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It was the 15th century in the end-of-the-world town of Timbuktu on the southern edge of the Sahara desert.  Salt here is so rare and precious that it trades ounce for ounce with gold because it must be transported by camel caravan from eastern Africa.

One day a man of the Republican mentality accidently discovered a vast underground mountain of salt just a mile outside town.  He immediately recognized the immense value of his find; conceals the entrance and ponders how best to profit from his discovery.

He becomes a salt dealer--pretending that he buys from the caravans and resells to the public, supplmenting caravan salt with that from his mine.  His prices are lower than the going rate, so he quickly gains a financial foothold.  He then secures possession of the salt area, establishing a home and pretend-farm. He continues to sell salt at a reduced price and also continues to buy from the caravaners but at a greatly reduced price because he has quietly and carefully satisfied the local demand.  He buys just enough to maintain the public belief  that his salt is being imported from across the desert.

Meanwhile his fellow citizens continue in the same drudgeous lifestyle to afford the salt that they so desperately need.

He quickly becomes wealthy and hires private security to protect his wealth. He hires people to build a new house and also buys a few new wives who live in town.  He funds a few community projects, donates generously to the local mosque and becomes well thought of.  He buys influence in the local power structure.

He buys a few slaves to work his mine, treats them generously but does not allow them off his "reservation" to jeopardize his secret source of salt.  He expands his salt empire by selling to nearby cities.

By carefully regulating the salt supply, he stays rich and powerful--and even popular.  For a lifetime, he manages to stay rich and powerful--protecting his secret mine and even manages to pass the enterprise on to his son who continues the dynasty for many generations.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: I believe in my heart that Republicans think this way and are thusly motivated. This man has it within his power to lift his whole society a step or two upward--but prefers to gather personal wealth and status.  No Republican on earth can correctly answer this question:  Who is the rightful owner of that mountain of salt?


Imagine a high-minded guy finds a salt mine just outside Timbuktu.  He too knows that gold is trading ounce for ounce for salt.  He knows that salt in small amounts is necessary for life and that in larger amounts can preserve meat and fish.  He knows that if there were suddenly available all the salt anyone would need--much human work and drudgery would be saved. His entire nation would be lifted one notch upward to a new plateau.

He also knows that if this mine were to fall into Republican minded hands--that it would be exploited for greed and personal power and luxuries.

So he ponders how to avoid greedy exploitation and deliver this boon to all.  He wants a better world more than he wants personal riches or power.

He gains occupancy of the mine and once that is secure, goes into town, announces that he has discovered salt and that everyone may come and take all they want.  The lifestyle of Timbuktu folks
was permanently lifted.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  If this seems like a fairy tale to you--consider that  similar situations are currently happening all over the world.  Consider Benjamin Franklin's inventions--the lightening rod, bifocal glasses, the Franklin stove--discoveries and inventions given freely to the world and each lifted humanity to a higher plateau.  Imagine a Republican discovering the lightening rod.  He would patent it and make a fortune.

Consider that the city of Venice, Italy did in fact discover a vast source of salt and exploited it exactly like the Republican above--and became a powerful,highly stratified, luxury loving  trading empire. Later the "Republicans" of Venice discovered the secret of glassmaking. They hid and exploited it also.

Consider the DeBeers diamond company using every skuldugerous trick imaginable to curtail the supply of diamonds---when in fact the world has diamonds a plenty.  There is no real need for foolish men to spend a months salary to buy a "respectable" engagement ring.

Rest assured it was a Republican mentality that caused that jerk recently to raise the price of a life saving drug from $14 to more than $700. They believe that a fair price is what the customer is willing to pay. (a quote from the hall of free enterprise)

Imagine a Republican discovering how to start  fire--he would exploit it for all it's worth--insist on being chief and Shaman;  Make the local tribes bring goodies for  new fire after a rain.

Likewise imagine a Republican discovering the secret of making Pottery, or Bronze, or Iron. Think he would share it willingly to make a better world.

Obama said it well:  There are two competing philosophies at work in the world: WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER and ITS EVERYONE FOR HIMSELF. Which is Republicanism?

The obvious truth to me is that as we progress technologically we can afford to freely share  the basics of life (NOT THE LUXURIES YOU UNDERSTAND--THEY REQUIRE WORK) salt, water, food, clothing, shelter, basic medical care.  Were it not for the Republican mentality we would already be beyond abject poverty. More than 50% of us would be free to do what I do--travel, enjoy life, write.


Anonymous said...

I Hope is exactly how U say it, but sometimes democrats give too much & for free. If U find a hungry person, don't give him a fish, teach him how fish + expect him to learn & apply- what U taught him- in the future.

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous: Should you do this by charging him $80K in student loan debt? (I guess if he's willing to pay it, right?)

Randy: couldn't have said it better myself. Hopefully enough people figure it out before our democracy is completely sold off (if not too late already).

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous #2, what I meant was, millions of people are given help for free & forever, more & more people feel ' entitled ' to receive help, but are ' reluctant & / or unwilling ' to do their share, they expect the hard-working citizens support them. That's what I mean...Nothing was mentioned on my part as " student loans', Capish ??

Stormy873 said...

This post is the reason I look forward to your blog! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'll remain anonymous, but you won't have a problem figuring it out. What a load of B.S. Coming from where you did you got a 1st hand look at the difference between a helping had and a handout. As the gentleman was pointing out earlier everyone should work to survive, but when you start blindly handing everything out to everyone they feel entitled which is what the Democrats do and created the mess we are in now. Katrina was the perfect example. Most of those affected felt the government would be there to protect as they had always did and did not attempt to leave. Well the government couldn't dean liver and yes choas. Unable to fend for themselves because they never had to before. Just remember all the free public lands, medical services to those who cannot afford it, and entitlements are paid from those of us who do work and pay more than our share so there is something for those who are in need. But when the output exceeds the input the well runs dry and that's about where we are now. So now defend the Democrats on that one!!!!

Dan Arnold said...

It isn't as black and white as the anonymous poster seems to think. The wise Democrat/independent, could and should try a variant of: He brings a portion of the salt to town, bags it into monthly packages and sells it for the cost of mining and delivery, plus a small, reasonable profit. He can form a town co-op and let others help for an interest in the mine, or profits. Everybody wins.
This is not just a theoretical exercise, it is what should happen in a mixed economy. That's what social democracy does. It sets reasonable limits by rewarding work, innovation, discovery, but also by recognizing that nothing works well unless everyone's interests are considered to some degree.
... and NOW for the important stuff about Timbuktu:

The National Poetry Contest had come down to two semifinalists: a Yale graduate and a redneck from Wyoming. They were given a word, then allowed two minutes to study the word and come up with a poem that contained the word. The word they were given was "Timbuktu".

First to recite his poem was the Yale graduate. He stepped to the microphone and said:

'Slowly across the desert sand
Trekked a lonely caravan.
Men on camels, two by two

The crowd went crazy! No way could the redneck top that, they thought. The redneck calmly made his way to the microphone and recited:

'Me and Tim a-huntin went,
Met three whores in a pop up tent.
They was three, and we was two,
So I bucked one, and Timbuktu.'

Anonymous said...

Infantile. Cuba and the U.S.; which way do the escape boats go?

Ron Sinor said...

The well will, maybe has run dry not because of poor people that have received some help from the government but instead because this congress can't curb (even insists on increasing) the corporate welfare. Corporations paying little or nothing in taxes and in some cases even getting millions back when they paid NOTHING in.
I am amazed at working Americans (you for example) complaining loudly about helping a poor neighbor, friend or even relative but they are not at all troubled with our massive handouts to corporations. These corporations have paid well (they have bought and paid for many, make that most (yes even Democrats) for our national congressmen & women, now they're OWNED by these corporations, and we have little or NO representation in congress.

Lise said...

Love this... so well said. Thank you for sharing. :)

Bon vivant said...

I agree generally but the biggest angst I have with the writing is that by using Republican as the bad guys and Democrats as the good guys I believe you are ignoring what goes on in D.C. We have a MESS for many reasons. One is that every four to eight years half of what is accomplished gets shit canned. That's no way to make progress. Another is that we the people are not represented and that fact is blind to which party is in office. Another is that our voices are not heard the way they could be in the age of tech we live in. We COULD vote for practically everything with the devices at our disposal. We DON'T need that many reps in Washington. Bottom line is they're all guilty of treason and we need to rethink a LOT of things including how corporations are viewed and elections are held.

Stuart said...

This article is of course a little too simplistic. I am a Democrat, voted twice for Obama. But the above description of how the Republican would act seemed actually a little too nice. I don't see the problem with his behavior. Everyone got their salt a little cheaper, he spent his wealth wisely, his wives lived well, he gave to charity, even his slaves were treated nicely. Where's the problem? The point of course is everyone else around him should also concentrate on their abilities and lead productive lives too. If someone was a hopeless basket case, perhaps charity would help him. Now as to the behavior of the Democrat, I'm not so sure. If he just announced everyone could come and take as much salt as they wanted, the salt mine would soon be emptied and everything would be back to square one. You can't kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Adam Smith already a long time ago recognized that self-interest was a powerful tool for the betterment of everyone, not just one person. I think Obama and reasonable Democrats are for a strong economy that can power prosperity for all. Their vision of social democracy envisions spreading the wealth around a bit through reasonable taxation. Ted Cruz-style Republicans are Ayn Rand worshippers of wealth and power and don't care how many people are ground under their feet. Ted Cruz actively sought to cause the USA to default on its national debt just to stop a few Americans getting access to health insurance. These Tea Party Republicans are the worst social Darwinists.

bayrider said...

That is some fable. You actually believe that the path to a moral and equitable society is through party politics? That these angelic 'democrats' are somehow not subject to human nature? I can tell you that they are just as interested in their own welfare as anyone else. Communist systems were certainly idealistic in theory, yet hellish in practice for the millions that were necessarily subjugated under them. You are strangely impressed with the Slabs, where you see a Utopian democratic society I see a pathetic homeless camp. That sad little camp cannot exist outside of a larger functioning society that produces the food, fuel, clothing, medical care etc that sustains their lives.

Nobody just 'finds' a salt mine or anything else of value to humanity. It requires an investment of exploration, analysis, manpower, financial resources etc. How many items that are of value in your life were laying around free for the taking? Someone has taken great risk and expended great effort to produce the food, clothing, computers and vehicles that allow you to live 'free'.

Read some monetary theory sometime. Prices are information regarding the relative value of things that are necessary and useful to life, without that information the system cannot respond effectively to changes in demand and therefore will fail resulting in shortages and gluts which as we have seen in many 'idealistic' societies equates to mass starvation and deprivation. The information that is a price is determined by the millions of individual transactions between willing producers and consumers. If you try to dictate a price it by definition loses any semblance of truthful information and can only introduce dangerous errors into the system of production. Central banks have done exactly that in recent years by dictating the price of money itself. We'll see how that works out.

Cali Picker said...

This is your blog and I love the fact we all have freedom of speech and thought ( although the liberal democrats want to take that) I however thought this was a travel blog and will no longer be subscribed. Keep on truckin and be safe.

Dan Arnold said...

"That is some fable. You actually believe that the path to a moral and equitable society is through party politics? That these angelic 'democrats' are somehow not subject to human nature?"
Of course not. That is why the majority must, by democratic process, IMPOSE morality, equality, and fairness on the bullies who want a free ride on the backs of the people. The robber barons of today have been fairly successful at using their HUGE advantage in money and power to subvert the democratic process for their own selfish interests by massive false advertizing and bribing the people's representatives via lobbyists.. They have been aided in this effort by the fact that a large segment of the American people is ignorant, not very intelligent, and therefor swayed more by propaganda and appeals to religion and other national mythology than logic and competent factual analysis.

Randy said...

Thanks all for for your insights--many are better, more precisely to the point than mine. I particularly like the way Dan's Democrat handled the salt discovery.
I disagree that everyone has to work. I believe we can achieve the wealth status that will allow those who wish to pursue art or philosophy or invention can be given a guaranteed annual income that will allow them to do so without the distractions of drudgery. This would be a modest amount---say $600 in today's buying power. We can afford this and it may pay surprising dividends.
Buckminster Fuller once said that if we subsidized a million people to simply pursue their dreams---and that if one of those million produced a new and useful thing for humanity--it would be a worthwhile investment.
I remind the "everybody should work for their bread" advocates--that the British leisured class produced so many of the advances that set humanity on its progressive course: Evolution theory, Geology, Economics, drama, art, chemistry etc.
And yes I know that there is a loony left that wants the pie divided evenly without regard to effort or creativity. I reject that. I want hard workers and ingenous people to be rewarded.
I want a social democracy that protects us from the rapacious right who--if they had their way--would effectively enslave the rest of us to work for them.
The cure for our current situation is obvious to most sensible people.
1. We must restore representative democracy by stopping Gerremandering.
2. elections must be publicly financed.
3. Single payer health care system.
4. Free education
5. A guaranteed annual income to end abject poverty.

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Franklin was a Republican. He simply did not believe in profiting from scientific discovery. He did however become rich in business ventures.

A few of my favorite quotes:

“When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

“I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I traveled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.”

Philosophies that seem all but lost today, to our own detriment.

And keep in mind, that many of the current US social service systems were put in place under Republican votes. It's best not to paint people with such a broad brush.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see your opinions after YOU worked several month for wages. 'I did it in the past' doesn't count.

G said...

That is one of the most simplistic, laughable and full of holes fairy tale about Dems and Repubs that I have ever heard.
Here is the real deal, life is hard. Adapt or die no matter where you live and under what type of rule.
It reminds me of an old African saying that reflects that life isn't fair. It goes like this:
Every day a gazelle wakes up knowing that it has to run faster than the fastest lion or it will die.
Every day a lion wakes up knowing that it has to run faster than the slowest gazelle or it will die.
Morale of the story, in life run like hell, expect no one to give you anything or you will die. That's reality whether people wish to accept it or not.
When you do accept it, the better equipped you will be to succeed. If you do not accept it or ignore it, expect people to give it to you, you will fail and die and complain about it the entire time.

Anonymous said...


But the kicker is that due to the outrageously unnecessary and inefficient and corrupt practices and expenses of the government bureaucracy, the cost for producing the salt will be exorbitant, and taxes will have to be raised on the people--perhaps an average of several hundred dollars each, in order to give them each a "free" five dollars worth of salt. How inspiring. How progressive. How much "hope." How much "change."

Come now, let us not pretend that corruption and selfishness (not to mention stupidity and ineffectiveness) are anything close to a feature of the Right to the exclusion of the Left. After all, to name but a couple of prominent examples with currency in today's news cycle, a former Democratic US president and his wife, the current front-runner for the Democratic nomination for US president, were, in recent years, paid some 125 million, yes 125 million, dollars to give speeches to various power-brokers such as the financial sector of banks and Wall St. brokerages like Goldman Sachs. And that past president's vice president, one Mr. Gore, another "idealistic" candidate for president who came very close to becoming president, constitutes another example of a supposed idealist who has made millions not only from his corrupt government networking, but even off his "idealistic" projects related to his 'mission' on global warming. (But the precise details aren't worth debating; surely we can all agree that examples of crony capitalism and other forms of self-serving by politicians on both sides of the aisle are evident and numerous.)

And the people are tired of this corruption and pretend-idealism on both sides. There's a reason that those who are most strongly vilifying the government establishment--both on the Republican side and the Democratic side--are finding their message resonate so strongly in this election cycle. Trump and Sanders would both have been laughable candidates in another era, and indeed were laughed at by most in the press as recently as several months ago. But nobody's laughing now.

Michael in OK

Anonymous said...

Good going Ran!

Anonymous said...

Greed, corruption, tyranny, envy and/or the desire for power will eventually destroy both sides. A strong constitution may delay the inevitable destruction but divisions will either destroy from within or an outside entity will come and take the salt mine away from them and all will be left poor, enslaved and/or dead.

Dan Arnold said...

How long is this obsessive anonymous ninny going to go on talking to himself? :D

Anonymous said...

Attacking the messenger instead of the message is a common and effective tactic but only serves to further divide and suppresses the discovery of solutions.

The Ninny

Randy said...

Thank you Ninny!
But you're no Ninny--your comment is precisely true, insightful and useful.

Dan Arnold said...

From at least one perspective, it is not possible to insult someone who remains anonymous.

Nancy1340 said...

Randy, can you please give me, once again, the name of the detist you use in Mexico?
Thank you.

Randy said...

Nancy: His clinic is Rubio associates: Tell them Randy sent you and I think they will give you a 15% discount on all your work and a half price cleaning.

Rex J. Covington said...

BS story because all politician have an agenda and all of them lie! Don't believe me look at their retirement plan that they voted for them self!

JonSlay said...

If you're going to site a natural disaster as an example of why democratic socialism/socialist policies could never ever work, please also address the more relevant that fact entire countries across the world, with a quite happy and content citizenry ie west europe, some central and s. american countries--continue to carry on today with the policies that you are so whole heartedly terrified of and say are too mathematically and philosophically impossible to implement. Your logic would have us believe that these places must be such apocalyptic wastelands that large percentages of their populations are fleeing as their failed utopia is torn a apart as these pie in the sky policy ideas are instituted.

Dan noringer said...

You ( the author of this sweet fairy tale ) are really an innocent if you believe the things that you wrote. I hope you become wiser as you get older, but not everybody does. I hope this because some other ignorant person reading your unwise writings may actually think that you might have something there, when you really don't. I'm an independent, because neither party represents me. The democrats are people whose views are not supported by history, fact, nor rational thinking, who spout their foolhardy socialistic nonsense (that never serves the public) and attempt to buy votes by selling their nonsense ideas that the government will give them everything they need if they'll just vote democratic, while nominating utterly totally incompent unqalified socialists like Obama. On the other hand, the republicans want their non free "free trade" agreements that are simply agreements that allows them to get away with murder and laugh all the way to the bank. Their behavior shows us why capitalism needs regulation. Reagan believed that all regulations were bad. Well this is not true. Some regulation is bad, but other regulation is necessary for society to work in such a way that people can live a decent life, do their works, and save and have a decent life in their elderly years before they die. Socialism just does not work. Untamed capitalism destroys people and society. But regulated capitalism can deliver the fruits of capitalism, while preventing the negative and destructive aspects of capitalism. Both democrats and republicans are (with rare exceptions) self-serving. unfortunately we don't have any parties that represents the general population. Certainly not the democrats. The republicans are self serving jerks, but at least they're not complete fools.

Dan Arnold said...

Correct John. Not only do the Western European democracies embrace democratic socialism, but they have better socioeconomic upward mobility and a higher standard of living. Still, the myth persists that the U.S.'s version of regulated capitalism provides more opportunity.

Dan Arnold said...

Correct John. Not only do the Western European democracies embrace democratic socialism, but they have better socioeconomic upward mobility and a higher standard of living. Still, the myth persists that the U.S.'s version of regulated capitalism provides more opportunity.

Randy said...

Thank you Dan for the thoughtful comment. It pleases me to see that you grasp crony capitalism and the evil it inflicts on the world. You also grasp left wing parasitism and the burden they inflict on the larger society. Yeah, yeah, I get it, see it, acknowledge it. And I clearly see the evil of Communism--government ownership--one party--force ruling.
Here's what I think you don't get: As humanity makes technological progress it becomes possible to simply GIVE AWAY the basics of survival (even thrival) so that millions--even billions--can pursue lives of freedom and self expression.
Beginning with salt--we can now afford to give it to everyone. Then we could add water, and food and clothing and (rudimentary) shelter and medical care. (Salt lake City ironically has just made that decision for it's indigents) We will eventually grasp the wisdom of a guaranteed annual income (read the arguments for it)
For those wishing more--big houses--big tv's, cars--there will be a fair(read government oversight) capitalistic system.
It pleases me no end that this very day--our competing ideas are being voted on in New Hampshire. Bernie Sanders shares my vision and I suppose Donald Trump shares yours.

One of us is seriously mistaken. I think it is you! And I recommend that you read Pickety's
(sp?) book Capitalism to discover the inherent flaw in that system. I also recommend googling Mondragon, the 5th largest industry in Spain and be encouraged that somewhere, better motivated people are doing things better. If you have time, google WITHOUT BOUNDS--a movie wherein I discuss the proper goals of the industrial revolution.

And by the way--no one of the opposition has had the courage to answer the question of who owns the salt mine. The right answer is WE ALL DO.

Dan noringer said...

I'm not a republican, and Trump is nothing more than a clown in my book. A buffoon no more qualified to lead our nation than any of the bozo's that the democrats have lined up. Clinton with an example of her leadership (benghazi events seem movie 13 hours), and Bernie the socialist. I like a number of things that Bernie stands for, and I like that when it comes to Bernie, what you see is what you get. But what I also DON'T like about Bernie is what you see is what you get. He can't enact (thank goodness) any of his program without congress, and I can't stand another 8 years like the last 7.1 years, with a totally nonfunctional federal government because of either a radical or extreme liberal in the executive and congress being congress. I want a government led by an executive with is feet on the ground (sorry Bernie), and one that is on the same wavelength and able to work with congress for the general benefit of the nations middle class at the expense of the corporations and wealthy income brackets (and perhaps the middle class if needed more taxes), paying our way as we more deficits (thus not leaving our debt for our children to work off). It's clear that our national political parties are incapable of finding intelligent qualified candidates to run for the presidency, and in most cases congress, so I think we need a constitutional amendment that requires a screening process by the general public to see if any of the candidates are acceptable. I'm not sure of the details of this process, but based on Mr. Obama, Mr. Sanders, Mr. Trump, and Ms. Clinton all being candidates that are being allowed to run, the conclusion is that our political parties are incompetent and incapable at finding good candidates for the presidency, they can only find fools, incompetents, unqualifieds, and undesirables so we need an election process where the electorate can reject any idiots at the starting gate, before the campaigning begins in Ernest. A prequalification, so we don't have to vote "against" somebody, but rather can have the choice of two good qualified candidates who are fully qualified and who will focus on the needs of the voters, not the corporations, or the welfare club. Personally, I'd also like to see the country go back to the 1790's voter standards that only taxpayers who pay at least some amount being allowed to vote, so those who are not paying the nations government costs are not muddying the waters with their narrow agenda. That would include removing women from the voting roles, because frankly most are too emotional to make the difficult decisions that must be decided. But that most likely will never happen. I would also like to only allow voters who are between
the ages of 45 and 75 to vote. People below that age are simply distracted, and too often not informed, and those over 75 are losing their intellectual prowess as time progresses ( generally speaking ). Too many voters today are uninformed, emotional, and simply bad decision makers, and we need to get them off the voter roles if we want to get the nation back on track. I think your ideas about funding non workers is academically novel and interesting, but would never work because not everybody is self motivated. If they were then communism would also work, which it most certainly does not. There are too many people who are simply lazy, and would not produce in your model of the subsidized citizen. Beyond that nobody would work if they didn't have to work, the wheels would come off and the nation would implode. It might work in a commune, or possibly a small town/commune. But as a large scale program it would not work because not everybody has the same values. Sorry for being too honest.

Randy said...

Thank you Dan: you gave me a few good laughs. I think I will end the comments on this note.
Of course Bernie can't get his ideas through this congress. He knows it--the idea is to get some sensible ideas rolling. To end the stalemate we need to have federal elections subsidized and thus take money out of elections. Next, we need to end gerrymandering with a new fair system. Then we can move the nation forward with a Bernie-like program. It would take about 8 years.

Dan noringer said...

Interesting thoughts. Of course if done right, the "Bernie program" might not be too bad. But of course once Congress got it's teeth into it, it would NOT be done right - bank on it. We got lotsa problems in this country. Seems like much of what Bernie wants to do is to "far out", that maybe we need to resolve some of the problems before we move full blown into Bernie territory, but maybe that's what you're saying. Just seems like with all the problems we got now, trying to fight the dogma wars for 20 or 30 years while things got continually worse, sounds like a pretty ugly scenario. Even 8 MORE years of drifting as a nation could be disastrous. JMHO. Good luck. Hope what ever does happen turns out to be good for the nation, because we need something good to happen for a while after the recent history.

Protective HT said...

Free is not free when someone has to pay for it.

Protective HT said...

Free is not free when someone has to pay for it.

Randy said...

Point is well made---I should say: collectively paid for--like our highways, army. VA services
and welfare services.

Ynot Tony said...

Oh, if we were all so evolved as do be that Democrat, but we are not, when the Democrat gets in office, he just wants to help, and pretty soon you have a group that likes been helped, to the point of helplessness. And when the Democrats run out of money to spend to help people become helpless, what do we do. We ask a Republican to set us back on track. And realize that capitalizm is the best we can due given our fallen state, and the government the governs least is the best form of government, Oh and the local Democratic government took the Salt mine, for the greater good, and soon ran it so poorly that no one could afford the Salt. Tony

Ynot Tony said...

We are not so enlightened as to elect a government that will not enslave us. Or one that wants to help us into helplessness. And then enslave us in are helplessness. So the best Government is the one that gets out of the way of capitalist and protects the people from those that would steal what they have. And I mean elected government also.