Tuesday, September 30, 2014


WHETHER TO LIVE LIFE OR WRITE ABOUT LIFE---THAT IS THE QUESTION. Living is much easier----but writing about it keeps me conscious of its mystery and interested in its meaning---if there be any.  Also it connects me with you.  So here's a brief sample of my days.  I left you in Eugene, Oregon--got hot---went back to the coast.
Had a visitor.  Of course you recognize Glenn Morissette---one of the great bloggers in America--builder of the fabulous Vanagan home and saxaphonist extraordinaire--fresh from a tour of Australia with the Glen Miller band---Mr Simplify himself.  Read his blog here

He's a fun guy---and we play games.  This morning we take up position just outside the casino and engage folks on their way out --- guessing from their expression and demeanor whether they won or lost ---then asking to confirm.  They happily told us.

 I watch him prepare breakfast in his tiny but terrific kitchen. Note the latest high-tech stove and below it his high-tech refrigerator/freezer.  And how modest but functional is that table?  He built the entire interior himself.

One day, I have two additional guest---new friends --William and Mike an engineer and a builder/designer team.  
Two remarkable people who have mastered the art of good living.  Here's the interior of their travel home---that tv is 75 in. 

This was a day and night I spent in the town of Walport--- found a scenic spot near that famous bridge in the background. 
This was a day my friend Steve took me on a farm tour.  How odd to find a small orchestra entertaining the visitors.

Spent a day in Newport harbor---enjoying the boats, the sea smells and most amusing--- those seals.  They make a lot of racket as they squabble for position.
And Oh yes--back to the farm tour---this farm invited folks to grab an instrument and play.  Steve is an experienced drummer.  I managed to keep time with a tambourine.
Another day---this old friend dropped by---recognize him from lots of previous entries?  Its Bagpipe Bob---famous in mobile circles---for his music of course.  Properly motivated he will get into costume and make a hell of a show.  Here's what he looks like  : 
Wanna hear him ?
Someone actually bought me flowers---the first in my life.  I begin to understand why it thrills the ladies.  

Another day in a medium sized town, I saw this path and knew there was a story out there.

And there was!  A vagrant camp of several tents and 2 dogs.  I introduced myself and asked for an interview.  They were very gracious---learned how they make a living.

Meet John and his little dog.  Can you see the love?  Both ways? I remembered Thoreau's words in the conclusion of Walden; "You may perhaps have some pleasant, thrilling, glorious hours, even in a poorhouse."  (and love--even in a vagrant camp) 
One day in Cottage grove I fell in step with this friendly fellow and had a beer with him.  He is a retired physics teacher with lots of connections around town.  Introduced me to some.

It's famous for its covered wooden bridges--this one right in town-- adjacent the Applegate Trail.

He introduced me to these two ladies and one of them gave me a brief ukulele lesson. 

Stayed that night in Wal-Mart parking lot.  Across the way, this fellow was playing and singing for his supper.  

Next day I went around town appreciating the great murals.
I moved on to Sutherlin, Oregon---spending 2 days in this old K-mart parking lot. (watched college football) 

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  You are probably enlightened if you really know the difference between a thought and an experience.  To begin learning (I'm told) just take a breath and notice the slight cooling at the base of the nose.  That's an experience.
I really don't know if I am squandering my life doing what I do.  Oh well!!

PREVIEW OF COMING ATTRACTION:  Remember the time I framed a question so carefully that it could OUT evil? Just by asking it?   the face of evil  Well, I have found and photographed a situation that when you see it and learn the facts, you can know instantly where you belong on the political spectrum; from extreme left to extreme right. (right after I catch up with myself blogging)


Sights Unseen said...

I'm not exactly sure why...but this post touched me.

I'm at a sort of crossroads with my life at the moment.

Too much heavy stuff to dump into a comment.

But what I do want to say is that you have put together a wonderful series of pictures and stories that go along with them.

Thank you.

Randy said...

Thank you Sights Unseen: I hope that mobility facilitates meaning.
In truth, it may or may not. It almost always is a distraction---and that's good enough for some.
If you wonder whether this is your cup of tea---here's a fact that may be useful: Travel can be done cheaply. You can live comfortably on the road for $400 a month--once you get debt free and your rig equipped.

Sights Unseen said...

Thank you for the advice Randy :)

It still seems like a far off dream but I hope I can start taking the necessary steps and still be young enough to enjoy it once I'm there.

Traveling Firefighter said...

Hi Randy,

Squandering your life? I think not. I enjoy your blog and am always amazed at how you get folks to open up to you, including yours truly once at a summer RTR. That skill of yours, along with your lust for life and travel, make your blog one of a kind.

As inquisitive and thought seeking as you are, I've often wondered if you have ever taken an interest in going overseas for a month or two? I go to Thailand every year and cannot walk 100 feet in any direction without noticing so many interesting and thought provoking differences between Asia and the USA. And it can all be done on the cheap, aside from the airfare.

Keep up your good work.

Traveling Firefighter

VtChris said...

Ditto what Traveling Firefighter said. Well, up to the Thailand reference. I also sometimes wonder "I really don't know if I am squandering my life doing what I do. Oh well!!" Oh well. Keep doing what you are doing!

Anonymous said...

Randy, I don't feel that you are squandering your life. I enjoy reading about your travels, and especially your "interactions with people". Linda