Friday, May 10, 2013


I NEED ONE:  An ominous clank in my front end starts me looking for help.  I go into a specialty front end shop (Brakes plus) for a free inspection: estimate $1000 plus.
And then---and then---I hear about a master mechanic in the mesa-lands near Arivaca, Arizona who can be trusted to fix precisely what is wrong.

So I made my way to this landmark at Amado, Az----south of Tucson and took the road to Arivaca.

A pleasant drive slightly uphill to the cooler mesa lands.
Ask anybody in Arivaca where Bud's shop is --it's here.
This was a very good sign.  Do you recognize this car?  That is the fabled---and now priceless DELORIAN.   I'm thinking: If the owner trust Bud with this car---I'm in good hands.
So I found Bud---a very friendly and easygoing guy---introduced myself and my troubles.  He assured me he could fix whatever ailed my truck.
With a shop like this---I didn't doubt him.
He provided  a lovely quiet place to camp till he could get to me.
If you go there---don't miss this colorful and dynamic Bar: The GITANA (means gypsy)  Times magazine once dubbed it the toughest bar in America. Now it's just exciting. 
The whole town is friendly and almost everyone here is interesting.  Lucky me--get's invited to dinner with lovely ladies.
Soon the Delorian is being serviced and I'm next.
Think I'll show you a few angle shots on this unique car---only a few hundred were built.  It's made of stainless steel.
Note the speedometer reading---only 2,471 miles. Runs like a dream.
Gull wing doors make it unmistakable---Bud let's me sit for this photo. Remember the car in BACK TO THE FUTURE?  A Delorian!
And now it's my turn.  It feels good to know your vehicle is in the hands of a master mechanic. 
I need a new bushing and brake pads.  He fixes just that and sets me on the road again.
Bud can handle about any problem and it's an adventure to relate with him and his town.  The price was a small fraction of the specialty shop and everything works fine.
You can call him at 520-398-9204.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  I feel---rightly or wrongly---that specialty shops and their "free inspections" are a kind of trap---that uses exaggerated diagnosese to extract
exaggerated fees.  This was a refreshing experience.



VtChris said...

Be sure to list him at this fab website for A+ mechanics....

Also a good resource when you need such a service.

John W. Abert said...

I have to think back to the early 70's when I realized I needed new lower ball joints on my "66 Chevy. The shop looked it up in their flat rate manual and quoted me labor prices for 5-1/2 hours! I left and picked up the parts myself and took it home and beat the original rivets off with a cold chisel and hammer, and had both sides done in an hour and a half, for about 1/5th of what the shop wanted! With their lifts and air chisels and grinders, they could have had the job done in half that time, and made a bundle of money if I had been stupid enough to fall for their ploy!

Beware of shops that use flat rate manuals to quote prices, as often they are padded plenty on labor hours to make sure the shop is happy with buying those books! They couldn't care less about what the customer thinks!

Anonymous said...

If anybody is better at 'rolling with the punches' - the slings and arrows of misfortune - I've yet to hear of them.
If they are 'misfortunes', that is.
Good going!

Avis said...

Neighbor of mine who lived down the street had a Delorean. Sometimes we would see it parked at the local supermarket; he regularly took that thing out during the warmer months.