Friday, February 07, 2014


I'm alone--with another 100 campers in the Paradise Casino parking lot---Yuma. Az  When this friend rolls in from San Diego:  Brad Maybury---writer, thinker, adventurer.  I'm delighted.

Then --out of the blue--another friend rolls in. This one from Florida.  Most of my readers will recognize him at once: WayneWirs  author,blogger,  Mobile Mystic. It's the first time I've seen his new home--a Nissan van that he's engineered with all necessary comforts.  I'm twice blessed.

AND THEN----AND THEN---from the remotes of Los Angeles---this famous rig ---and its more famous builder/blogger Glenn Morrissette rolls in. My cup runneth over.  Three of the brightest --most evolved minds I know. 

They all agreed to participate in a "Salon" ---a focused discussion---on the topic of CONNECTION AND CREATIVITY.  ( do our connections enhance or distract from our creative projects?  How many and what kind of friends best serve us?  Would seclusion and solitude be best?) Is electronic connection a fair substitute for personal connection?

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  This was a terrific happenstance and I'm glad I seized the opportunity to engage.  The question I raise is very relevant to everybody, but especially to us drifter/loners who are in the business of creative writing.  Here's my takeaway from that discussion.
1. Almost everybody wants to do things that require some creativity.
2. Ideas often come from mysterious sources---just pop into our heads and often we do our best work alone.  But in truth all of us are connected to the world and other minds in a thousand ways all the time---including memories and increasingly by electronics.  The question and challenge is how  to gain reasonable
control of our connections so that they enrich us and not distract or overwhelm us.
3. Some feel that our most important connection is with God and to get that channel open pretty much handles all problems.  "whispers" and "synchronicities" can effortlessly guide our lives.
4. We of a more secular mind rely on our "deepest intuition" for guidance and inspiration.
5. Brad told us of a study showing that DISCONNECTION was ultimately the source of DIS-EASE.  particularly our disconnection with our physical bodies---failing to respond to its signals.
6. Connections with others come in three forms:  RITUAL---(hello, how are you, ect.)
PASTIME--- (gossip, current events,)  and INTIMACY--- (what we feel, want, have done)
Good friends engage us at the level of intimacy ( authenticity) and that's most useful to our personal growth.
 7. Still not clear to me: whether I would be more creative drifting alone or in a pair--or perhaps connecting with my friends periodically.  My summer travels should answer this question.


Rob said...
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Susan said...

How cool that you wanderers joined up for a "Salon". I enjoy reading your insights and seeing photos of the places you have been! Will you be doing another group gathering this summer? I may have a trailer by then. Am determined to one day spend some time "wandering" and connecting with wanderers.

Lyn said...

Randy, your comment " Still not clear to me: whether I would be more creative drifting alone or in a pair--or perhaps connecting with my friends periodically." is my quandary exactly.

I loved traveling with you and the others summer before last, but one minute it was fine and the next I had to get alone. I didn't find the point where I needed to be alone and could go for a week or so and then come back, to the point where I needed a couple of months of alone time!

Lyn and the Corgis

Lyn said...

Also, sorry to have missed the Salon - it would have been most interesting.

An idea for another Salon I'd like to take part in - the use of the English language to describe "spiritual experiences". I'm reading Brad Warner's newest book "There is no God and He is Always with you" where he makes the point that "the English language makes certain assumptions about the nature of reality. These assumptions include the idea that there is a "me" to which things "happen" and that these things, after they've occurred, can be called "experiences". Exactly the problem I often have trying to describe such.

Lyn and the Corgis

Randy said...

Hi Lyn: I confess I still don't know the answer either. Until I get a better notion, I guess I will just straddle the paradox---protecting my private time while connecting with my friends periodically. Electronic connection seems a pretty good middle ground.

Tesaje said...

I already know the answer to your quandary - for me. If I want to be creative, I need time alone where I can focus and do a task. Social time can feed the mind to an extent but for me, the alone time is crucial.

Other personalities may vary.

Gayle Maria said...

None of my business, but I thought you were already paired up with the woman who was exploring the remote, abandoned "flying saucer" house with you! I painted a scenario of how nice to have a partner to ride off into the sunset with and to share the deep thinking you about the issues that cross your trails. Guess that scenario says more about me than you! Sounds like WIN membership might work to have a tribe to socialize with, but still be able to have some solitude. Do you find going to WIN groups gives you that choice? You guys are a group of RV blogging rock stars! You should have had an audience!