Friday, March 09, 2012


"If a man does not keep pace with his companions---perhaps it's because he hears a different drummer!  Let everyone march to the music he hears---however measured or far away" (Thoreau)

Saw this sight near Quartzsite, Az  while I was going in the opposite direction.

By the time I turned around and caught up ---I see that the traveler has had to deal with a formidable problem:  How to get the donkey across this cattle guard.  He's done it but I don't see how.
I wondered if the donkey walked that plank over.  I'm letting the story unfold naturally because the driver is busy.......

Hooking the donkey back up.
I checked out this nearby fence to see if he cut the wire and walked his animal around the cattleguard.  If he did--he then wired it back together.
I didn't ask----it seemed too sensitive a question---after noting his big issue--locked gates. He seemed stressed so I bided my time .
Finally I engaged him---"Need a place to camp"  I asked.  "Yes, he said and I need it soon". I told him of a nice place only a quarter mile away.  He asked about the book signing place in town and I told him it was only five miles away.  He gave me one of the flyers in his pocket telling his story then hurried on to make  camp for the next two days at the place I indicated---waiting out a windstorm. I did not engage him again but googled him and got the essential story. You can too:  Howard West author of Locked Gates or go to for his daily blog. He says he needs to sell books to save his ranch called Pilgrim--located 50 miles out from Tonopah, Nv.  Says he has a $4000 balloon note due March 2012. One line in his flyer led me to mentally categorize him: "Help me save the ranch AND A FEW MILLION LIVES AS HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF."

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  While it's unlikely he knows something we all ought to know---I admire his bold advance in the direction of his dreams.  Yes, I'm inspired---here's a living example of someone actually acting---instead of merely fantasizing.  I once met a sincere soul dragging a full-size crucification cross along the interstate to remind us of Christ's suffering---(I thought it funny that he had a wheel on the long beam for easier dragging) and I've met a host of people walking across the nation for a host of worthy causes.
Many are afflicted with GRANDIOSITY---ego on steroids---but nevermind that --they are up and doing---unwilling to lie down and die without having their say.  Now that I think about it--this blog is not a far cry from what this guy is doing. ----And by the way---very soon I will invite some of you to come do a daring thing with me---then neither of us will lie down and die without having our say to the world. 


Brenda A. said...

Can't resist a dare. :)

sodesper8 said...

love your blog,randy

Maria Meiners said...

I just tweeted his story. Well your story of his story, lol!

What I didn't find (which would be nice) is a way to donate to his cause other than buying the book. I mean really - at $7.99 a pop less Amazon fees it will take a boatload of books to pay off that note. But I'd be willing to send a few bucks his way and I bet others would too.

Funny thing - I won't give a dime to anyone asking for it but I'm very generous with those who ACT rather than beg. What do others think about this?

Sondra said...

I think we all need to help each other when we can...its not different than giving to a charity, its a charity of one. I will jump over and read his story now.

sail4free said...

MARIA: "Funny thing - I won't give a dime to anyone asking for it but I'm very generous with those who ACT rather than beg. What do others think about this?"
It seems pretty clear your "giving" is highly conditional. One should give from their surplus and give it freely, not make people jump through specific hoops (all determined by *you*) like trained seals to be eligible for your so-called "charity." For those in the know, this is considered an "unclean" gift . . . too many strings attached.
One of the pillars of Islam is charity -- but only 2.5% -- not the 10% which most religions demand. The cool thing about it (IMHO) is that the money is to be given directly to the one in need, as in directly from the hand of the giver to the one receiving the gift. And this money can NOT be used for building churches or temples. No middleman and a lot more gets done. The average Christian charity results in only 15% of the proceeds going to the cause. That's the equivalent of 1.5% -- almost half of what Islam recommends. I'm not promoting one religion over another; they ALL suck in the big picture. But individual tenants certainly make a lot more sense.

Maria Meiners said...

Yes my giving is highly conditional. It's my money, time, skills, or whatever and I can choose how to share them and with whom.

Unlike many government programs and churches, I don't ask people to qualify or jump through any hoops. I simply choose to give or not based on my assessment of the situation and personal feeling about it.

Personally, I have more respect for those who are trying to do something on their own rather than those who have made professional begging (sometimes demanding) a way of life.

Just my way of approaching things... you are entitled to yours. That's what makes freedom of choice so cool :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! Someone has 'rules' for how others should give help.

There is just no end to the entertainment on your blog Randy.