Friday, January 24, 2014



Out there---about 9 miles from our campsite is a "Holy " place---Laurie knows the way--not a trip for the timid---as you will see.  From 89A southwest of Sedona--go North on FR525.  Just beyond the cattleguard turn left on the gravel road---go about 8 miles.
Till you see this.

Turn right-----Yeah it's rugged but doable---Laurie chose to walk this part.

Go to the end of the road and note this trail.  Follow it out to that hill---go around it clockwise.

Yes, its tricky and dangerous---if you fall, you will die---But hey---if it's your time---well....

You're almost there---carefully walk this narrow ledge

And Bingo---we are here---looking out this amazing natural window.

And this natural opening with a splendid view.

Laurie is much at home in  holy places---absorbing it's sacredness---

Remains of previous incense fires.

Laurie on the edge of things---scares me.

And on the Devil's  bridge---we hiked to another day.  Also a Sedona sacred spot.

As is this one----Oak Creek---beautiful

And  celebrated with thousands of rock cairns like these.

And these! A quaint and harmless way to participate---I made one myself.  I enjoy things like this----and shoe trees---invitations to join in---feel a part of something bigger. 

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  I don't know if there really are "energy vortexes"---Holy places---will try to keep my mind open---enjoy the loveliness of Red rock country---respect the feelings of the million new age believers who come here for inspiration and connection.  Of all the religions, it may be the least harmful----and so many of my friends seem nourished by its practices that I give this one a mental "pass"---till I can come up with a better one.  


C. J. Hall said...

Your thoughts about the participatory aspects suddenly makes sense of similar things I've wondered about. It has been many years since I was in the Sedona area -- thanks much for the beautiful pics that remind me to put it on my spring route.

klbexplores said...

What awesome window pics! I'd luv to see them someday....I shall have to work on my coward's streak.

WAND3R3R said...

There is always something magical about red-rocks and water…love the picture of the Oak Creek!

Cherokee Poya said...

Randy - This place looks magical with all of it's natural beauty!If it brings a sense of calm and peace to one's soul, then I am all for it! I too see why so many come to this place. I can sense the "calm" by your photos. I am not a "religous" person, but do practice brings such "calmness" to a chaotic world.