Monday, September 15, 2014



They take democracy seriously.  Make voting easy and accessible.  Boxes like this all around town. 

Beautiful Bicycle trails go everywhere--reaching all the way to the next city.

Everybody seemingly has one--These are parked outside their terrific Library--which is worth a separate post on its own.

They have built 4 of these magnificent pedestrian and bicyclist bridges across the Willamette river running through the town.

Here's another---this one popular for late evening music and dancing

They do big-picture planning --bike trails and public parks on both sides of the river.

The Willamette river---much revered--protected--utilized and enjoyed.  The green valley it services was the shangri-la that drew the Oregon trail pioneers here. 

And along its course hundreds of ponds are preserved as wetlands for wildlife.

Vast tracks of open green space for the public (and wildlife) to enjoy.

Gardens galore along the public trails.

And gardens where you can grow your own vegetables.  

Recycling is almost a religion here.  They have engineered a system that works--by pricing returns at 5 cents each---enough to make it worth someones time.

And guess what---They have outlawed plastic grocery bags.  They will sell you one of these blue reusable ones.

By now you will not be surprised to learn that their city buses are green hybrids.

And here's a neat touch: A mini solar system done in proper proportion---to the scale of 1 to 1 billion.
As you walk along the path you get a sense of our place in the solar system. (earth is the size of a pea)

Ah but friends, I've barely scratched the surface of this city's enlightened practices: 
They have a great school---OREGON UNIVERSITY---(with the second ranked football team)

And let me emphasize: NO SALES TAX!!!

SATURDAY MARKET---Whole city blocks of downtown Eugene is made freely available every Saturday to all who would come and sell their stuff and express themselves---from vegetables to baked goods, clothing and even religious ideas---an exciting melange of personalities and products not to be missed.

Friendly youngsters will pump your gas for you all over the state.

City buses will carry your bike for you.

They have created SANCTUARIES for the homeless.  Sanctuaries that respect the dignity and real needs of people:  Food, clothing, shelter, medical attention, haircuts, showers, lockable storage units, day rooms for relaxation, personal counseling.

Finally, this wonderful city (and state) will humanely LET YOU DIE without needless suffering when your time comes. ( Assisted suicide for the terminally ill)  

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  Eugene Oregon hints at the benefits of a "WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER" philosophy.  This is, politically,  a very blue city--it votes democratic.  I challenge my Republican friends to name a "RED" city in this nation anywhere near as wonderful as Eugene.  The underlying philosophy of  "IT'S EVERY PERSON FOR THEMSELVES" can never result in anything but class warfare, luxury behind gated communities and abject poverty on the outside.  A bumper sticker says it succinctly:

I asked around for the secret of Eugene's success---one of the more interesting responses was that Eugene is where the Hippies went to live out their lives---and these fine things I've noted are simply the out picturing of their influence.


Sondra said...

Im ready to move to Eugene!!

bayrider said...

Just about every town in OR is pretty great! Cottage Grove just south of there is beautiful too with wonderful bike trails along old railroad berms and a multitude of swimming holes along the creeks.

Kelly Florence said...

Very interesting, Think I will check out their weather patterns.
It sure sounds like my kind of town.
Have you read the Canadian blog of sorts that Gillian wrote ? Dead at noon ?
I heard her husband interviewed on CBC radio after she ended her journey. Very enlightening.

Randy said...

Kelly: Thank you for the comment. I read two articles about her courageous death. Food for thought to us all. Here's how a friend of mine dealt with his situation---told a terrific joke they laid down and died.

Laughton Elliott-DeAgelis said...

Love this!

I live there now :)

I organize a raft based clean-up of the Willamette. And a bike based clean-up of the surrounding bike path.

In fact, I began a multi day stand-up paddle boarding trip by running those little rapids you photographed.

I am a big fan of your enthusiasm for Eugene, your buddy Colvin, and I reckon I'm a big fan of you.

Keep up the good work!

Take Care!!

VtChris said...

Similar to Vermont, but with better climate! That is if you like rain better than snow LOL. the place....great post.

Anonymous said...

Great post and following our FT RV bloggers, they all seem to have the same impressions of Oregon.
I had read somewhere that about 100 years ago the governor of the state back then signed into law an ordinance that forbids any type of construction on the coastline, ie beaches, so it can be enjoyed by the public. Do you know that to be true?


GGma said...

I love Eugene and almost moved there, but having lived in Seattle for 17 years I can't live where it rains so much. I certainly enjoy visiting my sister there at least once a year.

Anonymous said...

Oregon is very progressive, at least parts of it are, the metro areas are blue, but the rural areas are very red. I've been an Oregonian since 1994 and truly love the state. One, if not the first with a bottle bill, vote by mail (I have no idea why more of the nation doesn't do this?) I believe the first to only fine for small amounts of Marijuana possession, beaches belong to Oregonians and can't be private property, navigable rivers are public to the high water line, first with the Death with Dignity law. Beautiful coastline, huge forests, amazing high deserts, and the Alpine like mountains of N.E. Oregon. Did I mention no sales tax, and reasonable auto registration fees? Oh and Crater Lake :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Eugene! My beautiful home town ~ feel in love at 12 years of age with the entire town, the people, the diversity ~