Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I'M GLAD YOU ASKED?  (I'll get back to my travels and other trivia as soon as I solve this puzzle for the nation)
Let me make this clear to those of you who do not remember the Eric Berne discoveries of the 70's Transactional Analysis---"GAMES PEOPLE PLAY")-- wherein he showed that all of us have (at least)3 personality states that we show to the world--Our Parent, Our Adult and our Child.  Our Parent holds our wisdom, our Adult makes decisions and our Child contains all of our charm, energy, and Pizzaz in general--and it churns out a host of lively, fun,  imaginative possibilities that it presents to the Adult for  a decision. Our inner child is the puppy personality we were born with.

If a puppy is abused--- or otherwise damaged--as in cruel,misguided training--it loses its spirit---and forever thereafter it greets the world as a whipped dog--or worse--as a mean dog.

Hillary is as qualified as any of the contenders to be President and would no doubt guide the ship of state with wisdom--BUT HER PUPPY PERSONA IS DAMAGED--OR JUST DORMANT.

We voters want more from her--we want to LIKE our president.  We want a charming president. (Like Obama and Bill Clinton)

So I say to Hillary's advisors:  Help her see the truth of this.  Show her what aliveness and charm look like.   See if you can awaken her inner child.  If not, get her off the American stage.  It pains me to see her speak.  I swear, I was happy to see her soundly defeated by Bernie. (have her watch some of Nixon's speeches to see what  souless speaking looks like.)

Trump has an inner child fully awake and he is as entertaining as a puppy. And I say as a warning to myself and America: SO WAS HITLER.


Bill said...

What's wrong? Being an insider is what's wrong. Wall Street insider. Big money insider for speeches. Voting for war insider. Playing both sides insider. New found progressivism insider (ala Bernie). Feel the Bern.

Jim said...

She's shop-worn. After 40+ years of her in-your-face personality, lying and changing her position to fit the latest circumstances...the American people have finally caught on. That's why her honesty and trust-worthyness figures are in the pits. Trump's self-funding and telling-it-like-is-style and not the usual blah-blah politician's style is refreshing. I'll take anyone but Hillary!

Anonymous said...

@Jim - "changing her position to fit the latest circumstances" - isn't that what wise, flexible human beings do? I want a President that changes his/her views when presented with new information and doesn't stubbornly stick to old views.

"Trump's self-funding and telling-it-like-is-style" - that's the narrative. And for you to 'dig it', you must be a racist, misogynist, torture-loving, intolerable, arrogant asshole yourself. I can't imagine a worse President, or human being, than Trump.

Anonymous said...

People of this country don't need charming we need leadership. Trust is something you need in a leader and she ain't got it. That's the issue

Page said...

Bernie has my vote. He is the only candidate speaking from the point of "we" who isn't beholden to, or one of, the corporate elite.

Mark said...

Kind of like Trump owned (or rented) a few politicians when needed. I don't think "Big Money" organizations rent Hillary, they her and Bill outright. She knows what truth is but has little use for it on a routine basis.

Sanders is right about getting campaign finance under control, but too many politicians are hooked on the money, so no real chance to succeed there. His own will turn on him later.

Looking for it to be Trump vs. Sanders. Trump isn't taking their money, and Sanders can't be bought.

Most of the rest are whores for contributions, or hoping/deperately need someone to get them pimped out before SuperTuesday when their campaign coffers dry up.

This will be the "Election of Emotions" where and an anti-politician will get the nod from Americans.

Stuart said...

Yes, Hillary has a track record. She has been in politics for a long time. She ain't "new and sexy." But being president isn't a beauty contest. We need level-headed experience and a good team that will advise him/her. Hillary Clinton is the only one that fits the bill. She has been put through the ringer throughout her career but has always bounced back. She is the best person for the job, Democrat or Republican. We forget that the Republicans will still control Congress no matter who wins the presidential election (thanks to gerrymandering). A Republican President would be an absolute disaster. Say good-bye to women's rights, say hello to creationism in public schools. Sanders spent his honeymoon in the Soviet Union. Need I say more about his electability?

VtChris said...

Stuart....The trip, which began the day after his wedding with his second wife, Jane, in May 1988, was undertaken as part of Sanders' official duties as mayor of Burlington, Vermont. Plus we are talking almost 30 years ago when Russia was becoming disillusioned with Communism and opening its borders to foreign trade and giving citizens the right to private enterprises.

Nancy1340 said...

I don't think her morals have improved since Watergate.
She got fired from that job if you will remember.

Jim said...

I wish I could bring myself to care once again about WHO becomes president but I'm thoroughly convinced it is no longer relevant. As long as Citizens United stands, it should be clear our entire 'democratic' process is for sale to the highest bidder. International corporations are the money -- and power -- brokers of the world anymore. Many of them have more wealth and influence than most nations do anymore. Whoever becomes president will be no more than a pawn who does what (s)he is told. The second he/she forgets who they work for, the wheels to politically crush them begin turning.

Anonymous said...

Well said Jim, I have been saying the same thing for years. Its just sad though that people feel this way about our govt. Whats that saying? I love my country but fear my Govt.

Al RItch said...

I'm extremely disappointed in the candidates from both the Republicans and Democrats. I can't believe this what there is to be the leader of our country. I wouldn't vote for any of them if there was a legitimate 3rd choice. As it stands now I'll wait for the general election and vote for the pro-choice Democrat. I have become a single issue voter.

Gracie said...

You're right

Flaviator said...

Let's be honest, people, America has devolved to a giant reality show. If it already wasn't obvious, SCOTUS confirmed it in 2010 and yet again in 2014.

Everybody is fixated on the success of their candidate as if it really matters, while each of them answers only to their real owners.

Sit back, shut up, enjoy your bread and circus.

Anonymous said...

I thought your blog was about mobile living and the joys of nomadic freedom. I would have been eager to read about your experiences with mobile living, but instead I found one more blog festering with political opinions. It's your blog, and you can do what you want but I won't be back. Good luck in all you do.

Tim's Choice. said...

We are taught to vote for the candidate of our choice.
When our choice is NONE OF THE ABOVE that is how we should vote.
How many times do we end up voting Against someone instead of For someone?