Saturday, May 04, 2019


FROM THE MOUNTAINTOP---where our little group was camping---
about 60 miles north of Phoenix, I drove down to the VA Hospital and signed in for a knee replacement operation. Parking my trailer and van in their parking lot, ( thanks to their Police department)
On the morning of 4/8/19 this was done to my right knee.  Of course I don't remember a thing.  Within 30 hours, 4 fellow patients who also had this operation had gone home.  You see, they had a home to go to---but my "home" was in the parking lot and it was much too hot to recuperate out there.  So they placed me in an air conditioned ward for 2 weeks while I got used to having a titanium knee.  The first week was a booger--but the pain was managed with pills and physical therapist soon had me up and walking.

Then--to my amaement--I drove to Cottonwood, Ariona settling in with my friends near a RC model airfield.
Here we are all gathered for our morning meeting under this tree.  We have focused sessious and terrific discussious about meaningful topics.  We also "check in" on what is on our individual minds.
Sweet people you are looking at the critical difference between meaningful and meaningless travel.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIES:  I'm now almost completely healed---pain free and ready to plan an interesting summer.  I hope you already appreciate the wonders of modern medicine.


Rob said...

I saw the question "So where have I been for a month?" and the first thing out of my mouth was "anywhere you want!"

I'm glad things are going well.

Unknown said...

Glad you have rejoined your merry band and that your knee is recovering well.

It was a pleasure caring for you in the CLC and sharing your life philosophy.
We are enjoying your book of poems. Your insight and humor has lead to many a discussion and laugh!


Unknown said...

Randy, it was so nice that our paths crossed while I was doing rounds for Musicians on Call! Glad we got to trade a song for a poem while you were at the VA ... I even ordered a copy of your book since I liked your poem so much! Happy travels, Rachel

Lauri C. said...

Congratulations on a very successful surgery AND recovery!!!

I’m looking at rotator cuff surgery and the rehab is SIX MONTHS!! I’d have knee replacement anytime over THAT!

I hand it to you to take that on so bravely! I’m very happy for you! Your story is truly very inspiring that you took that on while full-timing in a trailer!!!

Thanks for the update & the beautiful x-ray!!,


Kathryn said...

Glad your surgery went well and the hospital was cooperative with your needs. I'm anticipating knee replacement surgery at some point in the future, almost certainly after I go full time. I do hope I have plenty of time after my road launch to form meaningful road friendships before the time comes for any serious medical procedures.

Tom Ballard said...

I just checked your blog!!!! WOW!!! When you told me you were going for a little knee repair, I did not suspect it was a full replacement, maybe just a little adjustment of some kind!!! But, CONGRATS on what seems to have been a successful surgery and recovery!!! I also see that you are back with your group!!!! Thought I would have gotten out west to join you by now, but I am still committed to getting business finished up here before I do a road trip, so please keep posting, so I can follow you and your group, and hopefully soon I will be able to go west and catch up to all of you. It is now May 8, and the temps here in the midwest are starting to get very warm, so, I am thinking I will going west soon!!! I have my new potty tent, so I am ready!!!!!!!!!!!!! Save a campsite for me!!!!!!!! Tom Ballard

kaBLOOnie Boonster said...

"Sweet people you are looking at the critical difference between meaningful and meaningless travel."

I really enjoyed reading that line!

Larry Newman said...

Good to see you're well...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the diagram. I had a different image of the hardware. Good going for a good recovery! Heidigger and Faulkner say/said that technological progress has a malignant agency (google it if interested) but I bet they never had a bad knee or artery and got it fixed.