Monday, November 24, 2014


This is the 4th of 19 things I've done with my "thrown away" life--that you may find hard to believe.

I took precautions (spermacidal foam) but still she got pregnant. I was in my early 30's---she was perhaps 20.  Neither of us wanted to be parents.  I think my stress may have been as great as hers--both our dreams for the future were evaporating.  The doctor said she was about 6 weeks on.  When I asked, he said "I don't do abortions---they are illegal".  He prescribed something to start her period.  Useless! I asked everyone I knew.  Eventually found a "nurse" who knew how to induce a miscarriage.

  It was done(for a hundred dollars) and three days later the lady began to bleed alarmingly.  I hurried her to the hospital and a d&c was performed.  They asked lots of awkward questions and we somehow bumbled our way through the paperwork.  It took weeks for her full recovery.

I detail this so you can appreciate the fury I feel at those who stand in the way of safe and legal abortions---and my resolve to help others with unwanted pregnancies.

I looked for and eventually found a doctor a hundred miles away who would risk his professional career to help desperate women. On one occasion I drove a lady there paid the $250 fee, waited the half hour till the procedure was done then kept her several days. She healed quickly without complications.  What a difference!

Later, some of us in the first commune began to facilitate  access to safe abortions.
We found a local doctor we trusted and who trusted us.  The ladies of our community would welcome patients secretly routed to us---comfort them--arrange a betadine bath before the procedure --transport them and attend them afterward.  We charged nothing---and the doctor charged very little.  (A female gynecologist who shared our belief in reproductive choice) I remember with pride our tiny underground railroad.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: Lives are wrecked by unwanted pregnancies.  The battle for reproductive freedom goes on.  There is no good reason for unwanted children.  I marched in the Washington DC million person demonstration for safe and legal abortions and joined defenders of  the clinic in Tampa, Fla against the anti-choice fanatics. On occasion I have tried to reason with these crazies. The  Santa Fe New Mexican published my article on the limits of expendability---my best arguments for choice.  I marched with a pro choice demonstration in Tallahassee, carrying a sign I made saying:
                                       ACORNS ARE NOT AN OAKS
                                        ZYGOTES ARE NOT FOLKS

A picture of the published article which was well received in the Liberal Santa Fe environment. You probably cannot read it here but its arguments are contained in the links given above.


Jim said...

There's also a very compelling argument (see Freakonomics) that legalized abortion in the early 70's (far more than any other identifiable "cause") resulted in the massive decrease in U.S. crime rates which began in the early 90's.
When it's a doable option, I tend to favor carrying the baby full term and offering it up for adoption, but at the end of the day IMHO it's a woman's issue. Present company excepted, I get gut sick when old, no longer viable, white guys insist on being the self-annointed experts when it comes to what constitutes rape, a proper pregnancy, etc. The admonition, "Better to be silent and thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt!" comes to mind.
Before abortion was legalized, there was a technique taught in small groups of women which they could do for themselves *and* by themselves (no witnesses) which involved a rather simple technique of inserting a proper tube in the proper place and gravity draining the amniotic fluid while in a squatting position with feet on the floor -- rinse and repeat as might be needed until a 'natural' miscarriage is triggered. Rich women commonly pay for a similar procedure so they can go on vacation and not have to deal with their period. I'm not a woman but if I were pregnant and didn't want to be? One way or another, I no longer would be. Women are gonna' do what they have to do. When abortions are restricted, birth rates don't go up significantly but premature death and suicide increase.
"If you don't trust me with a choice? How can you trust me with a child?"

Randy said...

Jim: Well said--as always. Yes I read that freakonomics---wish I'd thought to reference it.

Anonymous said...

In fact white people are so good at birth control and abortions that in a hundred years there may not be any white people left.

Anonymous said...

Earlier today I read this post about abortion and the 8 or so interesting exchanges, mostly with the same person, and then opened the post later to find all those exchanges gone. What happened?

Nancy1340 said...

Well anyway your post was a very good one. Well thought out and making good points. Thanks for all the people you did help.

I'm taking your not replying as a "No".
Sorry if I offended you.

Randy said...

Nancy: I just checked that post again and all the comments are still there. Just scroll down to the comments section:
Are these the ones you mean?

Nancy1340 said...

Thanks Randy. I found your reply this time.