Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Luke 10:30  A lady was going down from "Jerusalem to Jericho" when she fell into the hands of robbers.  They stripped her of  a reasonable lifestyle---psychologically beat her up and left her abandoned in a parking lot in Yuma, Az.
A Christian couple walked by---saw her distress---and walked on by.

A  Mormon guy walked by---expressed some curiosity---and went on his way.
My friend and I came by---curious what was in the shopping cart.
looked----did nothing
It held a mother dog and 6 puppies---born just last night.

She wanted to borrow a phone.  Someone lent her one.  A cab appeared.

She stuffed her few possessions and the dogs inside and disappeared---leaving the cart behind.
We all breathed a sigh of relief---she was gone---someone else's problem now.
That very day a tiny dog fell into a canal and was being swept along--in danger of drowning.  Both Brad and I rushed to the rescue.  He got there first and saved it.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  Oh sweet readers---I'm in shame and perplexity---I DIDN'T DO A DAMNED THING TO HELP THE LADY----saw her as a major pain in the ass---needy beyond reason-- angry--probably druggy---likely neurotic----with emotional and physical baggage that would strain my charitable impulses.  Yeah---she was a basket case for sure----AND SO WAS THE GUY IN JESUS' PARABLE OF THE GOOD SAMARITAN.  Why was I so willing to rescue the dog and so reluctant to help the lady?
 (the dog was easier)
Fate put this lady on my "doorstep" and I  did nothing.  I should have to answer for that.  Who should rescue this Lady?  In urgent situations---like the dog---whoever can--- should act.  In basket cases, I maintain she is EVERYBODY'S  responsibility.  We need a social safety net that should reach out and care for her AT A REASONABLE COST to society----like we reach out to the winos on the street in severely cold weather.
Personal and private intervention --- welcome as it is---is not enough---is inconsistent.  Only institutional charity will work.


Dragonfly said...

Thank you for your humble honesty.I hope I will always remember your story and act with kindness in uncomfortable situations. I would like to work this into my blog and link back to yours if that's okay. I have fallen short many times myself and I always remember. It doesn't feel good.

Anonymous said...

You’re right, as individuals we’re not able to or equipped to take care of everyone, but should intervene when situations are urgent.

This lady’s problems are more complex, it seems, but in the end she got what was immediately necessary for her --- the phone, made a call and was off.

We can’t get caught up in guilt, have to learn to forgive ourselves, move on, and do better next time.

And, yes institutions do serve a purpose, but even they have issues with dogma, greed, politics, costs, treatments and care that sometimes do more harm than good...

Ed Helvey - Professional Nomad said...

People with needs come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so to speak. You will be forgiven. I just met a man on the road who has been collecting disability and a small pension from a union for over 30 years. He's lived in motorhomes all of the past 30 years and his income is considerably more than most of us on the road live on, yet, he's always broke, always whining and complaining, asks for help from everyone he meets, gets the same answers and then doesn't follow through. He refuses to analyze his monthly expenses to figure out where he's blowing his money and he won't learn anything new, especially if it relates to technology. I've spent hours and hours attempting to help the guy and it's just been a waste of my time, energy, knowledge and experience. I feel bad I can't help him, but you know what they say about leading a horse to water. . . We can't save the world and we're doing great as long as we don't become one of "them."

Anonymous said...

Here was a person in a very dire situation. No place to live, no transport and probably very little money. BUT she tried to save the dog and puppies in her care and left her own belongings which she could not carry. That shows some compassion and caring which is worth noting.

Bon vivant said...

I posit that institutional, by it's nature doesn't work and personal and private do work. The human element (both directions) is what makes the difference in the interaction.

Edd said...

You can't save people from themselves; you will try but you will fail.

Nancy1340 said...

The bible also says "Judge not lest ye be judged".
You have no idea what little it might have taken to give her a hand up, not a hand out. How much time would it really have taken to drive her to where ever the cab was taking her?

Looks like she was the only one doing the helping here.

I like this new pay it forward thing that is so hot right now. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Randy says "let the taxpayers pay to help this person" but Randy pays no taxes himself (or nearly none) and gets a military pension and social security every month and uses the public infrastructure (roadways and public land) more than most.

Got it!

May Johnson said...

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barbjfl said...

I have wondered about how to help homeless people. After asking questions, I've found out that they don't want to go to shelters as they don't want to follow rules. SAD!!

Edd said...

She can't be "rescued". You can help her but she is beyond "rescue".

Randy said...

Barbjfl: Point well made---I agree.
This story has an update: SHE'S BACK. Came back yesterday---set up camp in the bushes. I may do a follow up piece if I can interview her.