Sunday, June 16, 2013


(Note to my readers---I have returned to the West--but I'm not done posting about my journey home.  I'm most anxious to share some incredible-but-true stories from Sondheimer --about murder--suicides--rags to riches and empire building)

The story of my return crossing is worth telling---will do so in a future blog.
I stopped to visit my longest friendship---Bushrod---in Santa Fe---perhaps I've showed you his  solar array ---more than enough to power his house and pay about $150 cash besides.
Payback time is about 7 yrs. (panels are much cheaper now)

Stopped in Albuquerque to record my poem DON'T SELL YOUR RIG for  youtube
That's Jeanne who has camped with us before.
 Then I drove on to Flagstaff--- Mt Humphrey ahead---highest point in Az (12,635 ft)  Oh I am ready for the cool.
And here it is--- at 7000 ft  We agree to meet in this secret place.  Kay cooks up a salmon dinner for us.  Delicious.
 Laurie drives in from her singing tour in Sedona.  We are all glad to see her.
Meet Kay---a real Alaskan---with all the intrepid qualities we've come to expect from "those people"----like carrying around a freezer full of salmon.  She treated us to a wonderful fish fry.  The range of her interests is amazing---books are dedicated to her.
Meet Stan---a new friend---The most self contained boondocker perhaps in the world--hope to show you. A very happy resourceful guy.

 Here's his rig---he has been perfecting it for 32 years---it's a wonder of engineering.  For example: When he chooses he can carry 800 gallons of water---can endure an entire season without needing to re supply.  He has enough solar power to supply a suburban home.
He knows a big secret that can save you $100,000.00.  More on him later.
Here's evidence that we support one another. Laurie is short of electricity--I have a surplus----soooo..... 
Meet Carol--a hair stylist of many years---she enhances her freedom by styling wherever she goes.  Two days after this haircut She's in the Colorado River rafting through the grand canyon.
 Afternoon snacks and laurie shares her new songs with us.

One day she invites us into her famous "Casbah" for a flute lesson.

Furnishes the real thing---expensive native American flutes.
Teaches us the fundamentals.
Laurie is teaching us how to express our 'heartsong' by giving us a class on how to play a 'High Spirits' native american flute.

All of us enter knowing nothing of how to create a song with our breath.

After an hour of playful instruction by Laurie, we each leave after playing a solo of our own!
I invite the ladies over for a decadent oatmeal breakfast---enriched with pecans, raisins, brown sugar, kool whip and maraschino cherries.
One day Laurie cooked breakfast for me----I ate it anyway. The black things are sausages--orange thing is an egg. I think she was making a point.
Looked like a bag of trash---Laurie investigated---surprise it was filled with money--
NOT----she was playing a trick on us.
One day Laurie takes the gang on a mystery tour---not telling us where we are going.
She takes us here---a super--NEW AGE shop.  Dear friends--it is all here and fascinating---books, crystals, incense, angels, fairies, prayer flags etc. 
And another day she lured us to the poetry slam.  This young poet was smitten--can you tell?
That's Alaska Kay to the left.D

You can watch me surprisingly win the poetry slam here:

Round 1 Dance of Testosterone: click here

Round 2: Dance of Estrogen: click here

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  Truthfully now, sweet people, can you imagine a better way to spend the summer:----camped in the cool forest around Flagstaff, Az---free of charge---- with your good friends close by----city amenities only minutes away---internet, cell phone, tv access.  You can join us if you wish---we will shift camp Monday to the summer RTR (rubber tramp rendezvous)---for directions click here Monday. (Bob wisely keeps the location secret till then.   


Wayne (Wirs) said...

Damn Randy, your video/poem ("Don't Sell Your Rig") is spot on for where I'm at right now (though not because of a relationship). Maybe She's speaking through you this time! :)

Laurie said...

By the look of those eggs I made you Randy, it might appear that I would prefer you not to ask me to make breakfast for you again!

Yet in reality, I was so absorbed by your scintillating conversation that I lost focus on my normally exceptional cooking skills! Huge grin and hearty laugh!

Boonie Boonster said...

Despite the lack of encouragement from your blog, I hope that somebody you'll treat Muslims, Mormons, and Southern Baptists with the respect you show Laurie's Belief System.

Randy said...

Boonie: My respect for a persons religion is proportional to the beauty of the believer. In Laurie's case---her beliefs just MUST be true.

sail4free said...

I linked to your most recent three videos and we were able to listen and watch them on our 50" flat screen -- great fun and my lovely SO loves your poetry as well.
Completely unrelated but we're headed to South Shore (Lake Tahoe) for the 4th of July weekend. (Driving down on Wed/3rd and driving back home on Mon/8th.) We've already found a spot to park for FREE our first three nights (Thanks and a shout out to !) but will need to figure something else out for Sat and Sun nights. Do you (or any of your readers) know of any boondocking spots reasonably close to South Shore? You (or they) can email me direct at