Wednesday, May 25, 2016



Here is a portrait of him in the 15th century

Here's our happy and unsuspecting family:  A BAND OF BOONDOCKERS:   (a travel family of friends) shown here at a pizza joint in Sedona.

BAM!!!!---Out of Nowhere this personality came into our lives--as a couchsurfing guest. That's him on the right giving lessons to CB.  His knowledge of technology and music was amazing, (is this the first time his image has been photographed?)

He went down to the river with us but would not go into the water. (was this our first clue? is fire afraid of water?)

Instead he stayed on the shore--posing here with Kathy.
He sat down and actually let me interview him---was open and reasonable--likable--even introspective.

Joined us in our regular Sundown Ceremony (we gather to appreciate sunset)
That's him--second from the left.

Our first physical clue to the  true identity of our mysterious guest was  after sunset when he suddenly got up --addressed some unseen entity---and began to dance.

OOOOOH  sweet people--You shoudda seen it.  Magnificent is too mild a word.  We all watched with open mouths and stunned minds.

But he had only begun!!  Dancing barefeet in the desert-- he whirled with the grace  of a ballerina--  the energy of a tasmanian devil.  I wondered if he was actually touching the ground.  
In the history of mankind, how many humans have ever seen Lucifer dance?
Feel free to copy this photo and show it to your children.

AND THEN---AND THEN!! HE SUITED UP-- in a fashionable jet black tailored  suit that accented his eeriely splendid body--
and astonished the whole campground by walking around playing devil tunes to our neighbors. 

SUDDENLY, HE KNELT---and played a tender love song that had this couple weeping and holding on to each other.

AAAh but friends he was just warming up for an evening  performance.  He had us take him to the local dance hot spot.  When he entered the room, a hush fell across the crowd and all eyes turned to him.  He did not know a soul in the room--(or perhaps he knew everyone) but seemingly assumed that everyone knew him.  And the band  made way for him as he simply walked on stage and began to play.  I could swear I saw sparks from his fingers as he touched the bow. He fiddled like a mad man-- blew us all away--(punch up the song: The devil went down to Georgia and you will get some sense of his style) The band  was as stunned as we were---tried to join in and jam with him.  
AND THEN HE BEGAN TO DANCE--- ALL AROUND THE STAGE AS HE PLAYED.  Imagine a fiddling leprechan dancing--it was like that--heart rousing--feel good--jig inducing music.
AND THEN HE BEGAN TO SING-- He grasp the mike with the confidence of a Sinatra and sang a song no one had ever heard.

AND THEN HE WAS OFF STAGE -LAID HIS FIDDLE DOWN -AND BEGAN DANCING WITH THE LADIES.  One of them told me this morning that dancing with him was at first like training a wild stallion--stomping and whirling---AND THEN IT WAS SUDDENLY WONDERFUL--his gyrations had awakened the mortal lady's powers of seductive dance--he instantly GOT IT---LET OUT A MOAN--and joined her in a beautiful, sexy synchronicity.  
Later, his dance with Kathy had people shouting out--GET A ROOM.

He slept that night in the back of CB's truck.  (it serves as a cozy bedroom for our couchsurfing guest)
Next day, a beautiful lady came and whisked him away.  

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  OH DEAR READERS--THIS MAN WAS SCARY--The most intense personality I've ever experienced.  He was exhilerating also---brilliant--super confident--unashamed--joyful. He slept 12 hours at a stretch.
People with this kind of charisma start religions--and wars.

Before he left, he gave me his card--said he dresses this way for formal occasions


Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like the devil to me.

Ruthie Rocchio said...

I think he is a gypsy and they are well known to dabble in the arcane arts, are at home with all kinds of supernatural beings and command great powers. Am glad you were walking with the great light when he was around. Perhaps it was Loki? Great story!

Debra Dickinson said...

This was a fun post to read. Thanks Randy!

Mitsy said...

Looks like a great trip! Thanks for the post!

AW said...

Randy, I have been following you for years. Not sure what to make of this one. Interesting for sure. You might be making my Brain Glow a little just contemplating... thanks!

Linda Duncan said...

Randy...I too have been reading you for years. What a great story! Loved it! I would like to meet him! I like the idea that he is perhaps a gypsy; and a little bit dangerous! Very interesting! Linda

Kat said...

To further the intrigue, I am the fortunate woman who whisked him away, holding him close for several intense days through the full moon. His sweet and exciting energy still pulses through my veins. Leaving me breathless, he has changed me...
If your desire is sincere, invoke him and his true identity shall be revealed.

Terri Reed said...

Excellent word crafting Randy!! your writing style is as amazing as the people you write about :)

Anonymous said...

U-la-la, who's him ? Dying to know his identity.