Thursday, March 28, 2019


MUSIC AND MIND CAMP is the name of our experiment--we have about 80 members and we move about with 20 to 30 people at any given time.  We come and go when we wish.
Our intent is to invent a satisfying culture for a mobile group.

Here we are at Gunsite wash near Why Arizona.  We explored all the area around there including Organ Pipes National Park, the unique RV living arrangements at Coyote Howls, the charming town of Ajo and a community dinner at Why.
One day we did an open house for anyone willing to show off their rig and explain their unique adaptations.  Here we are going from rig to rig--outsid my door.

Another day we explored the Mexican border that has no wall (to speak of)  Here is where Trump wants a 17 ft wall.
Behind me is an incredible waterhole in the bleakest desert.  It is called Quitobaquito and is within steps of the Mexican border---a life saving bit of fresh water in a most unlikely place. Read about it

Here is a bad picture of a rare sight---a crowned saguaro cactus.  This phenomenon occurs when one of these giants is injured.

Ajo, Az has an art school and consequently is a highly decorated town.  Murals are all over town.

Some of them making a political point.  Can you guess what controversy this one is aimed at?

The group moved on to Tucson and visited the Tucson Book Festival--here's one of our members trying her hand at hula hooping.

Here's a guy performing Walt Whitman poetry--A speech I could have done--found myself lip syncing--we had both memorized the same passages.
While in Tucson--at Snyder hill--Frank hosted a Salon where we discussed Happiness. This was a terrific 2 week stay where everybody got to do their individual thing--some went to yoga--others went to museums--most of us went dancing one night.

 Met this interesting, educated hobo--took him and his little puppy with us to Apache Junction area.

And settled in here on State land. (we all got a permit--you can do it by phone or computer $15)
The desert is as beautiful as it's been in 15 years because of heavy rainfall.

The view from my door.

This wonderful lady gave me a personal lesson in efficient use of space.

And voila! one bench is cleared. Her theory is to tackle large and difficult chores in 20 minute segments.
Duraj took me to this cowboy church at a riding stable.   About what you would expect--guitar and spiritual songs.
Lynn took us to an arboretum--my first ever--just terrific--plants from deserts of the world.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  THIS IS WORKING BETTER THAN I COULD HAVE HOPED.  I have been operating on the premise that a fundamental human need is to know others and to be known by them.  To accomplish this we have developed about 40 "games" or processes designed to reveal ourselves. (opinions, biography, character, values) It's fun and interesting and generates affection for one another.  What I am aiming at is a functional mobile culture that others might find useful. 


Tom Ballard said...

Thanks for sharing! Sounds like your group is having the best of fun!! I should have read your blog before sending my email, but!!!!!! Best wishes for continued success! For those of us who got here too late to meet Mark Twain, you are the next best thing!!! Keep up the energy and the fun! Hope to share some boondocking in the near future! Save me a spot!!! Tom Ballard

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