Saturday, May 07, 2016


INVENTING A NEW PATTERN OF ASSOCIATION---to enjoy---to send as a gift to the future.
Consider the pattern that Colonel Sanders invented--profited from--and sent into the future:  A new way to prepare chicken.  His gift/pattern persists long after he is dead--and is elaborated on (extra crispy)
Corporations and governments are patterns that persist into the future.
Perhaps the most famous pattern ever invented was the US Constitution:  A way of cleverly dividing powers and responsibilities so that peace, prosperity and justice have the best chance of prevailing.
I will save the details of our new pattern for another time.  For now, will just give you a glimpse.

Here is a shot of the first BAND OF BOONDOCKERS parked.

And here are two heads in which the idea was hatched.

Here are a group of friends we enjoy associating with and who we hope to share the pattern with--

Along with folks like these: Ashley (left) from Georgia and Claire from France. A part of the pattern involves inviting guest to camp with us via the Couch Surfing network.  CB has earned a 5 star rating from them by being a super host.  If you don't know about couch surfing click here .
Meet Josh who surfed in from a Mennonite community in Pennsylvania.  I supposed that he would be shy and hesitant to express himself---but the party that CB hosted was so compelling that he stood and danced---and even sang for us.  

Here is the party man himself---a DJ to trump all other DJ's.  Can you see that tiny watch on his left wrist?  It is a superwatch and by merely touching it, he can call up any and all music ever recorded  on that marvelous sound system behind him. I challenged him by requesting an obscure gospel hymn from my youth.  In a flash, a terrific choir was blessing us all with the joyous words.
CB is perfecting the art  of music hosting:  Everyone participates--listening and silence are sprinkled in.
Meet Travis and Lyss from Pennsylvania--touring the West on a shoestring. (Couch surfing is free)
Meet  Jose, a beautiful, brilliant and world-wise traveler from Ireland and Portugal. CB and I picked his brain for hours.  And of course the ladies were charmed.  He enjoyed our company so well that he came back for a second visit.
He shared his food with me.  I gave him a copy of my book and signed it: To the most interesting man in the world.  This guy may well be the one. Ladies from town followed him all the way out to our camp. 
Meet Rebecca from Australia.  She charmed us all.
Answered a hundred questions about her life and her country. (Do y'all eat Kangaroos? etc)
She stayed about a week with us while attending seminars in Sedona.

The group must shift locations every two weeks.  This one located off Forestry Road 525 near Sedona.  Almost every day we had visitors from the sky.  ( view from my door.)

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  Are you beginning to get the drift of the pattern we are forming: People who like each other--camping together---bringing into our midst fresh and interesting personalities.

I will reveal more details about the First Band of Boondockers as we invent them.  As our title suggest, we hope this sort of thing catches on and that there will be a Second Band of Boondockers and so on.  Some day in the future I can see a vast gathering of us in a forest glade.


Cam said...

Such a great idea. Have u been providing a bed in your campers or a tent or do they bring their own?

VtChris said...

I was wondering the same thing. I have been a member of couch surfing for many years, but only once had someone take me up on a night on my couch in my small RV. But I have loved the folks I have met while parking on their curb or driveway. Great way to make new friends! Randy.....great pictures....everyone looks to be having so much fun! Hope to join you next winter.

Randy said...

Cam/Chris: CB has been doing all the hosting. He has, in effect, 3 bedrooms: his own and his couch/bed--and in addition a comfortable bedroom in the back of his truck.