Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Meet my nephew Jeff a prime contributor to alligator restoration.  I asked a lot of questions----he offers to show me first hand how this brilliant new idea works.

First the facts: only 17% of a clutch of alligator eggs will survive to viability----IN THE WILD.  Incubated in captivity the viability rate is 90%.  SO WHY NOT LEGALIZE THE GATHERING OF WILD EGGS---HATCH THEM--- RAISE THEM TO VIABILITY and RELEASE 17% OF THE GATORS BACK INTO THE WILD. The remaining 73% can be raised for 2 or 3 years and "harvested" FOR PROFIT----Thus satisfying market demand for hides and meat---Undercutting the need for poaching.  As the wild population increases it becomes possible to allow a controlled hunting season.  AND BINGO!  IT WORKED---EXACTLY LIKE THAT.
Jeff does a thorough pre flight check of his helicopter.
 Provides me with noise deadening headgear that allows normal conversation.
Up and over his rooftop---fantastic feeling---as near as we can come to a magic carpet ride. 
 West Monroe ---affluent---lovely---and now famous
as the home of the Duck Dynasty family---they live down there--(middle left) 
 A few minutes and we look down on his main--facility---growing about 60,000 gators. 
 He circles me round his Texas-sized "ranch"---has it's own swamp.
 Looking down the hallway of one of the 8 buildings.  I noted they are super insulated and super clean.
Hundreds of separate rooms, each  with water  and automatic timed food supply.  This door receives his immediate attention because it has had the highest deaths. (4)

Opened door---light shone into a warm---normally darkened room.  About a hundred of them scurry about and dive from sight. That's fresh water going in.  
 Another dead one is spotted and this calls for immediate action. Miguel---without hesitation steps into the 3 ft deep waters---retrieves the body.
 Hands it to Jeff and hurries out.
 A death is a matter of considerable concern---It could the first sign of West Nile virus.  With Millions of dollars at stake---the whole team focus on the body.
 Naturally, I ask Miguel if he ever gets bit.  He shows me several scars.
 The team conferences outside---at length---discussing the possibilities and what corrective measures will be taken.  In this case--draining and sterilizing the pool---walls and floors.
Also, the body is packed in ice and  sent to a vet for a post-mortem.
Here's my favorite photo of the day---the wind-up conversation between Jeff and Miguel. I see in the body language here friendship and respect of team members.  I observed carefully for tone and dominance posturing---AND SAW NONE.  I concluded that two reasons for his success are attention to detail and generous employee relations. 
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  En route home I asked Jeff for some secrets of his success.  He says that his Mother instilled fundamental values and that his dad modeled a great work ethic---AND ESPECIALLY GENEROSITY.  His father --A medical doctor practiced giving as earnestly as he practiced medicine. 
Jeff seems to have "caught" the generosity bug---seems to enjoy sharing ---house, pool, weekend retreat, food, money and time. 
   This is only half the story----will pick it up here tomorrow--show you the end game process and tell you of a world wide movement mimicking  the gator technique that can save almost all endangered species.



heyduke50 said...

pretty cool operation he has there...

Tesaje said...

Very interesting. Thank you. A lot of endangered species have specific habitat requirements that make it really hard to breed and raise them in any sort of captivity so this model wouldn't work for them.

I agree that psychopathic attributes in managers does not breed healthy organizations. Being a decent human is very compatible with running successful organizations.

Anonymous said...

Managing positions attract Functional Psychopaths. A poorly unregulated free market is rife with these types of psychopaths.

Surprise! What jobs have the highest number of psychopaths?


Similar thing is talked about here in the movie
"I AM" by Tom Shadyac:

"Jack Davis, professor of Native American Studies at the University of California, Davis, he said in our language we have this word "wetico" which means cannibal. One who eats not literally the flesh of another, but who eats the life of another. And he said we've very quickly realized that when you people came from Europe you were infected with wetico. That it's a mental illness."

It's a word that says if we're living a lifestyle where we take more than we need then we're mentally ill.

Red Meador said...

Randy I am going to quit reading your Blog. I am Green with envy. I love LA, the people, the customs, the language as much as I love the Mexican culture. Taking Jeanie to Introduce her to it in 2015 after we do the 50th anniversary march of Bloody Sunday from Selma to Montgomery. Haven't spent much time there since the mid 70's thru the early 80's. All hints you may have to pass along would be very much appreciated.

Joyce said... did you enjoy helicopter flying?

Randy said...

Joyce: helicoptering is flying like we fantasize flying---thoroughly enjoyed it.

sail4free said...

Well, there is a tiny bit of dominance posturing going on = right hand on the hip . . . mostly offset by the bended knee . . . but, then again, it is only ONE hand on a hip . . . and a low level of alpha-male dominance posturing is to be expected from the boss man.
My Dad always taught us that someone who treats US well but treats janitors, waiters, etc. like crap is NOT a nice person. I've seen that observation confirmed many, many times in my own life.
In my own businesses I've always treated those who share the labor as family. Sometimes that wasn't enough. Sometimes they took advantage of my kindness . . . no reason for me to become a psychopath over it. Those old school dog lickers who think they can intimidate people into doing their best work are a dying breed. The sooner they become an endangered sub-species, the better off we'll all be.

Randy said...

Sail4free: As always, thanks for the insightful comment. I agree--dominance leadership is vanishing and collegiality is taking its place. Even walmart calls its workers associates---and team members.