Monday, July 28, 2014


DRIVING BY--I RECOGNIZED HIM IMMEDIATELY---He is none other than the world's most perfect man.

Will show you a better shot of him later.

Meantime, I'm also stunned to see a famous warrior riding in the grass.

And  cows idling the afternoon away atop a boat.

All this-- outside an ordinary looking house in the countryside near Cheney, Washington.

With some difficulty I turned around and made my way there---parked in a side yard.

A beautiful dragon greeted me.

And a lion--so I took a selfie--two Leo's smiling

Near a gargoyle

And my favorite---a gleaming bull

Does not intimidate Miss America

Visited  a room full  of icons and denizens

And another room full.
Thus far, I've not met a soul---only a sign saying feel free to walk around.
A large ape atop that shed.
You can imagine the questions I have by now.

Suddenly many of them are answered--this is a rural fine arts gallery.

With a quirky flair

Are you curious what one of these would cost?

Here's the price tag on the glossy bull

And if you didn't recognize the world famous man--it's Michelangelo's David.  You can have him for about $2,000.  And the world famous warrior is El Cid (I think)
Eventually I met the owner and learned that these statues are made of aluminum--in China.  Bronze has become very expensive.  for more info google Way out West Antiques--Spokane

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: Many of my richest experiences occur when I respond to my curiosity.


klbexplores said...

I knew right where you are..... Why is it when I am grounded for the school year, noone ever drive through here.... but since I am gone on an adventure folks stroll right on through!! Wish I could see my boondocking spot that just had a fire go last week....(Watermellon Hill Fire) Safe Travels!!

Leslie Lindeman said...

Where exactly is this? I MUST go see it! Thanks!

Randy said...

Hi Leslie: The place is called Way Out West Antiques. The address is 11610 W White rd---Spokane, Wa 99224. Here are some picts:,-117.577654,2a,90y,90t/data=!3m5!1e2!3m3!1s-nEFJctZxaWM%2FU0yCCLNUVYI%2FAAAAAAAANM8%2FlpnNhsbnZgA!2e4!3e12!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xdc6fbeac61908af!6m1!1e1?hl=en

Sara said...

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