Saturday, May 26, 2018


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT---IRELAND--A CATHOLIC COUNTRY--SUPPORTS A WOMAN'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE.  This delights me--because I am a long time warrior in this fight.

Check out this battle:


And this essay I wrote for the NEW MEXICAN newspaper.

I marched in Washington DC for women's right to choose---carrying a sign I made saying: 


I think it went over the heads of the anti choice fanatics standing by, so I shouted out to them:  AN ACORN IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS AN OAK TREE.  ACORNS AND ZYGOTES ARE EXPENDABLE FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

I have participated in an underground railroad in New Orleans providing safe abortions
to woomen who did not wish to be pregnant..

I oppose with all my being the ideas of the rligious right that a freshly fertilized human  egg  is as important as a fetus of 6 month.development.  The Supreme Court of the US has wisely ruled that fetuses of less than 22 weeks development may be legally aborted.  Beyond 22 weeks (viability) the individual states may regulate.

It is obvious to every thinking person that human and every other form of life TAPERS into significance and that in its early form is expendable for a lot of good reasons---poverty, malformation, the health of the mother, overpopulation of the earth or simply because the lady does not want it.

FINALLY, FINALLY sweet people good sense has triumphed over religious doctrine--IN IRELAND.


Andy Milberg said...

And are you going to continue the battle here in Amerika, where Planned Parenthood is being de-funded and abortion rights restricted by the current regime ?

Bill said...

My thoughts also Andy, where single issue voters remain gullible to the dictates of the church.

Stuart said...

This was great news. It took repeated scandals by the Catholic Church to finally outrage the Irish people enough to vote for women over church doctrine. It always amazes me here in the USA how the same people who get worked up about the "right to life" of a small collection of cells don't give a hoot about poverty, good education or decent affordable health care for real people. Talk about hypocrisy.

NOLA said...

Well, I have a different perspective. My mother was 16 when she had me in New Orleans. I was born at Hotel Dieu. My mother made it very clear to me when I was older that if she knew about abortion in the 60's, I would not have been born. She did abort her second child. I will say that it is a blessing that I was not aborted and I was allowed to live my life. God brought an "angel masquerading as a human" into my life when I was just a baby to save me from my circumstances and although no one related to me by blood wanted to be involved in my life (least of all, my father) -- a boyfriend of my mother's sister stepped in and became my surrogate father and continued to take care of me even after he and my mother's sister separated. He has been the best father anyone could ever have and I love him more than I can ever express. He helped me have a beautiful life. Now, he is an old man and I care for him. I am thankful for my life even though it had a rough start and people who have come to be my family are not blood related but are chosen and cherished. I think the focus needs to be more on what leads a girl/woman to have to make the choice to give life or not. There needs to be more focus on responsible prevention.

Anonymous said...

Right on as usual Randy. Especially in the United States. Why do we want to undo years of environmental battles, wonderful parks and wilderness areas, by continuing to overpopulate and over immigrate?

Hawkcreek said...

Totally in favor of abortions, Randy. Finding more and more instances of occasions in which they should be done post-birth, by many years, in come cases.
Do mean people occur as a result of being brought into the world unwanted?
I don't know, but it is fun to hypothesize.

Anita said...

Having a pregnancy when you do not want to be a parent is very traumatic...Being born when unwanted (myself) can damage
a life in ways that can't be repaired...Abortion is not something that is easy to do; in fact, it can also cause emotional damage if
the person is not morally ready for such a choice.. I've concluded that the Catholic Church is right in one of its doctrines about sex.
It should be only for reproduction, and only for people who CHOSE to reproduce....