Sunday, May 18, 2014


TUESDAY MAY 13---A DAY I HAVE WAITED MONTHS FOR.  This day I get my smile back.
For years I have been on a mission to restore my permanent teeth.  One by one I have done what was necessary.  This one had been particularly troublesome and painful.

About 5 months ago Dr Rubio installed that titanium implant.  Surprisingly, it was a painless procedure and I went away for the summer. (it takes 3 months for the implant to osseointegrate with my bone) Meantime, I concealed the unsightly gap with a $100 device that Dr Montoya (a Rubio dental associate) made for me.

Then I came back and Dr. Rubio installed that preliminary post that remains in place one month while the gums seal themselves permanently around it.
The timing was not perfect because it brought me back to Yuma when almost all RVers have left for cooler climes.  Two months ago there were a hundred others parked here in the Paradise Casino parking lot.

This was the day and I got to Mexico early.  Shopkeepers sweeping their storefront.

This old guy sits here often and peels the spines off prickly pear cactus leaves.  I'm surprised that people eat them. (wonder if and how they cook them/)

I'm the first patient of the day and my special tooth is ready---see it there in the mold.
This is Dr Allen---a Rubio Dental specialist installer.
BINGO----It is done .
AND MY SMILE IS RESTORED.  The whole process costs about $1,500 but you pay for it as each step is completed.  The Implant is about $500---slightly more if you need a bone graft.  See how carefully they have matched my tooth color?
I thank the doctor and I'm away by 9:30.  Rubio and his associates have invented a new kind of dentistry where specialist collaborate and coordinate for greater efficiency and lower cost.  They have many dental chairs and own their laboratory just a block away.  And they give 3 and 5 year guarantees on their work. Check them out. here

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: There is much needless suffering in the U.S. because people postpone needed dental work because of the high cost here.  You can afford to fix your teeth in Mexico.  Don't suffer and don't delay.  (But don't let just anybody down there work on you) Infections need to be promptly treated or they will eat away the bone.  My hope is that this group will be so successful that imitators will open up all along the border giving millions a fair shot at dental health.


ontheroadwithriley said...

Wow, it looks great Randy! Hope you can move to a cooler area soon.
Take care,
Jeanne (and Riley)

Shadowmoss said...

I have been waiting to hear how your implant went. I will have them evaluate me next visit for the implant I need. I appreciate you talking about the cost. For perspective, the 'flipper', which is what I assume you got in the interim that cost $100, was going to be $1,000 in the US 4 years ago. I looked at the dentist like she was crazy! I said, for a temporary device??? She muttered about how much fitting and all she had to do even though it was temporary and plastic.

Randy said...

Hi Jeanne---Hi Riley---Nice to hear from you. I remember with fondness crossing paths with you in Flagstaff and our great discussion. I checked out your blog on your latest project--that terrific pantry idea. Now I'm casting eyes around my rig for a similar underutilized spot. hmmm
Will put your link on my list.

Randy said...
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Randy said...

Shadowmoss: The thing that Dr. Montoya made for me was called a nightguard--a temporary clear plastic piece with a painted-in tooth that I could wear for social occasions and not look weird. It served well during my 4 month waiting time.

Randy said...
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Joe and Tracey said...

Randy, glad you've got your natural smile back. And what a deal!

Joe and Tracey

Anonymous said...

How did you lose your teeth, Randy? You are not so advanced in years. I've been reading about the repairs for so long I never stopped to wonder why. Just curious. . .

Randy said...

Anonymous: Thankfully, I've lost only a few. If you begin to notice folks around 60 you'll be surprised how many are missing important teeth. I lost 2 teeth because of bad dentistry---which is why I so appreciate good dentistry. Both my parents lost their teeth in their 30's---needlessly. Keeping you teeth into the 90's now seems possible. I needed better training
in dental hygene. I wish it were stressed more in schools and that dentistry weren't so expensive in the U.S. Dr. Rubio tells me that there are new and exciting breakthroughs that may make it possible to get every last tooth back.

Anonymous said...

Found this thread and have been reading with interest since my wife just had a crown/tooth break off at the gumline. It had a root canal done 25 years ago so it held up well but now the local dentist recommends having the remaining tooth pulled then an implant, then a wait of a few months then a new tooth attached to the implant. I'm thinking of pulling the tooth here then hopping in the RV for a visit to Yuma for the rest when the time is right.

It sounds exactly like what you just went through so when you said....... "The whole process costs about $1,500 but you pay for it as each step is completed. The Implant is about $500", Is that a total of $2000 for everything or is the $500 part of the $1500?

Randy said...

Anonymous: The total cost was 1500.
The implant was $500 and the special crown it needs was $900. Sometimes in iffy situations an mri may also be needed to confirm the readiness of the bone to receive the implant---and that would cost an additional $150.

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