Monday, June 09, 2014


I ENGAGED THIS UNUSUAL PAIR ---Sonny and Joy-- outside a small town in Nevada.  They met on the internet and agreed to travel and hike together.  Both were delightful and fun to chat with.
Sonny threw together this ad-hoc camper and they hit the road. 

Have been all over the west seeking out hiking trails and interesting places to camp.

While sharing a melon and other goodies with me they told me about a warm spring I might enjoy visiting just outside Panaca, Nv.  

So I went there!

and settled in!

From the hilltop you can see the 3 square miles that constitute this squeaky clean old (1864) Mormon settlement of 900 souls---with nary a liquor store---the only "dry" town in Nevada and one of two with no gambling.

From my doorway I can see my neighbors, a sizable Latino family, at the pool on this Memorial day weekend.

I join them and the local folks in the pool.

Strike up a friendship with the father.  Soon he comes over with a delicious chicken and avocado dinner for me.

This local oldster speeds over on a newfangled recumbent bike.

Next day a flock of bikers drop in for a swim.

I walk the countryside in the evenings and this herd of cows came over to greet me.  They stood in rapt attention as I quoted my poem about cows. Read it here:

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: So what have I learned about Mormon towns?  Basically this:  THAT VERY NICE PEOPLE CAN BELIEVE CRAZY THINGS WHILE CREATING A VIGOROUS AND VIABLE CULTURE.  If you doubt this consider the Greek civilization--- built on a set of myths about Zeus and Poseidon---or the Early Islamic culture built on the crazy notion of an angel dictating the Koran to Mohammed.  The Christian culture is likewise based on myths.
What is unique about the Mormon myth is that it is PROVABLY FALSE---SCIENTIFICALLY.  You can satisfy yourself on this point by simply googling: Mormons and horses or how science invalidates Mormonism. 
Recently I engaged 3 Mormon Missionaries and asked them if they knew about the BOOK OF
 ABRAHAM  Neither of them did-- though it is right there in their Holy book, The Pearl of Great Price and is the single most damning evidence of fraud.  They never heard of it---was not a part of their indoctrination.
A little more research persuaded me that Mormonism is a dying religion: 40% of returning missionaries leave the church after their mission. Fully 50% of new converts are no longer active after a year.  And of the 15 million members the church claims---only 5 million are active in the church.  I believe it will fade to insignificance in a hundred years and it will be the exposing  internet that did them in.  Had the internet been around in the first century--it would have doomed Christianity also.
The world is moving rapidly toward I DON'T KNOW--ISM---a very honest and healthy place regarding the great mysteries of life. 


Anonymous said... are looking quite buff in that pool photo. Looks like fasting is working out for you.

Unleash your love!

Laurie (who is on a fruit fast today)

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to see where you got your statistics. I searched around the web and couldn't find anything to validate them.

And you cite Wikipedia as a reference. Hmmm. Not sure what that's about, but the research of Charles Mann is interesting.

Sure, Islamic theology and Christian doctrine are out there, but you know what a crazy belief is? Basically... out of all the ridiculous religion stories which are greatly, wonderfully ridiculous — the silliest one I've ever heard is, 'Yeah... there's this big giant universe and it's expanding, it's all gonna collapse on itself and we're all just here just 'cause... just 'cause'. That, to me, is the most ridiculous explanation ever

Randy said...

Anonymous: I feel your embarrassment at being "had" (believing the Mormon story) and whatever consequences flowed from that---guilt perhaps---wasted time and energy furthering its agenda. If it makes you feel better, I confess that I was "had" perhaps more deeply than you--going two and a half years to the Baptist Seminary---even preaching a bit.
And Yes---maybe we need a "story" to live as if were true. MAKE UP YOUR OWN--right out of your own INTUITIONS. Start with the scientific story and built on it a plausible theory about why we are here and what is the best way to live. Then tweak your story as you go along discovering more insights. We atheist carry a story in our heads about life's possible meaning--but we are not so ATTACHED to it as conventional believers.
Incidentally, do you (as a likely believer) take any responsibility for the horrific events now being played out on the world stage. Every one who BELIEVES in messages from God is a part of this evil.

kingmanite ken said...

Randy, I knew you were a lost soul when I met you. Asking me for directions and not knowing where you were going. You must look up at the sky a lot during your travels. Don't you think it's just a little to perfect everything in balance rotating just right? Hope you enjoyed the rest of my fries. Kingmanite Ken

Randy said...

Ken: I did enjoy the fries--thank you---and you're welcome for rescuing your Wal-Mart purchase. I sensed that you were a vulnerable believer and chose not to challenge your belief system. But if your courage rises you might want to look at some hard facts:

Randy said...

And oh yes---anonymous: Here's where I got much of that info on Mormonism in crisis...from a Mormon publication: A church Elder Marlin Jensen

Anonymous said...

It was put to me when wondering about the behavior mainly, but also beliefs and their frames, that we are composed of different minds which are our evolutionary heritage.
I was reading about the Comanches' interaction with the minority Europeans in the 1800s, and the normality of bloodlust....they almost always never killed males outright.
They'd skin them first, or dismember, burn, blind and then kill. The Rangers rose up in defense in Texas with the same propensities; they learned their trade from the Indian frame...and then they'd all go back to friends and family for dinner.
The Mormons may be the same, using the superstitious part of one of our ancient minds...surely some of the early mammals had ideas of divinity not supported by the facts.

kingmanite ken said...

Greetings Randy, I read link and some more. Your not a lost soul I just wanted to get a reaction. This is the first time I ever posted to a blog (well this is the second). I have enjoyed your post and pictures. I am more than vulnerable and am ? Everything, was raised catholic. Have you ever watched The Star of Bethlehem? He also has a website Bethlehem ; if not you should.

Randy said...

Hi Ken: Will check out that link.
Here's one that might interest you---it's my deepest probing into the deepest questions: I think there are three parts to it.