Thursday, June 15, 2017



People kept rolling in to join us in this free camping place.

for a morning philosophical discussion,

to  practice their flute playing

or create an impromptu band,

or help me put a hitch on my van,

or take a morning walk

to the very top of a nearby hill

Or take an archery lesson from Tracy

who is obviously very good at it.

As is Stephen with his air rifle.

One day we threw a pot luck.

Two nights CB hosted an outdoor movie.

Often we show each other our lifestyles techniques. Meet JR, a very efficient traveler

living very comfortably in this well engineered space; says he does not want anything bigger; feels splendidly free to move about the country.

One night we all went to open mike night at a comedy club.  That handsome performer is none other than CB our host with the most.

And to my utter amazement, that is our very own Debora on stage amusing the crowd.

Afterwards we went dancing.  Here's Laurie and Debora rocking the house.

And then one night we went to a poetry slam.
Here's Tracy reading her work.
And when the judging was over, this old man was declared the winner from a field of 12, 
performing his origional poems THE DANCE OF TESTOSTERONE and THE DANCE OF ESTROGEN.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  OH SWEET PEOPLE--HAVE I PERSUADED YOU THAT YOU TOO CAN  ESCAPE DRUDGERY AND DEBT TO LIVE A BETTER LIFE.  Freedom is possible and friends are available to play with.  If you have an income stream of $600 a month,  a paid-for car, some imagination and a bit of courage you can join the million of us already on the road enjoying the free life.  Mobile tribes are different from other tribes in their transitoriness.  They appear and disappear like whirlwinds but oh what a whirl.  For a period of time "mobilites" leave their solitude to :draw near to their fellows
engage at a more intimate level
play with more gusto
show their best selves
align their energies with others


Gloria Brooks said...

Wow! You all sure are having a ball! Too bad I have to hunker down and work like a dog where I am. This looks like Flagstaff. Is that where you all are?

Stor Apa said...

Hi Randy,

Interesting post as always.

Is that a new van, or have I missed something?

Anonymous said...

You keep saying to join us but never say where you are.

bayrider said...

My wife and I finally sold everything we owned, left Tucson and are now in the RV full time, currently in Evergreen CO getting a cheap Forester set up for towing from my brother. We are heading back to AZ this week, where's the best free camping this time of year? We know little in the state except Tucson where we just spent a year settling an estate. We are rookies at full timing and need to get our game on!

I will be returning to CA and the Sacramento River Delta in near future for the windsurfing/kiteboarding high season which is June-Sept. There is really great free/near free camping there and it's quite the party if you're into the watersports.

David Atkins, Jr. said...

Still wishing and watching, but when enough drudgery is accomplished I'll come running, laughing and playing with a tribe of my own.
Thanks for posting Randy, I always enjoy:)

Randy said...

Thanks sweet people for your comments. Yes, I have purchased a van and am in the process of engineering it for self sufficient travel. Regarding camping spots near Flagstaff---my favorite is A-1 Mountain rd--a vast, beautiful, cool and FREE camping spot.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your post and photos Randy. Take care. Will be interested to see more about your new van as time passes.

Cargo Camping Dan said...

Oh while I live, to be the ruler of life, not a slave, to meet life as a powerful conqueror, and nothing exterior to me will ever take command of me.

Walt Whitman

Randy said...

Cargo: How delightful to meet another Whitman lover. He is my favorite poet. I hve toured the nation giving Walt Whitman performnces. If you will contact me personally and request it, I will send you a copy of the best quotes from him.