Thursday, July 16, 2015


YOU WANNA DRIFT AROUND THE COUNTRY---TURTLE-LIKE---YOUR HOME ON YOUR BACK?  I do!---(For reasons I'll explain later.)  Meanwhile---here's a faint notion of what it's like.

The plaza in Santa Fe---heart of the city---showplace for the weird and wonderful.  This guy told me he dresses this way every day.

Magician dazzles the kids

Indians sell their jewelry
Hobo's relax

People with peculiar pets

A new statue---honoring the first American Indian saint. read about her here

Can't resist showing a pict of my friend Glenn at the plaza--earning money as a busker.  He's really good--Just returned from Australia with the Glen Miller Band--Yeah they're still around with updated players--playing the old favorite tunes.  He writes a blog about his adventures. 
Check it out here

Suddenly, I got a yen to go where the swell folks hang out.  I mean the movie stars and such.  They come here.--I will try to find one for you.
It's a treat to merely walk in this store--Perhaps the finest of its kind.

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

I searched the aisles for a movie star.

Maybe in the fine wine department

Or 'mongst the classy Deli.
AND THEN I FOUND HER---wearing a funny t shirt---don't know who she is--but she was obviously a star--(her "manager" wouldn't allow this shot till he fussed with her hair a bit)
Anybody recognize her?--didn't want to insult her by asking who she was.

Then we ran into an old friend--James--a real brainiac who moves the world forward with his inventions.  He builds futuristic things---made a functional house out of papercrete--built 2 electric cars--and now he's built an electric motorcycle
with these performance statistics.
He whizzes it about----very whizzy.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:   SO GO THE DAYS OF A DRIFTER--LIKE ME.  If your days were free---you would develop a style of your own---built around your unique set of fascinations.  I and all my kind are  FUTURE PEOPLE--trailblazing the lifestyle of tomorrow.  Someday--when we have outgrown the worst features of the money system---almost everyone will be free.  Careers will be short----machines will work---people will think.  Meaning will be generated in a thousand new ways. Wanna do this?  Ingenuity and frugality are the tickets to this lifestyle.


Pam said...

Your movie star looks familiar but I can't place her (and that's driving me crazy.) At first, I thought it might be Valerie Plame but that's because I always look for her or Joe when I'm in Santa Fe. She looks a bit like Valerie but the teeth don't match. I'll keep checking back to see if anyone knows.

Shawna said...

Two of my finer attributes, ingenuity and frugality. :)
Interesting post.

Kevin said...

Love the motorcycle. Will need to consult some day.

Lyn said...

Well, we keep just missing each other! I was at the Santa Fe Whole Foods yesterday. One of these days we'll actually connect and get up to date!

Lyn & Lark

Anonymous said...

The celeb - is it Charlotte Ross, from Days of our Lives and NYPD Blue?

Randy said...

I don't know how to find out. I do know that there is an entire development just outside town for movie stars and they are often seen in this store. I visited the home of Tab Hunter some years ago who has a house near Gene Hackman,s. Shirley McClain also lives here with a host of others---who--for some reason--find Santa Fe charming.

Anonymous said...

I've seen Sam Shepard, Wes Studi, and Murray Gell-man around fairly often. Al Pacino was at the CCA talking about his movie Wilde Salome last week. He thinks there are too many Herrods (lusting after step daughters) and too many Salomes wanting the head of John The Baptist, now! Instant gratifications in 7 veils.

Randy said...

"Instant gratification in seven veils"!!---very poetic.
And for those who don't know who Murray Gell-man is----He is a rock star in the world of physics--having formulated the theory of quarks as the fundamental building blocks of the universe.

SD Gunner said...

We have a Whole Foods in San Diego too.