Monday, June 02, 2014


WITH HALF THE DAY GONE---I suddenly decide its time to move on----I've made my decision--I will go to the Northwest.  Within an hour I've bid my new friends goodbye and headed toward Las Vegas.

 Here's the new highway about to cross the Colorado river over that spectacular new bridge.  No that's not it---it's a bit further on.

It's a big disappointment from the drivers seat.  That high wall hides a great view.  To be appreciated you have to cross and circle back a ways.  I didn't---I've seen it.

Outside Vegas I consider staying the night here in a casino parking lot.  I chose to hurry through Vegas.

I select hwy 93 ---the scenic route through Nevada---go out a few miles and settle in here on BLM land.  Free camping.
And because I saw this.  It means I will have phone and internet service.

There's room for hundreds of us but only one shared the area with me--a half mile away.

Shotgun shells everywhere and empty cartridges and bullet riddled targets.  Doesn't trouble me--I sleep soundly.

Next day I'm on to Ash Springs, Nv  where I begin to see murals on the side of buildings like this
And this
and this. 

and objects like this.  I know I'm nearing the famous extra terrestrial highway leading to AREA 51.
I decide to sleep alongside this highway.

I know from experience that out there in a mile or so is an adequate place to camp for the night.

Sure enough, I spot a corral---make my way to it and settle in.  Even here, I have electronic connection.  And Satellite TV is tuned in quickly. 

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  I feel splendidly free drifting across the country like this--not concerned at all about where I will spend the night.  There are jillions of places to camp free in the West.  I have a full set of comforts and I'm in touch with world or out of touch with the world---as I choose.  A million of us do this now and I predict a million more in 10 years.


Ash Nichols said...

I agree! I think mobile living will only continue to gain popularity. Great post:)

The Tuckerbag

Rob said...

This was a pleasant post.

Bill said...

I'm sure you didn't mean to say the empty shells, targets and trash left by the littering boobs didn't trouble you. Right? The least they could do is pick up their garbage.

Randy said...

Bill: You're right---I mis-spoke.
Trash does bother me. What I meant to communicate was that places where shooting occurs do not trouble me. Many many good boondocking spots are also spots where people come to shoot.

Anonymous said...

'Jillions' gotta love that word!

Missing you...Laurie

Anonymous said...

Make that a million in one! I can't wait to be on the open road for good!

Anonymous said...

DO you ever get tired of wandering about, Randy? It seems you are starting to have a well trodden territory in the southwest united states. Ever want to branch out east of the Mississippi or perhaps the northern climes?

As usual, thanks for great posts. They help me live vicariously through your experiences for a few minutes at a time, as I go about my more conventional life. A great gift.