Thursday, September 20, 2012


"Each man and each woman of you, I lead upon a knoll.
 My left hand hooks you round the waist
my right hand points to landscapes of continents
and a plain public road.
Not I or anyone else can travel that road for you,
You must travel it for yourself.
It is not far---it is within reach.
Perhaps you have been on it since you were born and did not know.
Perhaps it is everywhere on water and on land.
Shoulder your duds, and I will mine and let us hasten forth.
Wonderful cities and free nations we shall fetch as we go."  (Walt Whitman) 

It's time to leave this beautiful Lake---I've been here 3 weeks----feel the urge for some solitary travel---make arrangements to meet my companions in Eagle Nest, NM.

Life is lived in moments---and before I go-- reflect on some of them here.  A fearless little girl picks up a snake in danger of being run over---takes him to the safety of the bushes.
A proud fisherman shows off his catch.
A kind and gentle vet puts a friend's suffering dog to "sleep".  I witnessed the whole proceedure and wished that my passing would be as humane.
Another touching moment in Chama, NM:  Man collapsed---medical personnel attend him---my companion immediately stops to pray for him.
My oldest friend---Bushrod---brings his boat to the lake and takes us sailing.
That's Wayne Wirs up front---an expert at enjoying moments.
A visit to the famous 3 Ravens Coffeehouse in Tierra Amarillo.  Paul--the owner--on Bass.
And then---as easily as I came---I left---choosing scenic route 64 across the high country.
In 15 miles I will climb 3000 feet.
Up where everything is cool and beautiful.
And then---and then---I saw this.
And a mile ahead----this.
And a mile ahead---this.  Of course I got the story--I think---- (they kept jogging as they explained)
This is an Indian initiated relay run to Guadalupe?
Then down from the pass to this (famous?) intersection.  My mind flashes on the many times I have been here---a different person each time. Across that road---I know---begins a landed counterculture that has influenced the nation.  I will show you when I pick up the story (tomorrow?)
RANDY REFLECTS:   Moments like the rivers will
brush us by---then down the hill.
I let them go--- without delay-----


farmlady said...

Your writing is getting better and better.
Love this "in the moment" post.

farmlady said...

Oh... and the title.

Rob said...

A pleasant post Randy, and one great shot of a mountain.
I did like the road sign too...

Tesaje said...

It's a kind hearted person who stops to save a snake.

coupe2u said...

It is interesting how changing local - embarking on a journey, especially by oneself, makes one contemplative and reflective. I feel for those who do not experience the bittersweet joy of leaving the known and pleasurable behind for the new adventure or experience. It was interesting you included the death of the dog as if you were making the comparison of one door closing, your life at the like, for another door opening - wherever the road took you.
Good travels.

coupe2u said...

that is supposed to be your life at the lake not your life at the like - sorry

Susan said...

Love the poem. The idea of letting go even pleasurable moments because there are more moments to come, is so healthy and adventuresome. Look forward to the next chapter.


Anonymous said...