Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I hope to persuade myself and you--- that the body we are in and the world we are on-- is ideally suited to us---that to be alive is a grand adventure--- into time--- and substance-- and mystery.

Now I really am in Paradise---out there---in the paradise casino's parking lot--Yuma, Arizona.

That's my rig---turned sideways to capture optimum sun on my solar panels.
We are allowed to park free here---indefinitely, it seems--in the hope we will come inside and gamble. 
( I have a funny poem on the subject which I'll share if I get enough request ) 

Sunsets are beautiful here. That's the historic Catholic church on Yuma Crossing hill.
And that's the famous Yuma crossing with its OCEAN TO OCEAN BRIDGE from the 30's---still in use---and that structure to the left is part of the infamous YUMA TERRITORIAL PRISON.  
Some mornings we are visited by balloonist.  This pilot is super skilled and just skims the water to show his control.
occasionally setting down among us.

Wayne Wirs' new home---a super slick--brand-new Nissan 3500 Cargo van -- fires my imagination.  He lives in great comfort, is instantly mobile, reasonably economical and likely decades durable.
Two of America's greatest bloggers in my opinion:   Wayne: http://waynewirs.com/  and Glenn http://www.tosimplify.net/---between them, more than 5 million readers.  Both with vital messages---delivered effortlessly as they go about their lives. 
That's my friend Brad getting the tour.  Glenn seems to be checking out ground clearance.

And you may remember our desert dialogue on creativity and connection.
Glenn and I spent a day in Algodones----he, getting work done at Dr. Rubio's clinic.

Then touring the town.  Glenn still doesn't know what is behind the notorious green door.  I did not tell him---just got this incriminating evidence for future mischief.

Took him to the WALL that separates the nations.  It is in danger of toppling down that bank.  So workers are building up its foundation again. (can you believe they still break rocks like this)

And these guys are shoring up the official boundary post.

Then we engaged this guy---an official "barker" for one of the hundreds of dentist, steering potential clients to his employers clinic.  He spoke fluent English---explained that he lived in Las Vegas for years illegally---got caught and deported.  If he returns prior to 5 years and is caught again, he forfeits any chance at citizenship.  He has a year and a half to go before he will risk returning.  Told us he gets a $100 a month plus commission for his work.  Said last month he made $500 total. 

We take a break in a park where I indulge in Mexican sweets from a bakery.  See the bag full at my feet?

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  Yeah this is paradise:  doing what you want to do, when you want to do it, with people you like.  (and in pleasant weather)   Glenn and I agree that a truly good life that you would enjoy--- is accessible--- at far less cost,--- and likely sooner than you have supposed.  


JimS said...

I visited the fall of '12 with you and others at the casino in Albuquerque. And I remember a poem you recited about residing at casinos. Something about the mouse stealing the cheese? Would enjoy hearing it again.

I assume you've been satisfied with the work Dr Rubio did on your teeth. Back in Colorado, I received estimates for a couple of crowns. Both an arm and a leg were part of the price.

I enjoy reading both Glenn's and Wayne's blogs as well.

Jim and Gayle said...

If you get bored in paradise come visit us at Mittry Lake:)