Tuesday, May 06, 2014


THIS IS A TRAILHEAD NEAR SEDONA AZ---that's my rig on the right.
Some followers of her blog may notice that parked just behind me is the rig of the famous photographer/blogger Diana Tolerico. http://lifeontheopenroad.blogspot.com/ And no--that's not the subject of this entry.
Here is the story:  Two giant horse/house trailers pull in at different times and settle themselves.
The largest rig is driven by a solitary lady and carries this mule---which is soon saddled up.
The other is driven by this cowboy and carries a horse---also soon saddled up.
They are off on an early morning ride----and return 5 hours later.
Same thing next day.
In the evenings they walk together then settle in for the night. I have obscured faces and identifying detail to protect their privacy.

SO WHY IS THIS STORY WORTH TELLING?  What about this might challenge your ethics?  Just this:  The gentleman is married and his brain damaged wife lingers on in a nursing home.  She fell from her horse some time ago and cannot recover.  The lady and the cowboy live hundreds of miles apart and meet here to share the pleasures of riding together.  

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:   Biblical purists would forbid such a rendezvous till the wife died---which might take years.  Many like myself believe that ethics is not REVEALED BY a God but INVENTED by us humans---and is therefore not ABSOLUTE but  RELATIVE (situational ).
Revealed/absolutist ethics inflicts much cruelty on the world---in huge ways such as forbidding birth control, abortions, divorce and even the simple pleasures of getting on with ones life as these people are doing in the spirit of the law rather than the letter.  If your notions of right and wrong is offended by this rendezvous, I suggest you reconsider the source of your ethics.


Joyce said...

I salute and honor their commitment to enjoying life as best they can given the circumstances they face. They take nothing from others, but give much to each other... how can that possibly be wrong?

VtChris said...

Well said Randy. And, as I am sure you know, I can see no ethics challenged here.

Bon vivant said...

I'm agnostic. I see no problem with this, tho' you don't indicate, precisely, what level of intimacy is involved. I do see a problem with abortion tho'. I can't think of a valid reason for killing a fetus and especially a healthy one for the sake of convenience. That goes for lesser animals being aborted as well, IMO. Recently saw a comment about a married woman who travelled to Africa to be inseminated and have the child here. The comment-or likened her actions to buying a designer purse in France. It made me think. Is conceiving a fetus for the parenthood experience any more/less selfish than killing to avoid it?

Randy said...

I disagree strongly Bon Vivant: I can think of a hundred reasons to abort a fetus. Spinabifida and anacephalic and downs syndrome for 3. Pregnant teenagers--too many children already---rape--incest. Please read Pete Singer's (world'd foremost ethicist)articles on the subject.
In a nutshell, I think that human life TAPERS into and out of Significance. A 22 week fetus is more significant than a one week fetus. The supreme court has wisely declared this (arbitrary) line to be point at which a fetus is no longer expendable.
Check out my reasons in my blog entry of 9/11/08 entitled OBAMA NEEDS MY HELP.
It is absolutist ethics in crazy bloom to try and force a woman to have a baby she does not wish to have.

JonSlay said...

uh. i can see his face, though wearing sunglasses in one pic, and his full license plate is in plain view in another. not sure if that was your intention.

JimS said...

Great story. Ethics aside, what brand of trailer is that being pulled by the Ford? Looks awesome!