Monday, May 07, 2012



They were whizzing by

leaning dangerously on the turns.
The whole town is festive

 the band began to play---really good music.

Then I saw this man dance---all alone in the sunshine---hundreds watched---HE WAS HEEDLESS!!
In wonderous rhythm, he whirled and gyrated, capered, strutted, bounced so beautifully---the crowd was mesmerized--- AWESTRUCK. We were witnessing spirit at play---outside the grip of ego.
My heart expanded--a size or two. 

AND SUDDENLY I COULD NOT RESIST. Taking Laurie's hand, I led her to the center.  She too was touched by the music and the moment.  Rarely is a transformational instant photographed---but there it is--dear readers---captured by a stranger---the very moment this Southern Baptist raised boy--steps away from his fears.

I'm no great shakes---but I can keep time to the music---and Laurie---(singer/songwriter that she is) already has rhythm in her soul.  We join the solitary soulster.  Oh sweet Jesus--it was fun.

People on the sidelines suddenly joined in---wives left their husbands--to join the jubilation.
And look here!! A real life Kodger shuffles into the fun.
Expert dancers glory in the expertise of another and are naturally drawn together---like these two-- enchanting the crowd---and each other.

Each making the other wilder and wilder---I grabbed my camera to show her later.
Then she comes and whirls me again---saving the last dance for me.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  Perhaps,  you've had a moment like  this---so  you can celebrate with me.  A moment you've stepped out on "the dance floor" despite your misgivings--and discovered new pleasures.  I now believe everyone on the planet should dance.  Let us lure our children out of their self consciousness and into the joys of gyration. 

CARAVAN UPDATE:  We are still camped happily in the forest near Silver City; are solidifying; have tweaked our protocol; are evolving;have set our intentions west toward Springerville, Az; have met wonderful new friends; dared to walk the web of doom. (will show you next time)


Wayne (Wirs) said...

Isn't it wonderful when we realize that most fears are just insubstantial thoughts? Seeing them for what they are---just inconsequential mental fluff---facing them down, and opening ourselves to truly living Life?

Great post Randy.

Anonymous said...

What a marvelous scene!

Anonymous said...

Dance walkin' baby!

Gracie said...

Feet Playing.
Bottoms Swaying.
Legs Weave.
Breasts Heave.
Rhythms Streaming.
Faces Beaming.

Anonymous said...


This seems a bit gay. And I mean that in the jovial and silly sense - but also the "cheese factor" is fairly high.

Anonymous said...

Best. Post. Ever.

I have the same sort of dance-phobia that I think many men have. I've overcome it on occasion but never so spectacularly as you have on this occasion.



Jim and Gayle said...

We were also downtown Friday night for the Tour of the Gila Expo Kickoff. The same guy danced alone all evening, and we saw him still dancing late Saturday afternoon. He must have shared his happy juice with you and Laurie.
Sorry we missed you guys. Quite a day you had- the net of doom and public dancing!

Susan said...

AWESOME! I can feel the joy coming through! Dancing is heavenly. :-)


Sondra said...

its always a thrill to let your inhibitions down!! WTG.

Cheryl (Desert Diva) said...

Always glad to see the "gentle" side of Randy. :-) Glad you and company got your "groove on" in Silver City.

As the saying goes: "Dance Like No One is Watching!"

Pat said...

Have you seen the Ted talk on "How to start a movement?"

It's about why the second dancer is crucial to starting a movement and turning the first dance from a "lone nut into a leader."