Monday, May 28, 2012



                                    I met her here---in Poncho Villa St Park---Columbus, NM
It's lovely---stretches about a quarter mile south---hot though, this time of year. This pict of me was taken during recent eclipse.

Saw her van---knew there was a story

So I sidled over----friendly Hi---I'm your neighbor Randy etc---feel my way slowly and easily---toward THE STORY. (actually, I enjoy the process---story or no story)

AAH but there's a story here---an interesting one.  In the next few days I came to visit often.  She's from NC--living on savings---one day got exasperated at the waste of rent--began to camp out---decided to come see the west.  Amuses herself reading---heavy stuff--history etc. She relished a conversation we had on metaphysics---knows how to converse:  talk a little---listen a little. (surprising how rare that skill is)
Soon Social security will kick in and she  feels secure.  It takes so little to live this lifestyle --she cannot starve.  She's saving for a new truck.  This van is 24 yrs old--has 170,000 miles---but runs good.  Accomodations (bed/storage etc are modest---I made some suggestions.)  I believe that van living is the quickest---most efficient way to live on the road. 
Her cook stove---cleverly shielded from the wind and a box of accessories .
Here's the  $80,000 alternative to simple van living---$70,000 of that unnecessary--$10,00 will buy an adequate van and you'll have a great time making it comfortable.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES;  Linda leads a happy life---travels veeeery slowly from park to park--moving to higher elevations as the summer progresses. Has a few friends that do the same and frequently cross paths with her.  American grandmothers too often live to please their children and not themselves.  HIT THE ROAD GRAMMA ---you can do it---Let linda inspire you---It's cheap--cheap--cheap----and wonderful out here.  Long lazy days of reading in the local library (where this was written) chatting with new and interesting people, seeing amazing sights.  Your kids, perhaps, are exploiting you.  Live your final years with gusto. 


Sondra said...

YEAH FOR LINDA....Personally I enjoy having a destination in mind, not just sitting around Killin Time, hiking, biking, birding, more active then sitting at a camp site...hopefully she is taking full advantage of her freedom.

I bought myself a nice van for a 1/4 of that price Randy...It runs great has 167,000 miles but is no good for off road situations...(although I did cross a one foot deep creek in it 2 weeks ago) I LOVE TO ramble off road--- so I may be looking for something with a big more hmmmfff a 4 x 4 extended cab pickup maybe that will tow any trailer I will eventually get.but Im certainly staying SMALL, I have to be very mobile,,,,I love the small MGP trailers and one with a slide has all the comforts of home

BUT for now the van is great for weekend trips with my dogs, and I hope to get in at least ONE extended trip when I get some time off work! 1220 DAYs to go!

Red Meador said...

So Sondra, what happens if you dont live 1220 days? you missed your dream. To many people do that.

Kathy L said...

Sondra - I checked your link to the trailer. Very impressive little trailers!

Thanks Randy for another story from the road.

RiverCat said...

I used to do extended camping trips in my van before I got the travel-trailer. I just can't imagine how my back would feel after such a long period in tight quarters -- I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

Randy...great story!! This is what I'm planning to do!! All I'm waiting on is the final signing of the paperwork on selling this house and the money from the sale! I plan to get a van, preferably a high top, and hit the road! Hope to run into you somewhere and lots of other people also! AND, my name is Linda too!