Monday, November 06, 2017



Here's my view.  One of my "neighbors," about two miles to the right is Senator John McCain.

Here's a week-long experience that I've not reported on:  This 20,000 plus acre piece of land is a gift to you the American Public and to all the animals that call it home.  It was purchased and protected by the smartest of all environmental organizations: The NATURE CONSERVANCY.  Thats my rig down there, parking free and hiking the trails.  Check them out and be persuaded , as I am, that they are our best hope for saving the planet:  The Nature Conservancy

Meet Curt and Hillary---A match made in heaven, I think:  He is a Jet Blue Captain and she is a horse trainer.  Both love horses.  They stopped here for a few days to ride the trails.  That gigantic rig carries three horses, all their gear and feed as well as comfortable housing for the two of them.

This day they are off for an all day ride.  They offered me the third horse.  I declined.
That facial mask protects the horse's eyes from insects.

And there , dear readers is a HORSEPUZZLE.  a puzzle for a horse---a hay bag made of a net--with tantalizing stems of the good stuff sticking out here and there.  When the horse pulls on a stem, a fair size bite come out of the bag.  They love it!  Will nibble at it for hours.  The puzzle comes in three degrees ---easy---(wide holes) medium--(smaller holes) and hard--(small holes).
I  watched for long minutes and am ready to declare that horsepuzzles are MEANING GENERATORS  for horses. (an equine rubics cube)
A wonderful invention!

Hillary, dressed to ride

Then I dropped in to visit an old friend.
Regular readers will recognize Paul Namkung, a friend  who lives in Tierra Amarillo, NM---owns the three ravens coffee shop and builds  these wonderful drums.  Check out their terrific sound here.

Then off I went to EL Paso, TX headed for Louisiana---but first, I need a root canal--desperately.  So I screwed up my courage, walked into Juarez, Mexico and eventually found this 77 year old dentist who specializes in root canals.  Yes, I laid down in that ancient chair and let him go to work.  Guess what---he did a fine job--problem solved in an hour.  Cost: $180.

Memorabilia from my Louisiana trip--That's me 40 years ago

My daughter Christine at her grandmother's grave.
They never met, but I know they would have loved each other.

Back in Santa Fe--a triumphal moment--persuading this mechanic to refund me $200 for an overcharge. He did so with reasonable good will.

Then back to Cottonwood, Az---a beautiful place for fall.  Balloons overhead almost every morning.

Kat nd I dancing at a Jazz contest.

There you are folks, a real live Arizona Ranger.

Hopefully an historic moment.  That's Kathy Reese on the left, founder of  a new organization:
BOONDOCKERS UNITED  whose mission is to give us boondockers a focused voice in dealing with the Forestry Service and the BLM. Check it out here. That pile of trash is our first project--we pitched in and made it disappear.

Here's the bumper sticker Kathy designed and that members will display.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  Life comes to us in moments.  I've selected the 17 above because I have picts to illustrate them,    I planned to think about them and come up with some unifying theme or principle to philosophize about. Truthfully, however, my life seems a hodge podge of disjointed events.  I don't seem to be headed anywhere,

THEN I HAD AN IDEA:  I asked my daughter about the hodge podge of moments that make up our lives.  How can we think positively about them?  Here's what she said: Maybe the moments of our life are like a patchwork quilt--separately they seem ragged and insignificant, but perhaps over time we are piecing together a warming blanket of character.   

I almost wept for joy!  My daughter---my lovely daughter--IS A PHILOSOPHER! 


Rob said...

Life as a hodge podge of events... I, me, sitting here tonight am the result of my hodge-podge of events.
To be honest with you I'm kinda happy with today.

That was a good blog!

Deborah Dodds said...

Nothing brings more joy, than a child, grown up into a wise companion. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your life.

Terri Reed said...

I have a patchwork quilt of hundreds of squares of material sewn together from old dresses and clothes made by hand when I was a child! Your daughter's wisdom brings new delight to that quilt on my bed :)
As a blogger myself (initially inspired by you Randy and 3 others) I've discovered that sometimes I weave a story around my photos of the week/day as I travel, OR I weave photos around an interesting story that pops into my head during the week/day and go out in search of those extra photos to complete my story. I see that you do the same thing :)

Suzycue said...

How do you do internet for $35.00 per month?
Mary Klinger

Christine Santos said...

Awe you all are very sweet! Thank you!

Wes said...

Another great blog post Randy, thank you. I enjoyed seeing your van pulling the trailer in a couple of the photos. That makes a great setup, and I hope you are enjoying it!

heyduke50 said...

loved the quilt analogy...

Gloria Brooks said...

Christine, well spake! I love to see your hodge podge of events. One things is clear, you do so well connecting with fellow nomads. I LOVE the boondockers united! I found their site at:


kaBLOOnie boonster said...

Thank you so much for bringing BOONDOCKERS UNITED to my attention. I wasn't able to find the website via Yahoo search, but with Google, it came right up. But heck, put a link in your post, and make it even easier.

I plan on joining this organization.

Thanks again.

Kathy Boondocker said...

Randy, Thank you very much for recognizing Boondockers United and we are VERY PROUD to call you a member as well! We are VERY dedicated to having ONE VOICE for all Boondockers and working to eradicate the misconception of who we are. I hope your readers will go to our website at and join our important cause. For only $20 a year you really can't beat it!

Nancy1340 said...

Just goes to show you sometime it IS in the genes. :-)

Nancy1340 said...

Sorry to post this here but I didn't see a way to email you. I have a couple of questions on going to the dentist you usually to go. I've followed several people in the RV community that use the same one you do across from Yuma.
Do I need to get ex-ray's here before I go? That doesn't sound right but someone else had said that they get a estimate and take ex-rays with them on exactly what needs done here in the states then go across the boarder. This was not your doctor they went to if I remember correctly. And is is a good idea to take as much cash as you think the procedure may cost? Any issues using a credit card that you know of? How about hearing aids? Any offices for those there? I also plan on seeing about new glasses but that should be easy.

Thanks and sorry for taking up your time.
Safe & happy travels.

Randy said...

Nancy1340: The dentist I use in Algodones is Dr, Rubio (for 18 yrs now) his phone # is 928-723-0015. He is the center of a team of dentist who handle every aspect of dentistry. He specilizes in implants, and others specialize in other things like root canals, crowns, ets.
And no, you will not need to carry x-rays. The Rubio team has the very finest in equipment--likely better than American destist. He even has an MRI for whenever it is needed. My email is feel free to use it.

Nancy1340 said...

Thank you so much Randy. You have no idea how much I appreciate your reply.
I have read every post of your in regards to your experience with him so I trust your recommending Dr. Rubio.
I'll be sure and let you know when I visit his office. The only thing I am dreading is not being able to enjoy a nice meal when we are in Algodones. LOL Maybe with luck I'll get a afternoon appointment.