cajones or ovaries to engage me personally. The world would enjoy the show. Maybe we both would learn something. By the way--you are DEAD WRONG on the Lao Tzu issue--as anyone can verify---just google the name and read several articles--as I just did.

Storm said...


Given claims such as the one you end your response with, I am quite dubious as to whether you would ever acknowledge the meaning of the term "valid." BTW it is an argument form in which the premises necessitate the conclusion. Or put another way: IF the premises are true, then the conclusion MUST be true. and JFYI, a sound argument is a valid argument in which the premises are in fact true. For examples see the refutations of your claims.. :)

As for Lao Tzu, we see a key difference between us here. Where you relied, by your own admission, on random postings on the net found via google, I am relying upon the writings of Lao Tzu, and Chuang Tzu themselves. Were I not currently travelling and thus away from my collection of works and translations of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu, I would gladly cite many passages which like the one I already offered, conclusively prove your claims based upon the most cursory glances and impressions of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu, to be without any merit.

Funny that you consider accepting reality, not employing ad hominems, and allowing reason to determine when an argument to be sound to be a "quarrelsome vision of life." This peculiar (and dishonest) ad hominem not only has no merit, it is directly contrary to my vision of life.

Civility and reason not being your strong suits, I would strongly recommend The Reasonable Woman: A Guide to Intellectual Survival by Wendy McElroy. It is a delightful book written by an incredible woman who is largely self-educated, but who offers up the absolute best introduction to the world of ideas and reason I have ever come across, and I have read more than a few.

Pat said...

Randy, Randy, Randy....God is going to get you for this one. Oh that's right,you don't believe in God.
So what's this mean? "-you're wasting the creator's time--probably pissing him/her/it off.)"
I think someone should make a movie out of your lifestyle. It would be entertaining for sure with all of the adventures you've had.

Anonymous said...

Is not the intersection of time and timelessness enough drama?
(Refering to your Eternity is in love with time hypothesis)
This is considered to be the relm of saints, and never really achieved on the planet...maybe approached now and then.
This is called a "realization" when it is approached; that is, a "realization" is a unified symetry in nature that has power/beauty/occurance.
Enough realizations are supposed to lead to "acceptance"...a very nice place, indeed, if it exists.
You'll notice my friend, that there is no contrivance or fabed up situation here that is intended to amuse and divert.
It has it's own stuff.

Storm said...


After completing some important work, I was perusing a friend's shelves when I noticed a copy of the Tao te Ching. So though I am not willing to spend much time on this, as I have much more important things to do, I would point out that I only needed to go to the second entry to find clear evidence of your error. One line suffices, but please do read the entirety so you can fully grasp the truth.

"He accomplishes his task, but does not dwell on it."

Were your claims correct he could have no task, or if he had a task, could not and would not complete it.

Best of luck as always..