Tuesday, June 21, 2011


"TIME IS THE STREAM I GO FISHING IN" (THOREAU)----"TIME IS NOT MONEY---TIME IS EVERYTHING" (PAUL STYLES)Per some readers' requests---- Here's a couple of my days compressed. From the Lone Butte casino parking lot where I slept, parked among 15 others--I wake--make coffee (decaf), recruit a walking companion. We will walk the reservation fields. This spot is exactly where Phoenix ends and Indian land begins. To the left is a freeway.

Was glad to learn that this is reclaimed water put to good use. Briefly engaged the farmer who was very proud of his crop---a tad defensive of reservation land--but we charmed him with our listening skills.

Hay bales fascinate me---I've always wanted to stack myself a house and live cozily inside with the aroma. Once near El Centro, Ca I saw a guy do just that. These bales weigh 500 lbs each--alfafa.

Luke digs like mad for the rabbit--but he's wasting his time.

A Series of abandoned buildings to investigate. I love piecing together the story from the debris.

Back at the parking lot I notice this----Am I in the mood to engage a believer?--(one of my hobbies) welllll----yes. Here goes---

An hour later---we have "done the dance" ----a familiar whirl for me---but for this nice man from Holland ---a first. Most believers of whatever stripe rarely get to confront the "enemy"----a reverse missionary---someone trying to better the world by diminishing belief in religion. I offered those two books: LETTER TO A CHRISTIAN NATION and THE END OF FAITH--both by Sam Harris--for his consideration. To my surprise he took the former and read it overnight.

Next morning I think I detected a thoughtful soberness. I have no qualms about delivering the message of healthy doubt and skepticism to believers. (I believe everyone should question his indoctrination) Wanna know how I confront believers? click on this:

The genteman and his wife---nice people. We parted on a friendly note. Not always possible when "doing my work".

In the afternoon we took a short drive to witness this. The real thing still rolling.

Saw this on a shopping trip--Of course I had to stop and challenge them.

Turns out they are Catholics on a crusade. They are picketing a planned parenthood clinic---opposed to BIRTH CONTROL as well as ABORTION. Wow---do I need to say more about the damage that religion causes. Some of you may remember when I got serious into the face of these "believers":


Chatted briefly with this guy--long enough to remind him of the harm of an overpopulated world and unwanted babies. (It was as useless as urinating on a turtle)

It was hot---3 of us "saddled up" and headed for the cool mountains. Ahead are the infamous Superstitions.

We stop to experience an abandoned tunnel---wonderfully cool inside.

Beyond the old mining town of Superior, Az we arrive at the terrific campground of Oak flats---5000 ft elevation ---16 degrees cooler than Phoenix.

I wander around--meeting my neighbors---this couple from Canada. Their rig is unique--- home- built on the body of a minivan. (17 mpg) lovely inside.

I sense a story here!

Sure enough---I've met another vagabond poet. Has written hundreds of poems. Shared a few with me. Has wife and kids but gets away occasionally for solitary travel and inspiration.

He sleeps here. Stashes his stuff in cardboard boxes. A poignant reminder of the appeal of the open road experience----people will make do with scant accomodations to be "out here" adventuring.
POSTSCRIPT: Hopefully this will give you some idea of my unpredictable days. I stayed a few days in this campground with my friends, then detached to do some solitary wandering. Will pick up on that story next. I've not forgotten my promised essays on How I got to be this way and my guess at the meaning of life. They are simmering in my brain.


Tesaje said...

Nice story. What's the story with Luke? Did you adopt him? He seems like a nice dog. Does he change the way you do things? You seem to be able to let him wander about with you off leash. Is he well trained?

Randy said...

Luke is a wonderful dog --lots of fun. He belongs to a sometime travel companion who wishes to be anonymous.

Rick Brentlinger said...

Interesting info about your travels Randy. For those interested, here's a helpful Link:

Answering Letter to a Christian Nation.

Ash said...

I get accosted by religion so often that it's nice to see someone accosting right back! Keep it up and keep us posted.

The Tuckerbag

Kelly said...

Good post Randy

jeffrey said...

Off Topic: Do you use a weight distribution hitch on your trailer?

Anonymous said...

Come on Randy, don't be so stingy by holding back. What is the exact formula of how you spend those 168 hours per week as a drifter in the stream of time. You have had 30 years to perfect your schedule, share it with your readers. How many hours do you spend with the Ladies, i bet you are in really, really big demand with the ladies, why else would you be a poet and a drifter in the stream of time, but to please the ladies. How can we follow your footsteps in the stream of time if you are holding back the best parts? Once you have passed only your blog will be the map to follow you in time, you must lay down better footprints , so others can judge if you are a better traveler than THOREAU.

Mike said...

Whatever happened to the guy who purchased you "Stealth Trailer" is he able to follow in your footsteps or has it been converted to a landscape trailer ? You have never mentioned if you miss that trailer or given an update.

mike said...

Randy had said : March 25 - 2010

But I will only sell it to someone who wants to camp in it and with the understanding that they (at least yearly) tell me its travel story. I know I will miss it's splendid sufficiency and simplicity.

Brian said...

Speaking of your Stealth Cargo Trailer , do you know of anyone else who might be setting out to build something like that, or someone who has one and will be traveling around the country ? There is not much info on the internet about that, other then a company called Stealth Cargo Trailers.

Asks Brian

Randy said...

alas Mike: I just called the guy I sold it to and he is not camping in it--just storing stuff. Saddens me--I will consider buying it back just for sentimental reasons.

Brian: I do know someone building such a trailer--e-mail me and I will put you in touch if he's willing. He's the clever renaissance man I blogged about some time ago.