Friday, March 11, 2016


In this book I've collected 100 of my best poems.
Thanks to two wonderful friends Kim Raines    and Bob Pearson my poems are availabe to the public.

Click here for the Amazon download version  (read a few pages for free) (or download the whole thing for a dollar)

Kim designed this lovely cover for the Amazon Kindle version.
Kim and I parked at Sandia Casino where this project took off.

Bob (Hollywood) Pearson prepared this cover for the Blurb printed version. The contents are the same.
Here's Bob as he appears on his web site:


Anonymous said...

I recently bought Randy's book from Amazon and highly recommend it. If you're a Kindle user you can't go wrong for $.99.

Well done, Randy!


Wayne Wirs said...

Congrats Randy. It was a long time coming.

VtChris said...

Great! Can't wait to read this book Randy....I have always loved your poems.

Kimbopolo said...

How exciting! Of course I had to order my copy immediately. Applause to both you and Bob for making this print version happen. Xoxo

Dave said...

Congratulations, what an achievement.

kingmanite ken said...

A big congrats, I might wait until I can get it for half off to save a few pennies.

Jim said...

Easily worth that whole dollar my friend. I recognized a few of your poems (as a long-time reader of your blog) and it was like visiting anew with old friends. Great fun and fascinating to read. I'm so busy doing absolutely nothing these days but *maybe* I'll actually get around to doing a review on Amazon? To those inclined to give this project a boost, that's the best thing you can do = go to Amazon and take the time to publish your positive review. It's easy to say nice things about Randy who has done so much to help and inspire and encourage so many others (whether he knew it or not) for so long.

Sue Pace said...

Randy, I was happy to add your poem book to my Kindle collection. Thanks for the hard work making this book a reality. Ken and I love reading your poems to our friends. We always tell them that it would be so much better if read by you the author. Happy Days to you. Sue Pace

Asad jutt said...
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Ron said...

Well done, Randy! You hit a home run with this one. My copy just arrived in the mail. It's even better than your first series. I'm really enjoying your classics and the new additions. Here's wishing you fame and fortune. I'm not going to know how to act parking an old bus next to a celebrity. :-) Ron Walker

Randy said...

Thank you sweet people for your kind comments. I will carry a batch of them with me for those who want to save the shipping cost of $5.
Hello Ron--how nice to hear from you. My readers should know that the old bus he mentions is one of the wonders of the RV world. He started with a Prevost empty bus and transformed it into rig in the million dollar class. I'm honored to have my picture taken beside it.

Brad Maybury said...

Congratulations Randy! Very well done. I've just started reading the book and it's great as I knew it would be, having spent enough time with you walking in the desert to know that you're insightful, intelligent, and have a way with words - among other things! I just posted the Amazon link on my Facebook page and hope to help keep inspiring others with your example and message. I still plan to be out there full-time and am working towards that. Keep up the inspiration.

Brad Maybury said...
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Jeff said...

loved this book especially Adam in the Garden - also learnt more in 60 minutes about different religions than 4 years of religious Studies at High School- Thank you Randy