Friday, November 14, 2014


Slept a peaceful night here---wide open free to all desert-- outside Ridgecrest, Ca.

In town I was approached by this beautiful woman--who invited me to hurry over and see something wonderful.

Showed me the inside mechanism of a tiny observatory.

and the wonderful event that was happening right then---a partial solar eclipse.

Lent me a pair of special glasses so I could see it direct. People love to share special sights--I make it a practice to quickly say yes to most invitations.

I left and went about 20 miles out and took this zoom shot of a household that really lives remotely. Wherever there is a crack in a mountain wall---water is usually present---often enough to support a ranch.

About 9 miles out a dirt road I was surrounded by an odd band of motorcyclist.

Friendly bikers on an adventure--cooling off in this mine shaft. What makes this group unusual is that one guy owns all the motorcycles.  He shares with friends--who chip in for expenses.

Later that same day, this friendly tattooed lady drove up in her truck--chatted awhile and let me photograph her.
One day I ran into a fierce windstorm that threatened to topple my rig.  I quickly found an abandoned building and hunkered beside it.  You get some hint of the wind's ferocity to the left and right of the picture.
I lost the back window from my truck shell and stopped for two days in this small town to fix it.
When I saw that cow I decided the town (Inyokern) was quirky enough for my taste.
Had an hour long conversation with the "hippest" mayor I've ever engaged.  Told me what it's like to run a town. Mostly, it's about collecting and spending fees wisely enough to keep the town financially afloat.  He educated me on the challenges of a town surviving on "fossil" water. (Water accumulated over thousands of years in underground aquifers)  It must be used sparingly or the town will die.  Citizens can be "educated" in conservation by setting the rates high enough to make them consciously frugal.

This quiet structure intrigued me.  I noticed that no one went near it.  So I did! Note that tiny sign on the front---will show you what it says----explains a lot.
Turns out it's headquarters for a motorcycle club. On certain occasions they ride in and party here.
---- explains the wariness of the town.  One guy told me: "they don't bother us and we don't bother them."

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  At the moment I can't think of anything I'd rather do than drift around experiencing.  Will continue this vein till I've caught up with myself--then I will shock you (and embarrass myself) with 19 things I've done that you may find hard to believe.


Sondra said...

..well my face turned red just considering what 19 things~

heyduke50 said...

this post is exactly why I read your blog...

Anonymous said...

Looks like a tarantula was also cooling off with the bikes in the cave.

VtChris said...

Only 19???

Randy said...

Vtchris: Top 19 I guess.
Anonymous: Well, I'll be damned! I never noticed it---But it sure is a tarantula and the bikers never mentioned it. The flash of my camera exposed it. Thanks for putting some interest in the picture.

Nancy1340 said...

There is a vast difference in an motorcycle club and an motorcycle gang.