Tuesday, June 14, 2011


1. We need him. He is the best congressional spokesman for the sensible single payer health care system. He has the cajones (pun intended) to stand up to the greedy health care moguls who are bankrupting the nation and call for a sensible comprehensive system--like Australia and other civlized countries.

2. He has injured no one (except possibly his wife) and has broken no laws. (a frank conversation with an intelligent --open-minded partner--would likely clear the matter up quickly)

3. What he's done is not perverted or wierd. He is seeking sexual gratification electronically---a new and wonderfully diverse addition to the sensual spectrum.

4. This is a seminal moment for America to move beyond its hipocritical naivete about male sexual wiring. Consider this fragment from one of my longer poems entitled WHAT EVERY MARTIAN NEEDS TO KNOW:

Men---like mighty studs and stallions
Have an inborn driving need
to charm a lot of maidens
and scatter lots of seeds.

But these ladies here from Venus
have a different agenda.
They only want a single mate
and a cozy hacienda.

So love and sex are apples and oranges
to us Martian males,
but women won't have them separately;
they insist on fruit coctail.

Nature has thrown us a cross-purpose curve;
the solution's still in doubt.
Couple's must find a way to work
this contradiction out.

5. And Modern--intelligent couples are doing just that: finding a way to work the contradiction out. Hillary Clinton is seemingly at peace with Bill's nature. It is not unthinkable that Mrs Weiner could come to terms with Anthony's little hobby.

6. A really bright female that I consulted this afternoon offered this insight: We don't really know the true nature of unfettered, unscripted female sexuality. Once freed of irrational social custom, the two sexes may find that their sex drives are ballpark-compatable.
She added: Custom constriction causes unmet needs---which cause apetite distortions---like promiscuity, perversion and prudishness.

7. Weiner's photos and e-mails are not out of the ballpark. I suspect that none of the people nagging him to resign could withstand sudden exposure of their predilections. Really wonderful people have had sexual tastes contrary to the conventional norm----Benjamin Franklin---Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Leonardo Da Vinci and a thousand others you admire.

8. What we need is to stop damaging our childrens natural impulses by unreasonable social
custom and shame. Unmet needs and raging frustration have headline-making consequences.

9. Early polling suggest that the majority of his constituents do not want him to resign. I'm hoping he rides this out---like Barney Frank did and even David Vitter from Louisiana.

10. I dare any woman in America to learn how the reindeer herds in Lapland were made tame (hint: they consistently killed off the feisty ones)----and to ask themselves if they really want tame leadership. Smart women will work with us to remove the shame---diminish the need to lie and preserve the glory of feisty "REINDEER".

Thanks for listening---wanted to get this off my chest.


Michael said...

Thursday, September 9, 2010
Sex At Dawn
I love this book, Sex At Dawn. The natural state of humans is small, closely-knit groups, with women in charge, and everyone well-laid-- polyamorous relations among the group. Such is how it was for tens of thousands of years of nomadic hunter-gathering, and still was in most of the world up until about 500 years ago.

It all went downhill when we overpopulated, and had to settle down about 6,000 years ago and start farming and building patriarchal, heirarchal, authoritarian civilizations, with land-ownership, private property, women subjugated to becoming male property, "nuclear" families, organized religions, wars over land, and all that.

By today, this "civilized" brutality has wiped out almost all of the hunter-gatherers.

It explains a great deal, about society, relations between the sexes, and about myself. I'm a hunter-gatherer by nature, and no wonder I feel so much happier that way.

Anonymous said...

As your wandering around the country enjoying life I am curious how do you actually spend your days ? There are 168 hours per week, could you give your viewers a little breakdown of how you spend those hours ? Just like you did a breakdown of your budget on monthly spending. If one has total freedom to live the good life, there must be a formula that you have perfected after 30 years, PLEASE share that with your viewers.

Boonie said...

You need a special sub-committee on this blog in charge of internal self-consistency. OK let's say you are right about liberating mankind from sexual taboos. Great, take a bow.

But what about the fears and taboos about AGING of the libido. Why shouldn't an older man be at peace with a growing indifference to the whole subject, that naturally comes with age.

My idea of the liberated old man is the one who looks at a pretty girl walking across the parking lot; he sighs and smiles nostalgically and thinks, "Ahh dear, I remember all that. I'm glad I didn't miss that experience. But considering how little good it actually did me, I'm just as glad that it's over with."

Malone said...

thank you! The lying is the issue, but so far I haven't found many humans that don't lie about their sexual secrets. Except you, maybe. I have friends that are all up in arms, and I wish I could articulate to them some of what you said.

Malone said...

Ditto Boonie!! Actually, I have those kinds of thoughts and I'm a woman!

Tesaje said...

It all comes down to one thing - using his embarrassing peccadilloes to assault a man in power to take away his power. Haven't you noticed - it isn't women calling for his removal - it is men and primarily rethuglicans with a smattering of Demos who are Repugs lite. As usual the Puritans come out to wield power.

What he did was far less immoral than what most politicians have done and the issue is really a private one between he and his wife and his, ummm, correspondents.

His main crime was stupidity! How could any person in the public eye not think sending nude pics of himself would not get out? Just really stupid.

I wonder if his hiatus for treatment is for treating his stupidity?

Anonymous said...

He shouldn’t resign. The whole thing is ridiculous and the News is idiotic to continue to report on it. Send your blog onto Weiner and your congressman as support.

Steve said...

I beg to differ, it's headlines like these (http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/disgusted_democrats_letting_weiner_jNNxkDD2KkpvRcrlurIUbI) which help me to pass the time while slaving away in the office. I need something to focus on until I can shake the shackles free.

Paxie said...

The Twittering didn't bother me. It was all the lying afterward...

Anonymous said...

"He is the best congressional spokesman for the sensible single payer health care system" BINGO!!!!

We have the highest health care cost of any developed country in the world. If your readers would do a little research they would find our how much less other developed countries pay per capita for health care. The difference is staggering! Oh and they have a lower infant death rate, and higher average age death all with fewer doctors and nurses. Canada and Australia have government run health care system and for less than 1/2 the cost of ours. Lets see now.
More or the same for less than 1/2 .....gee...doesn't this become a no brainer. HELLO!!!!!

Anonymous for now

Ash said...

I'm not sure that this is just about the male libido, it's about the criminalization of sex throughout society. The idea is apparently that, if you are in a position of power, you can't have a sex drive at all.

The Tuckerbag

john patrick said...

Should Gov't be in the bedrooms of its citizens?

Compared to the outright pillaging, the ongoing wars, the killing and torture of innocents, we would be lucky if this were the only "crime" by any leader.

But also, it shows the ongoing puritanical immaturity that our culture has on the forbidden subject of sex, intimacy, and creative expression.

Anonymous said...

If the far right continues its takeover of the Republican Party and the Republican Party continues to hold power, we will look back on the Weiner scandal as "the good old days." It's laughable to me that the teabagger types claim to want smaller government and then support the party that wants the government involved in ALL of our personal business. Well, all of our business except that which would actually be helpful to us, such as Universal Healthcare.

The Republican Party wants to tell us who we can have sex with, who we can marry, what medical procedures our doctors are allowed to perform on us, etc, etc, etc, but heaven forbid we should ask that our tax dollars might actually go towards something that is actually beneficial to the people. Progressives, like Weiner, protest when our tax dollars are used to kill people, teabagger conservatives protest when our taxdollars go to help people. If we continue to give power to the latter, they will continue to destroy the former, and we are doomed.

Even more laughable, is the claim that the media is liberal. The media is lazy and sensationalist and only cares about ratings and corporate profits. Stories like the "Weiner scandal" will always get top billing because the talking heads can talk about weiners and naughty bits and that gets high ratings. A CNN anchor had the gall to say "We were going to talk about the 5 soldiers killed in Iraq yesterday but we had to spend the past two hours covering the Weiner press conference." Gosh, lady, someone had a gun to your head? Unbelievable.

Weiner shouldn't resign but anyone who gave this story more attention than the two second soundbite it deserved should!


Anita said...

Anita said: A person's sexual life should be private. The restraint that used to protect people in public life was a good idea. I agree that the nation needs this man. He is imtelligent, speaks well, and represents the views of progressive people who live in non-progressive states. Should he have gotten married? Probably not, but the next move is his wife's. Our society needs better ways to handle such situations.

Rex J. Covington said...

I agree with everything you stated, except for the health care thing. The more our government gets in our business the less freedom we have and the government is the one screwing up our health care and has been for years.

love your blog, keep up the great work.

1 More MIle! said...

Too many personal injury lawyers (friends of one political party only.. guess?) = A screwed up Healthcare system.

As for Weiner.. He chose to pursue a life of leadership. With that comes a sacrifice of discipline and integrity. You can't have both.

Anonymous said...

Looks like your Weiner just got cut off !!!

Randy said...

Thanks all for your (especially)insightful comments on this entry. Michael: Thanks for the book reference--I put it on my list.
Malone: Well said--we should never expect anyone (especially politicans)to tell their sexual secrets---up front anyway.
Paxie: See Malone's comment.
Rex: Can you help us see your point by naming a country where for-profit health care serves its people well?
One more mile: kudos--succinctly said.
I've just learned that Weiner resigned. I predict that his constituents will eventually put him back in office.

Peter of Kombi said...

Randy, I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to escaping soon myself. I took several months off a couple of years ago and went vanning around and had I not owned my own business I would have never come back.

On the issue of for profit health care I point to plastic surgery in your United States. There is no reason the whole health system would not follow the same path toward efficiency, high specialisation with reduced cost/risk if it were allowed to operate under market principles.

A couple of quick searches turned up these comments:

The myth that US health care is a free market

No examples of free market health care?

Peter of Kombi said...

I should add that I understand the concern about the provision of services for the less fortunate. Removing government from the supply of services will ensure increased affordability as taxation and unnecessary and costly regulation is reduced. Medical insurance would be reduced in a truly competitive specialised environment so that if, as a society, we choose to provide basic health care for the less fortunate it would be a simple matter of subsidising their insurance. It would be far cheaper than letting the state run the whole system.

I also support Ron Paul's theory that doctors and charitable hospitals would supply more free or minimal cost services as the burdens and costs of state meddling were lifted. A mostly private system worked well when I was a young fellow here in Australia. But like you in the US we have now become so convinced that the government is the only capable supplier of almost everything. This belief is in stark contrast to the real truth that they are the most inefficient.

Randy said...

Peter of Kombi: Thanks for your input and the link. I read it---and it seems to validate my suspicions--THERE ARE NO NATIONS THAT SUCCESSFULLY SERVE ITS PEOPLE WITH AN OVERALL PRIVATE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM. Yes, there are bits and snatches of minor successes like the lowered price of lasic surgery--but overall--No. I will admit that the current system is the worst possible because it encourages fraud and waste. It is an unholy combo of government and private.
I forsee a two tier system where a safety net of coverage is provided by government employed doctors, like VA doctors. Expensive and experimental treatment will be handled by the private sector. In short if one wants the advantages of 1st class private medicine---then pay for it. I just want a basic safety net medical care for all. It is doable and relatively cheap.

Peter of Kombi said...

Randy, We have a kind of two tiered system here in Australia and it is far from ideal especially for those in the suburbs who it is supposed to help. Rural areas are also poorly served as there is little incentive for doctors to live outside the cities. And as you might expect the private system works better in every case.

I suppose what I was trying to say was government has made a big mess out of health care so why would it be better if they controlled the lot? With government as the single supplier prices will continue to rise (via taxes) and service will deteriorate. Just because you don't see a bill at the time of service doesn't mean the country isn't still going broke in the background paying for an overly expensive system.

Having read your blog from one end to the other I know you will probably disagree with me but a truly free market will provide the best outcomes for the greatest number. The examples I gave regarding cosmetic surgery plus your example of heading just over the Mexico border for dental work indicate that in a free market the professionals will compete for your business.

Health should be treated as just another service and left to the professionals who best know how to dispense it. And that's not the government. The root of all economic and most social problems we see today is the massive increase in government and their relentless pursuit of power and control over our lives. The current economic troubles began way back with the 1944 Bretton Woods agreement and escalated dramatically in 1971 when President Nixon closed the gold window and the printing presses went into overtime. The real battle we now face is how to get back to the self reliance, minimal government, free markets, sound money and rule of law that allowed us to become 'developed' countries in the first place.


Randy said...

Peter: I see Private enterprise as a good servant but a bad master--because human greed and rapaciousness is short sighted. Often when the profiteers finally "come to their senses" it is too late---consider these tragedies:
1. Killing off of the American buffalo.
2. Chopping down of the redwoods in California.
3. Ravaging the landscape while Coal mining in w. Virginia.
4. depleting the fisheries of the outer banks.
5. or closer to your home: The genocide of the native Tasmanians.
In short, the profit motive cannot be trusted to operate UNCHECKED in our COMMONS. The air, the water, the wildlife, the seas, mineral resources. Nor can the profit motive serve our common defense.
The health of our citizens is a kind of commons and to turn the profiteers loose in it would be incredibly destructive. The rich would be well served the majority would suffer. The fix as I see it is a modest safety net for all paid for by all and super care left to the private market.

Peter of Kombi said...

Randy, The Tasmanian Aboriginal tragedy had nothing to do with capitalism and free markets as I was attempting to discuss. A cheap shot really so I won't waste any more of your time.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Peter of Kombi, Randy is a preacher of false fantasies , he wants people to believe his point of view, even-though it is not possible to work just ten years, save your money and retire in a trailer to bum around the country forever. Randy forcees a time when people will work little or nothing and all of us will live at Walden Pond, being bloggers and spreading our religion of little work & max enjoyment of life. Just like the movie stars - but with only $500 per month and free healthcare. All our stuff will be stored in the Cloud. Randy likes to get converts to his point of view, after all its his blog, So God Bless him for giving hope to the hopeless.

Randy said...

Peter of Kombi: Sorry to lose you as a reader because I enjoy your comments. And perhaps the Tasmanian genocide point was a stretch. I should have referred to our removal of the American Indians from their land. I note that you don't bother to comment on points 1,2,3,4 as valid examples of human greed and rapaciousness. I believe the entire world is about to discover that greed is not good. The wild gyrations of world finances surely persuades you of this---Free marketeers cannot resist the temptation to influence government to their advantage.(e.g. remove restrictions to derivitive transactions) With calamatous results. I wish, Oh I wish some nation somewhere would go LIBERTARIAN and let the world see the consequences of GREED as a prime directive. Oh wait--we already have an example--Easter Island--11 tribes each pursuing its own selfish interest (bigger statues) no centralized oversight or restraint--soon depleted its resources and descended to cannibalism and savagry.

Randy said...

To Anonymous: You've stated my fantasy rather well. The futurist F.M. Esfandiary said: Just as a cave man could not imagine how wonderfully future humans would live----we cannot imagine how wonderful our future will be.

Jim said...

Help! Haven't read your latest post yet . . . pre-occupied trying to find the one about Nevada? Where they were using solar to heat oil to high temp to generate electricity 24/7?
I've searched the last several years by title only but not finding it.

Randy said...

Jim: It's the blog of 11/3/08 entitled GOOD NEWS FROM THE WASTELANDS.

Anonymous said...

ah truth is good!