Friday, March 30, 2012


I BUILT IT WITH LOVING CARE---POURED MY CREATIVITY INTO IT---lived in it for 5 years and sold it to someone who said they would use it.  But they didn't---it just sat beside his house.
THE GOOD NEWS is that he didn't tamper with it very much--and he is willing to sell it back to me.  I went to see it today.

Hello old friend---I still think you are beautiful---pristine white---light as the feather you are named for.  Do you chat at night with the rig on your right? Tell him where You've been? That you yearn to do it again?  We shall see! We shall see!
I believe in my soul that this elegant, sleek, swift rolling,winged box is more than enough for anyone to live happily in.  Parked on almost any street in America, one can sleep undetected, unnoticed---no external clue betrays it as a mobile home. 

Inside, it is dusty but largely undisturbed. light,  Bed, fridge, table, sink, stove, toilet, holding tanks and mascerator are intact.  Vinyl floor in good condition.  Can you believe I spent 1,825 nights in here? You are looking at a width of 6 ft, a height of 6 ft and a length of 14 feet. The couch, of course makes instantly into a bed 3 ft wide.  The large vents give great natural light. If you look closely, you can see 3 of the 6 windows--now in cloaked mode as vents. Believe it or not, I carried 60 shirts with me in this rig. (I like lots of shirts)

Can you see the forest mural that covered the rear doors? 

I'm not a great cabinet maker---but I cobbled this together---and it served admirably.

The toilet still works--but the seat needs paint.

RANDY RUMINATES:  I called 3 friends (Bush, Glen, Anne) to help stabilize my thinking: Whether to complicate my life by taking it back---or to let this old friend go.  After much thought, I decided to do this: Let my readers see it in hopes that someone out there---wishing to get comfortably and cheaply, and stealthily on the road---might give this super trailer a new adventurous life.  I think the guy will sell it for $3,000 and I estimate an additional thousand will buy the solar panels,  batteries, etc to wake it up electrically.  Someone with a bit of skill and artistic imagination could take it further than I did.  If you are interested write me personally at

To see it during it's 15 minutes of fame: click here:


Tesaje said...

That's the problem with selling off our personal creations and homes. We give the things added significance and value because we spent our personal selves in creating them. Everybody feels their own home is more valuable than the home they are looking to buy - because it is ours and we have memories of it.

Let it go, Randy. You obviously prefer the current commercial trailer home you have now. It is just a thing, in the end. I'm in the process of remodeling my house to get it ready to sell (it really needs the spiffing up) and people keep saying I won't want to leave. But I really do and when I do, it will be to my van. The work is a job at present to sell it off. And when it sells, I won't look back - it will be someone else's house.

I find it interesting that the trailer's dimensions are the same as the cabin area of my van (class B). But my van uses the upper wall areas for storage and has windows. A choice of usage efficiency vs. openness. I love my van and how efficient it is. Plus, I really like being able to go to the cabin without leaving the vehicle & vice versa.

The guy probably wanted a piece of your story more than to really live it, especially seeing how he's got that big class A to use (a compliment to you). Maybe the trailer will find another who wants to live it.

Rick said...

Is that a Barth motor home next to your stealth trailer?

Maria Meiners said...

Cool to revisit the past huh? Sometimes I drive by places I used to live and while I smile at the memories I don't really want to go back and relive them.

For me it would be time reminisce then say goodbye.

Would be cool to see your trailer out on the road again though, perhaps caravaning right along with you from time to time :)

Boonie said...

One of the real selling points of this trailer is that you can pull it with an F-150 or Tacoma, instead of a full-sized 3/4 ton pickup (F-250, Tundra). You can also pull it with an E-150 van for the ultimate in storage.

This advantage will become more important in the years ago, now that the Cheap Oil Era is winding down.

This matters most when you detach the tow vehicle and drive around town or off on a sightseeing trip. That is probably how most RVers put most of their miles on.

Anonymous said...

Come on Randy don't be so cheap use a little bit of your big inheritance to help save your heritage, OMG if you won't do it to save your heritage who will ? You could spiff it up and then I'm sure one of your loyal followers such as Blacksheep will swoop in and buy it from you.

Here is your only chance forever to preserve your heritage for more time on the road. Don't let us down you know the decision is easy, you got to do what you got to do ! Preserving history always costs a little money, remember you can't take it with you Randy

Sondra said...

You should contact this fellow his was stolen and cut up for is his blog, I think you met him once.

Randy said...

Anonymous: Really, it isn't the money--I know the trailer is worth more than $3000 and I could store it fairly easily. But my life will be just a bit more complicated.
Thanks Sondra for the suggestion. I alerted blacksheep.

Anonymous said...

Randy your all talk and no action.

Anonymous said...

Let it go and never look back. Those times are behind you, you have a new trailer now.


BlackSheep said...

If it were not in Arizona I most likely would buy it, and use it to its full possibilities....but I am in Illinois, and feel no desire to drive to Arizona to get it. I can buy a brand new trailer for $2k, and outfit it the way I want for $3k more, and still have a new trailer! I hope the seller finds a buyer for it tho...

Anonymous said...

Come on Blacksheep you would be living inside Randy's dream, that alone is worth $10k , don't you remember your blog where you were so proud to meet Randy.

But since Randy is rich he could just buy it and give it to you , both of you are all talk and no action, what a shame !!!

You both know the old saying money talks , B ........t walks

Anonymous said...

hey anon, stop projecting.