Saturday, June 29, 2013


MODERN TECHNOLOGY CONNECTS US ELECTRONICALLY---making it easy to connect ourselves physically.  And so we have---  For 2 weeks ---20 or so of us have responded to Bob's (  ) invitation to join him in the forest near Flagstaff.  We roll in---find our personal place to park near the group and begin doing what connected campers can do:

WE GIVE STUFF AWAY----this is the free tarp after 2 weeks of  give away.
Sometimes we trade stuff----here Laurie trades me two overripe bananas for one ripe one, (She knows I prefer the overripe) A ridiculous  illustration of real trades we make.  Like a haircut for mechanical work.  Sometimes we pay for the services of our fellow campers.
But more importantly, we trade ideas.  Here Laurie leads us in a discussion on dealing with  fear. 
Sometimes we eat together.  I invited Laurie and Kendall over for a breakfast of decadent oatmeal.  (decadent because it is  enriched with pecans, brown sugar, raisins, whipped cream and cherries)  I photographed the cherry moment.
Those who want to--- walk at 9Am and 6 Pm.
Today I led a group wisdom discussion. 
We write out (anonymously) questions we would like the group to address---put them in a hat  and I draw them out one by one
for the group to comment on. Collectively we are much wiser than individually.
Yesterday, our host Bob Wells led us in a favorite show and tell----cooking styles and secrets.  He began with a demonstration of a solar oven that really bakes well.  It reached 350 degrees in short order---ready to bake anything. 
James then showed us the wonders of a weber grill----operating off a propane bottle. 
 Kendall touted a breakthrough skillet surfaced with---- CERAMIC.  Much better and longer lasting than Teflon.
David  spreads the good word about his stovetop Coleman oven .
Laurie demonstrated a no-clean-up cooking technique with water and a special paper. 
 CB showed us the latest thing in cooking ---magnetic induction.  Takes one half the power of conventional cooking.
Brad touted the enduring quality of the classical iron skillet---that in time develops
its own non stick surface.
I'm no great chef---but these ladies came to share dinner with me anyway.

Sometimes we discuss what kind of sign would best ward off unwelcome visitors. This was a prizewinner I suggested-----and surprise---CB  had one made--says it's doing it's work.
This afternoon Bob treated everyone to Pizza and ice cream.  Thank you Bob.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  Camp alone if you wish----no doubt it does good things for you.  BUT CAMPING WITH FRIENDS IS 100 TIMES MORE ENJOYABLE.  I love the way Bob has tweaked this style of camping to remove any trace of coercion or even expectation----folks connect only when they want to.

Oh yes---I haven't forgotten my Sondheimer stories---will continue them soon.


Rob said...

I like the sign ....

Bill said...

That sign would certainly cause me to keep my distance.

Carol said...

That sign would work on keeping me away too. But should I ever adopt the traveling lifestyle, it's sure an idea!

Tesaje said...

All of you are wiser than any one of you? Must be a really great group. When working, we found that all of us were a lot dumber than any one of us ... Group think and all that.

If I sported that sign, it would be a bait and switch because I could tell lots of tales about Jesus but those seeking for it wouldn't like what I have to say. Fortunately, I'm not that dishonest. ;-)

Doing anything with good people is more fun than doing anything with icky people.

VtChris said...

You are making me jealous! I sure do miss the camaraderie of you folks and all my camping buddies. Don't get me wrong, I love it here with my Vermont family in their stix-n-brix.....but definitely looking forward to traveling again. Say "Hi" to everyone for me!