Saturday, May 02, 2015


(she is still alive in my head and heart)
She gave me this poem!


Pause dear friend a moment with me;
scan this restful scene:
these are husks of souls departed,
and mine---I'm Bobbie Jean.

I was born and lived and died-
never certain the reason or rhyme,
but believing we all are sent from eternity
to adventure here in time.

My children say of me that love
was my life's guiding goal;
that I gave the gift of cheerfulness
while polishing my soul.

My life was good-- coming and going;
I willingly said goodbye;
thought it lucky to be born--
and just as lucky to die.

That's why I smiled as I lay dying;
ending a full life's story;
told my children: “don't look so sad---
I'm on my way to glory.”

RANDY COMMENTS:  Believe me sweet people--it is true.  I was at her side as she lay dying and she said those very words.
I will arrange to have this picture and those words put on her tombstone for all who pass to read.
When it is done I will post a picture.
And there it is dear readers--picture and poem on her tombstone.
Here she rests with my stepfather Eugene Beatty in a quiet country graveyard in the tiny hamlet of Heflin, Louisiana.


Wayne (Wirs) said...

Beautiful poem Randy. One of your best yet.

Fit Forlife said...

Beautiful. She just made my day!

Barbara said...

Lovely, Randy. I know how close you were. She would be proud of you.

Anonymous said...

WOW lovely. Stay safe out there my friend

Anonymous said...

Very nice.


Al Christensen said...

You look like her.

Randy said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments----and yes, I do look like her. Often, I have showed up some function in her town and had people say: You must be Bobbie Jean's son---you look just like her.

JL said...

Hi Randy!

First of all, beautiful poem. It really gets to you.

I come from Finland, I'm in my late 20's with a fresh Master's Degree in Economics. I recently watched the documentary "Without Bound" and decided to look up your blog to see how you are doing nowadays. Still going strong I can tell! I loved the people featured in that piece and especially the warm and happy impression you gave.

The last couple of years I've seriously started questioning this increasingly materialistic society myself. I refuse to chase money the rest of my life just to support some over the top lifestyle that will only bring on additional worries. Your view on life in general was very encouraging and I will carry that with me for a long time. Basically, I wanted to say thank you for sharing and I wish you and your friends all the best! Keep on rolling and enjoy life!

Best wishes,

bayrider said...

A lovely tribute, I'm touched and it takes me back.

I lost my mother a year ago. She was also a wonderfully cheerful person even though she suffered with a lot of pain through much of her life and in particular the last 5 years when she needed oxygen and very unpleasant inhalant drugs. She was ready to go. When she did she was surrounded by her family in hospice and while in a less than conscious delirium of several days she squeezed our hands, smiled and even whistled and sang a happy little tune. It was actually pretty amazing, about as well as such a thing could go.

Thanks for sharing that.

crazymom said...

Hey, I saw a video with you in it on you tube, with many of your friends. I am one year away from leaving my job and hitting the road at age 48. I want to go tomorrow! I love your personality, and the personality of your friends! I hope I get to met you all one day! I have been planning my "van dream" for six years now. Almost there! Divorced, kids are grown, and my 45 hour a week job is my master, and I am tired of being an indentured servant. I am coming! Hope if I meet you or your friends on the road, you will teach me! Erin Lisa


Beautiful, Randy...

CJP said...

I enjoyed reading the poem. I introduced you to one of my sisters via Bob Wells' video. You made quite an impression on both of us.


Anonymous said...

Bless you and your memory and tribute to your mother Randy. So loving of you to share such, and the pictures too.
Like others have commented, it so kindles and refreshes the memory of mine too. I was so fortunate to be able to be there for her (rest of family were gone) in her last years. She was so independent that she did not want me there in the beginning but later melted my heart saying she did not know what she would have done without me so she could stay at her home and avoid an assisted living place. Is fine for some but would have been a death sentence for her person. Once I was so stressing about misc. and a friend said something that totally shifted my perspective: "There's a time when you pray for their recovery... then comes a time when you pray for their release."
Oddly coincident I was wading/swimming in shallow ocean waters on Mother's Day and surprised for the first time to feel awareness of a undercurrent that could have taken me away. Obviously not quite time...-) So hope to meet you someday.
Be well dear soul. Cheers.

BerylAnn UK said...

Beautiful, touching poetry. Heart-warming. I stumbled across the video on You Tube about you, your wonderful friends and your life styles which are the blueprint for real life. Thank you to you all for sharing some of life's best secrets to being happy. Thank you for sharing.