Wednesday, May 27, 2015



View from this great boondocking campground---Thousand trails rd---Cottonwood, Az.
(middle right in this pict you can just see the famous ghost town of Jerome, Az.

Often this balloon will wake us up with its pleasant hiss.

Sometimes cows stroll by.
 friends gather and chat.
Weather pleases---sunsets dazzle

Interesting rigs come and go. This one opens up like a book atop a scaffold.
Meet Mike---a world traveler---who has cheaply engineered a cozy lifestyle in and on a mini van.
That motorcycle is carried on a rack behind.  He has range and economy---and he's a nice hiking companion and conversationalist.

Our road in and out---Senator John Mccain's house is just over that hill in the distance. (Page Springs)

Sometimes I park all day near the Rec center and library.  This strange giraffe painted rig wanders the West advocating happiness---not as whacky as you might suspect--have a look: here

One day I met a fascinating Lady in the swimming pool---invited her to tea--Meet Katherine---more about her in a separate entry.

When my 2 weeks were up, I moved a few miles to this trail head on hwy 89B.--in a separate National Forest.  On average 7 other rigs stayed the night here.

Then I moved to a friends back yard to stash my trailer for a night while I made a run to Yuma, Az for a dental appointment.

En route, I stopped to marvel  at this incredible solar power plant --the largest of its kind in the world--4.2 sq MILES of solar collectors--now in operation --providing enough power for 70,000 homes---and it stores enough power to keep producing electricity 6 hours after the sun goes down.
It is located on Interstate 8--15 miles west of Gila Bend,Az.

Once in Yuma--I slept atop my truck like this---saved $50---slept well enough.

Next morning--in Algodones Mexico I am prepped for surgery in the offices of Rubio Associates. (phone  928-723-0015  website )   After 3 months of bone graft healing, I am ready to receive my 4th titanium implant. I'm not the least bit concerned about this procedure because I have the best implant specialist in the world doing the work.
(Dr Rubio  has installed more than 10,000 implants and regularly teaches American dentist)

Everything is ready

Here is the master about to begin.  His assistants are all experts in their specialty and have prepared me for the moment he comes in for the precise drilling and implant placement.
 I think this team approach to dentistry makes for greater efficiency and safety.
Rubio's dental team almost certainly has a wider range of technology than your local dentist.
AND THEY WILL CERTAINLY CHARGE LESS.  (perhaps half as much)

Here is Dr Rubio on a previous occasion showing off the latest technology for carving crowns.

It's all over--and totally painless. Another assistant completes the computer records  and shows me an  x-ray of today's work.  In an instant they can pull up my dental history and situation.  My goal is to get all my teeth back permanently fixed and beautiful in my mouth.  This is the only team I know that can accomplish this tall order--at a price I can afford.
I will come back in a few months to get a permanent tooth attached to this latest implant. (it takes about 3 months for the bone to "osseointegrate" around the titanium)

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: I've not posted in a while---been busy living life---a different thing than writing about life.  I hope that my experiences prove useful to you in some way----as I'm sure that yours would enrich me.


Anita said...

Randy, I rarely comment, but I do enjoy keeping up with your travels and experiences. Best, AnitaATM

Karen L said...
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Karen L said...

I so enjoy following you, Randy! Wish I were there in Cottonwood; really like seeing all the different rigs. (Even wish I were at the dentist in Mexico, actually...implants prohibitively expensive here and probably not as well done.)

Like Anita, I don't post but I'm inspired by your blog. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I was just about to write to make sure you're alright.

...sleeping on top of your truck ....curious how this picture was taken. (You don't have to answer.)


Randy said...

Thanks all: Having an audience puts even more meaning in my life. It is a mind-sharpening challenge to sift my experiences---selecting those that might interest others---and then finding a title that ties them together. My friend Boonie has said: "the hardest part of blogging is the title." Getting that right makes the rest of the job fairly easy---because it is a reference point that (hopefully) keeps me on the trail---like some distant mountain peak helps hikers.
If my blog does anything for you---rest assured your reading does an equal good for me. (blogger dashboard reports how many pages are read each day---average 500---and even where my readers are: Mostly US and Canada----but surprisingly also in Europe, Russia, China and Australia.
And needless to say--those who bother to comment give my spirits the biggest lift. Special thanks to you.

Jim said...

I've been living vicariously through your adventures for years now. Happy to report that we're completely moved into our fifth wheel and we are official *fulltimers* now. We decided to do this six months before we retire -- work out some of the kinks while we still have jobs :o)
The downsizing continues -- if it won't fit in the 5ER and it won't fit in the 12x16 shed I'm building, it's gotta' go! Tonight is our 4th night in the trailer with our two large cats but we're starting to find our stuff and hope to settle into *new* routines soon enough. The cats have a 4' cubic *catio* and can retreat into one of the storage areas as needed when we're not home. I can pull the dinette cushion on one side and let 'em inside to hang out. We keep the sliding door closed when the cats are in the house to keep 'em out of our bathroom/bedroom (off limits!).
Our first years "plan" is to spend the winter months in the LTVAs of southern AZ & CA; spend the summer months back home here in Idaho -- with extended trips into OR, WA, and MT to see friends and family. One couple of long-time friends live in Port Orchard, WA and have a nice-size cabin cruiser they store on the water . . . I'm really looking forward to some of those l-o-n-g summer days -- bobbing around like a cork.
Only 20 weeks and 6 days to FREEDOM!

bayrider said...

Thanks, your post hit the nail on the head for me, I was just thinking to review your previous posts on Dr Rubio.

I just had the sinus lift and bone grafts done here in northern CA. I need 4 implants to get my left side chewing action back, the price here is about 15k for that portion of the treatment, 7500 for the implants and approx 7500 for the crowns. I see the Sani clinic in Los Algodones charges 750 per implant and 450 per crown which would total 4800 for me. I sent a message to the Rubio clinic requesting an estimate since they don't have prices online.

That's just the practical side of what you offer here. The inspiration is priceless. One day soon I will get my act together and join you on the road. I spent the last decade acquiring all the crap I thought we would need before we got old, country house, vehicles, furnishings, stocks. Now it's all just ballast tying me down and I am bored to death in retirement maintaining all this crap. Watching TV on a 65" screen seemed great for a few years but it's still just watching TV.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen anything like the Southwest. The beauty is deep and all around. Spectacular points. It's a grand place to grow old, nobody gives a hoot.
Sort like you on top of the truck.

Randy said...

Bayrider: I've contacted Rubio's office (Edgar) who asked that you call and he will give you up-to-date prices for whatever you need. Tell them you learned about it from Randy and they will give you a 10% discount. the number is 928-723-0015

Nancy1340 said...

Good thing you don't toss around to much in your sleep. LOL
Always glad to see a new post from you but very glad you are living our life and not just writing about it.

Anonymous said...

Was great to meet, chat and share. Great blog, keep up the good work. May we meet on the road again...
Mike, white mini moto van

Onevikinggirl said...

Randy, iasll above goes for me too. I do not always understand everything but when I do, it gets me from there to here, from then to now.

Anonymous said...

Your Totally Awesome!!! We just saw you on "Without Bound: Perspectives on Mobile Living" a documentary film on YouTube. ....your wisdom, insight, humor, and enthusiasm is unparalleled. You truly inspired us...and gave us hope for the future....thank you for that!

ILDan said...

Thanks for your time in your postings. You have inspired many thoughts. Saw "Without Bound...." Enjoyed seeing and hearing every one of you.

Any chance to see more of the rig pictured behind all the pretty ladies, captioned "Friends gather...?"

Again, thanks for the time, thoughts, and pics.

Randy said...

ILDan: It's a standard Roadtrek

Stuart said...

Hello Randy,

You can now add Japan to the countries from which people read/follow your blog. I was born and raised in America, but have been "vagabonding" since about 38 years old. I lived in Germany for 6 years and now in Japan for 12. At 56, I'm experiencing some health issues. I don't know how things will turn out. I wish you a long, healthy life.