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173 years ago on this day Henry David Thoreau moved into his self-built cabin on the shore of Walden Pond.  Here's what he and  it looked like:

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I owe more to this man than I can ever repay.  He said things that let me look at life, myself, society, nature, freedom in a new way.  Things like this: " Why would you work your whole life to have a tiny bit of freedom at the end of it----when you could adventure on life now--if you could learn to live frugally.
I count a man rich, not according to how much he can afford to own, but how much he can afford to leave alone.  Simplify, simplify.
Advance confidently in the direction of your dreams and you will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.
Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.
I went to the woods to live deliberately--to front only the essential facts of life.  To live deeply and suck all the marrow out of life. And not when I come to die discover that I had not lived."
This and a hundred other quotes I find inspirational.  Here's one the movie people found so charming that they recorded it as an outtake from the movie: .


About a 100 yards from where I sit writing this was a stunning surprise as I took my morning walk.
Here's a picture of what I came upon at the edge of a little stream and a stand of trees: 

Hard to believe my eyes---but there it is.

A replica of the very thing I was writing about.  I went close to confirm the measurement.  Sure enough---10ft x 15 ft--the dimentions of Thoreau's cabin.  No one lives there at the moment and it is not yet complete,  I asked around the area and learned that the builder lives in Boulder and his name is Schuler.

My heart tells me that the Builder is also a fan of Thoreau and is constructing this replica out of respect to him.  Perhaps he plans to follow Thoreau's example and write a great book while living

Thoreau lived in his cabin 2 years 2months and 2 days while he was writing WALDEN--a book that unbeknownst to him would be in every great library in the world.  Thoreau died at age 44 of TB and is buried near his friend RALPH WALDO EMERSON in Concord, Massachusetts.  Emerson was perhaps the most famous man in America when he hired Thoreau as his handyman.  How surprised he would likely be to know that his handyman would become as famous as himself and likely more loved.  He delivered Thoreau's eulogy.

                                                                                When Thoreau left his cabin, some reportedly jibed that if living in the woods was so great, why leave it?  Thoreau's answer is as classic as you might expect from him, and I invite you to use it as I do to explain why I am moving on to a new thing.  He said:  I leave the pond for as good a reason as I came:  I HAVE MANY MORE LIVES TO LEAD AND COULD NOT SPARE ANY MORE TIME FOR THIS ONE.


Rob said...

What new thing?

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great story that more people should listen too:) said...

Randy! You sure know how to create suspense. Love that snippet of your recitation.
We're heading to the PNW for the summer. Sorry to miss you this year. Hope our paths cross again before too long. XXOO

Kevin said...

It’s a tiny house. Amazing future proof dwelling. Lol.

Adrian said...

"I owe more to this man than I can ever repay. He said things that let me look at life, myself, society, nature, freedom in a new way. "

Well, I could not express my gratitude to you, Randy, any better than with those same words. Since stumbling across the Without Bounds video and being mesmerised by your readings, I have discovered not just an immense literary treasure but a complete new life philosophy that has radically reshaped my world and my view of my place within it. You, sir, are truly an inspiration. Through you I discovered Thoreau, Emerson and their writings put me on a trail to discover the great Stoics, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Epictetus;I have rediscovered fragments of ancient wisdom picked up here and there in my 55 years on this planet, and set them into the context of a coherent life philosophy built on self-reliance, simplicity, compassion and an abiding gratitude for the life I have been granted. The genesis of my personal transformation was Thoreau's words, delivered so powerfully by you. Thank you.

Bill said...

Even Thoreau realized he had to come back to the other responsibilities and realities of life.

skybarking info said...

Happy belated 4th.

John Spoden said...

Often we are drawn to those things beyond what I personally consider essentials. Eating,sleeping and daydreaming. A well thought out plan, always leads us back to that which we had, if we are planners. Repeating this cycle of stupidity, is the folly of the tramp. Not content with what we have, we assume. Assumption, the mother of all mistakes, has an unmistakeable allure, which our distractive internal dialogue, not our self, explores, rationalizes, and seeks to bring to fruition. All the nemisis'es of freedom seem compelling no doubt, security in old age, comfort and companionship, the allure of kinship. Keep a sentry or two positioned at the door of your mind, allow nothing to pass but thoughts of personal freedom, independence, and growth. Which ever you choose make sure its not complicated. Make your luck,... I truly admire, and love your life as a nomatic warrior, quite admirable indeed. I will post once,... ships in the night my dear fellow,... you are never alone.
P.S. We are few, we are free, we are warriors of life itself, I would be proud to meet you someday face to face and shake your hand. Regards, John.

Abella Rez said...

Nice post.


Unknown said...

Off the subject Randy, I watched a YouTube video sort of documentary in 2014.
You stated that you use some electronic device that you can keep in touch with everybody and it only costed you I think you said $30 a month. What service device, was you using, or are you still using. Thank You! 😊

biplob hossain said...

Great story