Monday, July 21, 2014


A PLACE OF POSSIBILITY---far into the countryside around Victor, Montana--my companion leads us to a famous labyrinth.  If you don't know what a labyrinth is click here: or google labyrinth.

When we arrive we are greeted by this gate and instructions to push that buzzer.  A very nice man welcomed us, answered our questions and set us on a path. 

He disappeared into this lovely country home---said that the labyrinth was his wife's inspiration.

This one
turns into a WISDOM WALK with lots of sayings like this
and this

and this (especially like this)

and this

and this

Till we get to the gate

opening into this huge labyrinth.  I walk in an accepting spirit and assume a posture I've seen Laurie take on similar occasions

The center also has messages.  You'll have to go see them for yourself.

It began to rain----did not dampen this lady's will to walk the entire path.  Umbrella courtesy of the host.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  A more pleasant and inspirational experience than I expected.  I am learning to say yes to my friends suggestions. I don't know if walking a labyrinth has any magic or healing in it---maybe it does---if you let it.  I left refreshed and thoughtful. 

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kingmanite ken said...

Come on what was the message in the center. What was it? Come on man! Okay I'll put it on my bucket list.