Saturday, March 26, 2016


CB HAD A VISION: "Lets settle in at the Slabs for the month of February; post a national invite for friends to join us; immerse ourselves in its culture; see what we learn; what we might contribute; how we might relate with a spontaneously assembled "tribe".  I said yes! So we did!  Here's a report:
Entering the Slabs--don't know how or why that guy is up there.
Side view from a distance of rigs parked at the Slabs---on the remains of an old marine base.
I estimate 300 people were here during Feb.

I settle in among about 30 LOW (Loners on Wheels) members.
CB settles his splendid Airstream on a nearby sand hill.

Folks began to arrive in response to his electronic invitation.(Facebook, etc)
We decided to meet every day for a sundown ceremony.
Folks amble in like Eugene, a bright, congenial talented singer/songwriter
Pish comes in dressed formally; a dramatic interesting addition to our group.

Brilliant sunsets almost every day.  We developed a ritual of "checking in"---telling how our day went.
Sometimes in the mornings we would walk.
Super Bowl Sunday--CB engineered a giant screen TV for us.
We began our mornings usually at this nearby social club. CB and I officially joined it.
Benefits include coffee, internet, interesting company.
Myself on the left--then "Hollywood Bob" more about him here  ( a friendly lady then CB and a friendly guy at morning Oasis.
All sorts of people show up--kids, hippies, dogs.
I've forgotten this guy's name but he was a brilliant conversationalist and a good musician.

The Oasis club displayed a touching sense of occasion on Feb 14th.

Games, prizes etc.Note that skirted lady barely visible on the left.

It isn't a lady--It is Doc--a fixture at the Slabs who prefers to wear dresses--is an elected member of the Slab Council.  The broad, non judgmental tolerance here is astonishing.

Meet Builder Bill who earned his name by building things--most notably the famous RANGE theater featured in the movie INTO THE WILD. He performs and hosts a show every saturday night.
He seems to be the central personality around which much of the Slabs personnel orients itself.
In ancient Israel he would have been called a Judge.
He made space for me to perform at Saturday nights show.  A startling surprise occurred--but more about that in part 2


Kimbopolo said...

Look forward to experiencing this. February 2017?

Debra Dickinson said...

Great post and capture of the Slabs, but Randy ... you were there for a month and no hot spings pics? ;))

Randy said...

Thanks Kim and Deb: Re the hot springs: Stay tuned!

VtChris said...

Hi Randy. And hi to Cb too. I am fascinated to learn more about the slabs. Thanks for showing me the color.

Annie Peterson said...

Having lived in the desert before with a dozen fellow desert denizines, my first visit to The Slabs felt like going home. Annie -- sans the benefit of my experience -- was a little nervous. We figured we'd stay and night or two (just to be able to say we've been there) and roll on out. With four bars of 4G and three weeks later, we were still there. Later we visited for several more days and it will certainly be a regular stopover for all our winters from now on. We fell in with a great group of people who always treat us like rock stars when we show up -- special invites to 'fires' and 'parties' -- hard to not like that!
We met Randy here in person for the first time after living vicariously through him for at least 10 years -- completely accidental as we were out riding our bikes and our paths literally crossed. You can read a few more of our impressions (and pics) of the place here:

Gracie said...
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Jordan Quinn said...


Greetings! I just wanted to stop by your blog and say hello really. I've ended up reading it for well over an hour now. I commend you for choosing to live, to really live, on your own terms. I believe that is how life was intended (if there were any intentions at all) - to experience as much as possible.

I'm very fascinated with the idea of slab city and would love to visit. I have heard of it several times now as well as having seen bits and pieces of it on documentaries. Speaking of documentaries, that is what lead me here. I finished "Without Bound" a couple of hours ago.. what a great way to be.

I spent three months on TVA land, in a tent, with just enough money to eat, several years ago (2007). It was the best time of my life, even though I may have been a tad bit hungrier than I'd have liked at the time. I have never quite recovered, and what I mean by that is that after those 12 weeks I have never been able to look at life the same. I have not enjoyed living in a home, disconnected from nature, I have not desired material objects, in fact I have since then dwindled down my personal property to almost nothing compared to most, and just in general have not been happy.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful words (for which it would appear that you have quite the talent), and for spreading inspiration. During the documentary, Without Bound, I believe something along the lines of perhaps affecting/motivating/inspiring at least one person might have been mentioned? I believe that mission has been accomplished 1000 fold.

Many blessings,

Randy said...

Thank you Jordan for your kind words. I think I know how you feel. Trust your judgment: It really is possible to live free and simply. We are forming a core of like minded people to camp with when we feel the need for community. People move into and out of it at will. An exciting experiment to have our cake and eat it too. Feel free to visit us when you can.

ARstephanie said...

Hello Randy from Farmington, Arkansas.

I met you last July in Salida- remember me? I thought I'd check in on you and see what you're up to, and I have to say I'm a tad jealous. As you know, Slab City is on my list of places to visit, Thank you for sharing you're experience there, as I DO plan to go there someday. I'm also very glad that you have listened to requests of friends and finally got your poems compiled into book form. I want a copy. I'm guessing it might be available at Amazon?

Safe travels and maybe we can catch up with you again in July, as it is pretty much our only time we can do extensive travel. But someday...I'm gonna be just like you when I grow up, and get out there.

Your fan,
Stephanie Elling

ARstephanie said...
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